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Головна » 2011 » Травень » 9 » New lift at Vorochta
New lift at Vorochta

New lift at Vorochta
Category: News, Recreation, Villages Yaremchanskogo Area
New lift at Vorochta

New lift at Vorochta

At the end of January 2010 in Vorokhta the opening of modern lifts a length of 500 m.

As the owner of the lift Dmitry Sokolyuk, the route is suitable for skiers professionals. Slope is equipped with snow cannons, which work as required. Ratrakom (a machine for laying the ski slopes) ukatyvayut surface regularly in the morning and evening. At night, candlelight illuminated the mountain, because here you can go when it's already dark. Along the route of establishing mesh fencing to prevent the departure of its borders.

The lift is located on the left immediately upon entry of Vorokhta, near the cascade jumps. The hotel operates a number of ski rental ski equipment. Want to be able to ride a snowmobile. Organizers promise a holiday that enjoy skiing will last here until March.

First Deputy Chairman of the Urban Nicholas Shegrin noted that the discovery of such exposure is a major impetus for the further development of tourism and the revival of skiing at Vorochta.

In general, in the future Vorochta planned to open about 20 ski lifts.

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