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Головна » 2010 » Січень » 23 » How to define the date of Easter
How to define the date of Easter

How to define the date of Easter

   simple arithmetic formula, to take advantage of which to force and to serednyachku-student of the fifth grade  of general school.

Before to pass to it, will remind, that in most christian churches of east ceremony (in particular, in greko-katolickiy and all of orthodox confessions of Ukraine) chronology is conducted on the Julian calendar (or by old style) in a counterbalance to the catholic churches of Europe and world, where from a 16 age of the system of chronology conducted on the Gregorian calendar (by new style). A society calendar in Ukraine answers new style. In 20 and 21 ages a difference in the dates of old and new style makes 13 days. («Old» New Year in Ukraine is celebrated on January, 14 - 14-1=13). As a result of shortchanging after this formula we will get the date of old style, for a translation in new add a number 13. to it

Will designate the date of Easter character of x. For determination to give Easter after a formula it is necessary to calculate a value to five variables:

and is a remain from the division of number of year on 19

b is a remain from the division of number of year on 4

c is a remain from the division of number of year on 7

d is a remain from arithmetic expression (19a+15):30

e is a remain from arithmetic expression (2b+4c+6d+6):7.

If d+e<9, Easter is on March, and determine its date after a formula:

x=22+d+e. If d+e>9, Easter is on April, and for determination to give a formula is used: x=d+e-9.

Now will calculate the date of pravoslavnogo of Easter of 2005. Remain from a division 2005 on 19 is evened: 2005:19=105(10); a=10. Determine like: b=1; c=3. Now value of the followings variables: (19 kh 10+15):30=6(25); d=25; (2 kh 1+4 kh 3+6 kh 25+6):7=24(2); e=2. d+e>9, consequently: x=25+2-9=18. Have on April, 18 after old style, or, taking into account that in April 30 days, on May, 01 after new style.

A formula is universal, unique warning on the future: if going to arrive to Carpathians on Easter of years through one hundred, must remember, that from first January, 2101 a difference between old and new styles will make already 14 days.

Not miscount!

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