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Rural green tourism and experience Prykarpattya

Rural green tourism and experience Prykarpattya

Last year in the Ukraine programs of local mountains, has won the project. Represent its Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council in partnership with the Association of Economic Development of Ivano-Frankivsk region and by the Carpathian Tourist. Post this work sounds rather an affirmation of hope - "Creating a comprehensive system of tourism industry in Ivano-Frankivsk. But what are the specific problems of tourism in the Carpathian help solve the program? On the issue of the journal correspondent meets head of Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council and the Project Steering Committee Igor Oleynik.
- Mr. Igor, known as one of the directions of the new program is the development of green tourism. Today, everywhere and she said that the main problem of this sector in the absence of legislation. What exactly is meant?

- Just do not already have a law that would regulate rural tourism. To date, the principal legislative instrument in this area is the Law of Ukraine "On private farming. There's green tourism designated as one way of private sector and does not apply to business. So owners of private estates or sign up as entrepreneurs on a single tax and pay a certain, usually small, the sum of the local budget, or not advertise the reception of tourists.
- But even then farmers profitably engage in green tourism and not pay taxes. What is the problem?

- Private owners of estates do not pay taxes and try to somehow survive independently. But we are talking about development, not only about survival. Legal business operates in the legal field, respectively - socially secure, and it is very important for normal progression. Legitimate business - a play by the rules. And we are here to help: training, legal support, finally - advertising. In the regular printed catalogs of objects of green tourism and many other promotional materials. They extend to national and international exhibitions, presentations of various events, festivals, they receive foreign delegations coming to Prykarpattya. And of course, we are first registered advertise entrepreneurs - the taxpayers. Agree - this is true.

- As you know, many of rural tourism is travel agencies have agreements with major Ukrainian cities: Kyiv, Odessa, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv. Those are their own, agree, then "provide" customers. Perhaps it also promotes and requires no registration of owners of houses, effort and money.

- You know, the big travel agencies are not working unofficially. Deal with legal entrepreneur always more reliable than simply verbally agree with the individual. Guarantee in tourism no less important than in any other business. Legitimate to conclude a contract with illegal immigrants is impossible. In accordance with contractual obligations - zero. For example, in the fall agreed on New Year brought tourists - and there are other people live. Then - just claims from customers, and not go to court ...

- The project is scheduled labeling objects Rural Tourism. What are the benefits received from tourists and owners of the estates?

- At present Ukraine has no system of voluntary practices categorization of private estates in green tourism. And we spent a pilot project in Yaremchanskogo city council. Categorization is to provide transparency for the customer and offers quality control services. Instead of questioning certain details Tourist enough to know the type and category of institution. In addition, category - it is also a guarantee that the institution has been tested and meets the expectations of experts, both Ukrainian and foreign visitors.
- That means tourists will know exactly what it will wait for that money it pays. A master?
- Categorization is performed only after the voluntary application of the owner of private estates. We in no way going to do it by force, because then the whole procedure just meaningless. You must create a system that was beneficial owners to standardize their facilities, improve service quality to international standards.

Most owners who have not achieved much success at banks, simply can not deal with it. In addition, there are many mansions, which even tried to place the tourists because they do not know how. Or afraid of: government, tax, the same tourists. Thus first, but can, and basic - training: seminars, study tours.

Independent expert (not official) will make a comprehensive assessment of facilities, teaching and provide recommendations to correct deficiencies. Evaluation of service quality of rural estates held for 11 th criteria, which include 126 indicators. Small deviations from the requirements (lack of soap in the shower, trash fire or something else) are usually removed very easily. If there is a need for re-planning of housing, it is usually advised to temporarily host choose slightly lower category of possibility, for example, early viewing. Then Public Council on categorization provides estate category. Hosts receive certificates and related signs (light boxes) that are placed outdoors in a prominent place.
Categorized estates automatically be added to a database network of regional tourist information centers to inform tourists about free recreation opportunities.
- Mr. Igor, you said on a previous pilot project to categorize Yaremchanschiny. What are the results of this work?

- Currently in Ivano-Frankivsk region officially operates approximately 250 facilities green tourism. Autumn 2004 katehoryzuvaly 50 estates in Yaremchanskogo City Council: Mykulychyn, Tatar, Vorokhta and hotels, Kalush. This project began in 2002 and then officially registered owner of the estate among entrepreneurs was only 12. Two years later, at the time of the first certificate and light-boxes - 67. Today only about 120 registered Yaremche private estates that host tourists. People feel as profitable to work legally and to act by the rules.

This time the program categorization selected five districts: Kolomiysky, Dolinsky, Kosovo, Nadvirna, territory Yaremchanskogo city council. Categorize as undertaking a pilot in several buildings and Horodenka Rozhnyatovsky areas.

It should say that the development of green tourism - is the best way to overcome depresyvnist mountain, poverty, unemployment. It is better to take tourists to go home and then do it qualitatively, than earning pennies somewhere abroad.
- Besides the categorization of private estates, which still must be done according to the draft?

- Actually, just by name, our project provides a comprehensive system of tourism development in the Carpathian region. Sociological research, marketing strategy development, information provision, a regional training center, the appropriate quality improvement. Ukraine in such a comprehensive program yet - Ivano-Frankovsk region first.
Developed system oznakuvannya monuments of nature, history and architecture, which our region is so famous. And, in Ukraine yet. On our roads, but signs and GA sometimes riznoformatnyh pointers (they do not always visible), no other characters there. Usually an individual tourists forced to visit to find information on the Internet, magazines, newspapers, guidebooks. And then sometimes have to also ask local residents where there is a castle, church or cemetery. Oznakuvannya unified system should assist the tourist attractions, remind and direct. As is done in Europe and the world.
Following this project, we present our results for consideration to Kyiv and hope that the experience of Ivano-Frankivsk region will be counted and on the national level.

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