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Головна » 2011 » Травень » 9 » Solotvino

  Traveling to Ukraine once-in-time marvel diversity of cultures and customs of the people with whom zustrichayeshsya. Transcarpathia - one of those places where cultural heritage is closely intertwined Hungarians, Ukrainian, Slovakian and Romanian. That you Hutsuls snowy Carpathians, gardeners, wine growers plains, talented builders, which had brought such a beautiful and quiet town. They, Transcarpathians can talk, sing, paint them with wonderful pictures. The list is endless. Interesting point: locals enjoy their time. In this funny, as if apologetically explain that this is not Kyiv, and the time difference of one hour. Here speak Romanian and Hungarian, are in a heap with a Russian accent Lime Vajkule win.
          But the story otherwise. On a small town Transcarpathian Solotvino. It, like other small cities in Ukraine live their lives, their problems and joys. Among other things, would highlight the interesting fact: the village is famous for its salt. It is extracted from the reservoir, which rested at a depth of 300 - 500 meters. Nine years of mines and miners' hands served to our table rock salt. Huge underground facilities during off part of the horizon had been using local sanatorium. Patients with pulmonary disease for some time (overnight), as miners in the cage, immersed in earthy depth. Air saturated NaCl removes finely asthmatic component, enhances immunity, treats genyantritis other side of the disease.
          Solotvyno - inseparable from salt lakes and artificial basins. Warm summer days basking in the thousand vacationers ropi with salt concentration of about 30 grams per liter. Such density can lie or sit in reservoirs not zamochyvshy hair. Diving is not possible and not very pleasant to taste.
          For Solotvino typical seaside town atmosphere. In summer the locals greet visitors sign "seems to housing, of room cheaply. After a street I tried to arrange for accommodation and for a miracle as all zhovorylys: "We do not accept tourists.
          Maybe my appearance was associated with the tax and the private sector I "flew" at 100. Because of recreation and cottages agreement was the first word. As a result can offer description and telephone number of the owners that really want to do a recreational business civilized, open, at the appropriate level. Bases fit in order of relationship with their owners.

    Expressing his personal opinion, I have to an objective note: "Eating is not." But in this apology for "Shanhaychyku" absolutely safe, comfortable and it seems here on the hill so familiar from childhood Carolina Buhas. Kapelkah By hlotaet light, dreams tvoy, kotorыh no.

    My daughter is in anticipation of holidays and of course salt lakes Solotvino. I your child is not the enemy.

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