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Travel torch

Travel torch

Gas burners
Currently, they are quite well represented by three major manufacturers: Primus, Kovea, MSR. There are others. For example, once the sale was in French burners Camping Gaz, were Coleman, but they are rarely encountered. For some reason for them not us "they are transporting. A pity.


To adjust the burner to work, have not much time. It should only connect it to gas cylinders, pokrutyty power controller (that is, - the supply of gas in the nozzle), burn either match, or p'yezopidpalyuvachem - and everything. Prepare tea, porridge, borscht, or simply hriytesya. Powered candle extremely reliable, so it can be used in the tent, the main thing - do not move the device and set fire to tent. In addition to the gas burner polamatysya especially not why, but consequently, it will serve long and qualitatively. Of course, if there is no desire to intentionally break or disassemble the details, and then try to create together, as a designer "lyeho. Powered candle, unlike gasoline, is extremely quiet - it is also a plus. Try to talk with a friend, while the petrol "Dzhmelendzher" - all understand ourselves.


The most important one (as it's not funny) that runs on a gas burner. After the gas cylinder can not get anywhere. For long trips should have a good reserve of gas - and this volume, and weight. Winter hike in gas consumption is about one bulb in three or four persons. Price bottle (470 grams) - about 50 USD so. A bottle should have some. Furthermore, their transport is prohibited on trains. Our "Red Ruth" problems, of course, does not occur. But, for example, when crossing the border can happen, and that significant about "bucks" at 30-50 (a border guards and customs officials in this game: Who will shake out with the backpacks of tourists are forbidden for transportation of things). Finally, if we are talking about winter gear, the worst enemy of the gas burner is cold. Gas in the tank wont freeze (and poorly lit is already at a temperature of -5 ° C) burner is reluctant or can even say "vibach, Bodyu, but now is not your day.


Competing manufacturers led to the fact that not all gas cylinders are suitable for the burner. Yes, there are three kinds of bindings: lens part, and the collet, so to speak, "Korean standard. Once in sales were also disposable cylinders for specific burners - they prodiryavlyuvalysya! Very intelligent decision in terms of marketing. Sam burner cost pennies, balloons and (roughly two dollars), but a year went quite a tidy sum. Should buy only those cylinders which are suitable for fastening it to your burner, or how you plan to use.
It also has its own nuances. Some burners are mounted on top of bag, the other connecting hose. The first features smaller size, lighter, but less work in the cold. In a large pot burner too was. And imagine the structure: cylinder height of twenty inches, it is connected to the torch - just five to seven centimeters, and boiler water, well, at least two liters. And all this "tower" - in a tent, and you with the society - in the corners. False move and ... all that you trained there, we have collected from the floor, sleeping bags and other equipment.
Therefore, hose connection in this way is more convenient, but, as has been said, weight is greater dimensions in accordance too, though not much. The best work in the cold, because you can warm up with a gas cylinder, some bringing it to the very flame burner or just putting on the pot, which is already warm. But all this should be done carefully so as not to burst balloon itself or in order not to transfer pot. In the tent a torch should not be used without any props. Firstly, a heating device, and you can not just stay without a favorite rugs, but no tent at all. Secondly, as the torch stand more level. Stand may be a simple list of thin plywood or asbestos.


Each container of any production is written that he single-use and perenapovnennyu not. From the standpoint of the manufacturer is. But our tourists do not think so. These cylinders perenapovnyuvaly, perenapovnyuyut and probably perenapovnyuvatymut. What helped, latitude real Ukrainian soul is infinite, but not so, to each buy a new bulb. But! Manufacturer is not liable for accidents that occurred during or after perezapravky balloon. So decide for yourself whether perezapravlyaty or not to take risks.
Oil burners
The most famous among them "Shmel ',' Small Fire", "Tourist", well, modern burners firms Primus, MSR, Coleman.


First, gasoline or other fuel can be purchased almost anywhere, except that the Sahara desert or Antarctic glaciers. Second, the cost of these burners are fairly cheap, because work on any gasoline octane number. You will notice a significant advantage and the removal of national borders - a device can carry and empty, and fuel purchased locally.


The trouble with gasoline burners is that they require the user some technical knowledge. Do not believe those who say: there pokrutyty, click here, it posmykaty - all lit-working. Treachery lie. The procedure for ignition rather long: a pressure tank for fuel heated steam generator to provide fuel for the steam, bring on the operating burner. You see how different technological terms? Moreover, such burners in ill-treatment is very dangerous. They require constant care, and while cooking - Supervision of the work as a different "nonsense" is often funny and there is no occasion. For example, because impurity may zasmitytysya burner, and you just can not ignite it. If this happens during work, you'll long to wait until the device cool down, to disassemble it and clean. And by the overheating of the tank may stravytysya pressure through a special valve or explode and the entire burner.

Another drawback - when warming up and steam output to torch mode of special effects (the smell of gasoline, flashes, smoke) - will not podineshsya. Therefore, it is not necessary to conduct the procedure in the tent. While the skilled hands and is - no problem. General observed that gasoline burners respect of only one host in the hands of strangers vereduyut. They require regular preventive check-up and cleaning.

Problematic and transporting additional fuel. Willy-nilly, and petrol-chemical, and even if flying careful packaging to find a belt, or arising evaporated under your things or smell of food gathered.

Oil burner more and more difficult for gas. But fear of frost in winter are more reliable than gas. But in these difficult to regulate the power of flame.


There, again, two types of fastening structures: the torch on top of a tank for fuel, or burner, connected to a tank with hose. Probably still the best option when the torch and tank separated - less likely to see the fireworks from the explosion of the burner, more likely to eat healthy and stay in organs and limbs.
Multypalyvni burners

These known burners of any kind of liquid fuel. Well, not any, but at least the majority. You do not lose power and performance, as opposed to just gasoline burners. This basically is the main advantage. Some of these burners can operate as a gasoline compounds, and the liquefied gas. But the main drawback - the price - about 100-145 "dead possum. In addition, almost all have flaws gasoline burners: the smoke and smell, and noise at work, but profitable, holyera. Have gas - palysh gas have gasoline - palysh gasoline, have solvents - palysh it. Manufacturers recommend only change the nozzle for different types of fuel. When testing multypalyvnyk firm Primus worked almost equally as forsuntsi 0.28 and at 0.35 millimeters. So conclusion: that in the "bourgeois" is a bad petrol and good, but we have it - the same. Gas burner is just "loud" as petrol - is also a drawback.

Choice of burner

To select the burner, allow a response to three questions: how, when, where you use it.
How to - which is the number of people to cook food. When - in which a season. Well, where - it goes without saying: if the premises or not, or only in the Carpathian Mountains, or even more extreme conditions, such as in the highlands of the Alps.
From these three responses depend on power, construction, weight and other characteristics of the burner. If two of three persons, the power may be small. If the winter, it is desirable to choose a powerful torch, at least, as 2000 watts, with a hose mount tank. The same situation and to answer the third question: what ekstremalnishe, the more powerful and easier to be your burner.

Carefully read the instructions. Sometimes manufacturers give good advice on the use and purpose burner, or even understand the language.
Decide on the price category - cheap is not always bad and expensive is not always necessary.

Maintenance and Warranty

If you have a gas burner, then no problem to use would not occur. But it at least sometimes it clean. At least, prevention is always cheaper than repair. Burners should not fill with water and other liquids or substances - it will sooner or later may lead to their failure. One should also use the fuel of questionable quality, balloons or deformed with subtle valve - avoid fireworks and special effects. Try to follow the manufacturer's instructions.
Multypalyvni and oil burners in constant use should proactively clean every three days, and storage - at least once a month to light for half an hour, then clean. Use only the fuel, which allowed or recommended by the manufacturer. Oil and gasoline standard is better to clear yourself of impurities. This is done through gauze, folded in several layers. Do not use high-octane gasoline. Burner - not the engine. In a high-octane gasoline additives and additives that contribute to its katalizatsiyi in the engine car, and a burner in to anything.
Do not forget - after sales service is provided only to defects arising in the workplace.

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