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Головна » 2010 » Березень » 14 » Palatka Tent modern - dvotentovyy
Palatka Tent modern - dvotentovyy


Tent modern - dvotentovyy

Once walked dvoskatnymy tarpaulin tents weighing eight kilograms, mokly when promokala tent from the rain had wet things when krapav condensate from the ceiling, wall tents pidpyraly shoulder during a strong wind, and biduvaly so until then, unless there dvotentovi tents. Anyone who has ever traveled with a tent, knows what it is, and explain the rest.
Dvotentovist has one, but a simple advantage: through the air layer between the outer and inner tent is not so cold in winter and summer is not so hot (the effect of thermos). In addition, the condensate is deposited on the inner palattsi and the trailer for it and flowing down to the ground. Thus, your sleeping bag and other very necessary things in the campaign remain dry.

Types, depending on the destination
By appointment tents are divided into OUTDOOR, ADVENTURE, EXPEDITION, or EXTREME, CAMPING.
The first match for simple summer travel and the cheapest. Arcs in their plastic, plastic flooring, waterproofing is from 1 500 mm or more. Other - somewhat better suited for travel in summer and the cold seasons. Arcs may be a plastic and duralumin, floors - nylon or polyester. Water resistance is mainly up to 5 000 mm. Still others are designed for extreme travel in high mountains, while climbing or long travel Perevalnoe hikes. Sex in Nylon them, arc - only duralumin, waterproof - not less than 5 000 mm, they weigh up to 5 kilograms. The fourth group - this large family tents for traveling machine. Their equipment may be different (here, everything depends on the manufacturer).

Key elements of tents

The tent consists of three main parts: the outer waterproof tents, arches, through which the tent takes the appropriate form, and internal tilt - the so-called bedroom.
Typically, external awning made of nylon or polyester of different brands and markings. Waterproof it acquires through the application of PU (polyurethane) on the inner surface or impregnating various water-repellent substances. Sometimes the application of the trailer can be on the membrane, but this occurs very rarely, used mostly in tents like "platform" for the long wall climbing, and usually increases the cost ten times in tents.

Also in the trailer there is wind-proof skirt. It can be located both around the perimeter of tents, and only some of its parts. Serves as the thing to make in the tent not zaduvav wind.
Arcs made of plastic, fiberglass or dyuralyuminiyu. It also significantly affects both the price and durability in tents. Plastic is used for several years and sooner or later triskaye or eats from various external factors such as strikes, the residual strain, ultraviolet radiation and the like. More durable fiber, but not much. Well, of duralumin arc enough to say - piece of iron, it is also in Africa piece of iron, almost eternal and easier. Doug in palattsi be as much as the more arcs, the generally lower vitrylnist tents. The same applies to the stretch marks on the outer trailer.

Inner tent is made from nylon breathing, which sometimes resembles cheesecloth. It all depends on the manufacturer and quality tents. The more a respected manufacturer, the better to be material inside tents.

The most important of the domestic trailer floor. It happens several types: nylon, polyethylene and ventilation. Here, too, has its own nuances. PE not promokaye but quickly wear out, spoil easily and pebbles prodiryavlyuyetsya branches prymerzaye snow or just the land and, most importantly, polyethylene poorly insulated warmth. Its advantage, cheapness. Polyester and nylon are more expensive, have the above drawbacks, but require regular maintenance with the use of impregnating agents (not less than once per year).

Easy and comfortable

Weight tents can range from two to 12 kilograms. The best, apparently, the calculation of weight tents - is 1.2 kilograms at one of its inhabitants. That is triple tents weigh no more than 3.6 kilograms. If you carry it on yourself, it is desirable and less. This, however, does not apply to expedition tents where weight can not exceed 2 kilograms per capita, and tents, where capacity was calculated as 2 +1 (ie, in this tent comfortably sleeps two people, and if some uschilnytys, then three). In general, choosing a tent, we suggest that think like this: one person accounts for 50 cm bed. So tent with the size of 210 to 210 seating four people, though without much comfort.

Very important also is a convenient corridor, which is a small entrance korydorchykom, but rather two, since they allow the release of "housing" of extra things, and bad weather make in a kitchen corridor (of course if you have a gas burner or even an old Soviet coercion).
Another convenience factor - well thought out ventilation. Due to good ventilation reduced the number of condensate palattsi and after kilkadennoho campaign to breathe easier.

Not afraid of us no wind, no rain

Water resistance numbers indicate the passport tents, which means water pressure per square meter of fabric, in which the first drop appears on the inside of the tent. So, 1 500 mm or 10 000 mm - is the height of water column pressure is beginning to get soaked tent. Sutures tents have to be prokleyeni. It will not prosochytysya moisture.
Vitrylnist depends on the number of arcs crossed them, stretch marks, pitch tents, space in the trailer, no belt and no stretched. The higher vitrylnist, the more likely that your tent or fetch porve sharp gusts of wind. Classical tent has one crossing arcs, extreme bad - from three to six.

The design may be different

Vyznachymosya so, what types there are tents for construction. Tentatively select the three: hemisphere, tunnel type and both types of hybrids. (Dvoskatni tents or huts - Soviet atavism - the calculation is not accepted). So, each of these types has its advantages and disadvantages.

Tunnel type. Quite easily and conveniently set. In addition to straining by arcs, requiring the consolidation of stretch marks. In these tents, the largest internal volume that is residential. But a number of shortcomings almost thrown them out of our market. The main is a big bad vitrostiykist vitrylnist.

Hemispheres. Also very easy and convenient to install. Dwelling size smaller, because the inner tent takes the form of a pyramid rather than spherical. Vitrylnist much smaller, and therefore in a strong wind resistance for tent "tunelku.
Hybrids. As has been said, a mixture of tunneling and napivsferychnyh tents, that attempt to take all the best designers and zlipyty this "candy".

Now buy

How to choose a tent? Very simple. First of all Decide what you need it, and then choose from the above series.

Ukrainian market is full of a variety of tents from Poland, Czechia, Germany, Russia. Among the producers who deserve attention, it should be noted LOOP - a moderate price, BASK - quality, VERTICALE - the average price, good quality, HANNAH - the average price, SALEWA - high price, but the corresponding quality.

Pricing on the tents is very simple - quality will almost always correspond to the price. Only need to remember that the brand name also has to pay. The cheapest (good) option tents author of this text meets the firm LOOP - Palatka Slipper 2 (330-350 USD). The most expensive - around 800 euro. On which of the options tents set eyes - your right. But - forgive banality of advice - you should consider whether you are rich enough to buy cheap stuff.?

To faithfully served

Released tent is not too sophisticated. There are only a few simple rules of caring for her:
1. After you've brought the tent with any journey, it necessarily must have dry, even if it is not installed.
2. You should not store tent in the compression bag or in the open sunlight. Compression bag serves only to facilitate transportation.
3. We should keep in direct sunlight or plastic sklovolokonni arc.
4. If your palattsi floor made of polyethylene, try to make it to each other - avoid protyran through bending.
5. At least once a year treat tent impregnating substances - longer serve.
6. You should not violate fire safety (which is on fire, cigarettes, coercion). Burn for 3-4 seconds, leaving behind only the arch and the floor. Tested on our own experience.
7. When you stall pay attention not only on price. Since the correct choice may depend on not only the amount of money in your wallet but also your life.

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