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Yaremche - one of the known resort townships of Ukraine. In the complement of city Yaremche separate villages enter once Dora and Yamna, that were founded before Yaremche (first mention of 1643), however now they are considered boroughs. Today a city is an administrative center of Yaremchanskogo of region or, as name yet, territory of Yaremchanskoy of city advice, in the complement of which enter settlement of city type of Vorokhta, village of Mikulichin, Tatariv, Yablunicya and Polyanicya (alongside there is a most in Ukraine resort of Bukovel').

Today in Yaremchanskomu region of nalichuet'sya15 sanatoriums and bases of rest, 25 hotels and about 280 private farmsteads and yet built quite a bit, 36 restaurants work, among what 14 traditional gucul'skikh cabins, 18 cafes, two souvenir markets.

Yaremche - popular as a resting-place in winter, in fact 17 self-controls function here - 14 krisel'nikh and 3 bugel'nikh. Except for this Yaremche intensively develops and will be popularized as a spring summer and summer-autumn center of active rest. Different complication hikes in mountains, making healthy in sanatoriums, journeys on kvadrociklakh and bicycles. Exactly bicycle rest becomes each time anymore popular in Yaremchanskomu region: private farmsteads set the special equipment for bicyclists, velostoyanki is set, oznakovuyut'sya bicycle routes.

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