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Головна » 2011 » Травень » 9 » New Year's tours in the Carpathians
New Year's tours in the Carpathians

New Year's tours in the Carpathians

Many tourists are surprised that the winter resorts of Ukraine remain in the shadows of their famous European "brothers" in no way inferior to them in terms of comfort and quality entertainment. Yaremche, Coloma, Slavske, Hust, Vorokhta, Rakhiv Podobovets, Bukovel ... Those who first enters the fairytale snow-covered Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine tears for yourself this, hospitable, welcoming, cheerful, bright original. This is not a publicity stunt for visitors, it is - a way of life.

Therefore, the unsophisticated tourist, the first time are affected by the extent of Ukrainian hospitality, you must tune in to what to treat it will be as an Arab sheik, warning every desire. A celebration - a mandatory set of different national cuisines and exclusive of alcoholic beverages (in each region - has its own recipe). Of course, the rest in the winter in the Carpathian Mountains will be remembered not just a holiday feast. White top hotels, hidden from the eyes of ancient pines, the frosty air, saturated with a resinous aroma ... A trip to the Carpathian Mountains - an opportunity during the holiday does not forget about your health, and vice versa - much to fix it. These places are famous for the numerous mineral springs. But most importantly, 5 months of the year the mountains are covered with snow, the services of travel - ski slopes to suit every taste and level of training. All resorts, hotels, private resorts offer guests all the necessary equipment for complete recreation. The most popular ski resort in the Carpathians for many years remains Slavske, one of the largest and quite inexpensive. Here, at an altitude of 1,235 m above sea level, beautiful trails for beginners and professionals, equipped with lifts. Hotels and B & Bs prepare for the guests a variety of entertainment programs. Remember the New Year, marked by a wooden kolyba, national style restaurant, where the center - the fire and roaster. Kolyba - an indispensable attribute of all the winter resorts. Why? Hard to explain. If you go there once, all becomes clear. Holidays - this is primarily a live Hutsul music. It's a tradition. New Year's folk program, a bright, distinctive - a visiting card of many hotels (Fox Nikita "," Pisano Hata, recreation center, "Dinamo", etc.). New Year's Eve can be found on the mountain top, lit by fireworks (recreation center "Karpatsky zatishok", tourist complex "Karpaty", etc..) Or in the sauna (cottage "12 months"). Hotel VIP-level "Veja Vedmezha, except New Year's entertainment, organized at the level of the most sophisticated tastes, offers its guests a party in the medieval style. If we keep in mind the level of infrastructure, remains the undisputed leader of tourist complex Bukovel. Ski tours to Bukovel - fun, not available to everyone, although we can not say that the cost of recreation beyond. In any case, the level of service, quality ski trails - no worse than European standards. It does not even need to study weather forecasts - provide artificial snow slopes. New Year's holidays - a special occasion to come to these places. Cultural program for more than a rich, continuing until Christmas, with all folk traditions. Folk dens, 12 traditional dishes on Christmas night, the blessing of the priest. This can be seen only in Ukraine! In the hotel - its unique offering for the holiday: the night journey on the quads and snowmobiles (hotel «Apartment Club Ski and Spa ZimaSnow»), partying with the stars at night clubs and laser show («Apartment Club Ski and Spa ZimaSnow», hotel Bukovel ), sleigh and horse riding (hotel "Sophia"), etc. Swipe Christmas entertainment may be limited to only the physically challenged travelers. In the Ukrainian tradition, the festival - this is not a particular event, and the state. New Year's holiday - the perfect time to get into this national idea.

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