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Music Mountain

Music Mountain

Her voice and manner of time - this is not music in the usual sense for us. Jew's harp is not the melody, has no party like a violin or violin. Says the Jew's harp, believe hutsuly. When she talks about soft recitative Poloninska summer, it sends perehukuvannya shepherd, barking dogs echo trembita. When pryproshuye to dance, then vplitaye in inflammatory rhythm hutsulky1 charok ringing and singing greeting. How longs it already and crying and crying and promises and hopes. Maybe vysvarytysya clearly - not pomylyshsya who you called. However, not every hand as she spoke. Only the person who is granted a special hearing, unable to master the magic of others.

Guimbarde world

Archaeologists believe that guimbarde was known to mankind since the late Neolithic. At least Details of his that lived in the territory of modern Ukraine. This, scientists say, shows fragments of musical instruments made of mammoth bones that they vidkopaly the ancient people parking in the village of Chernihiv Mizynskomu and near the village of Moldova in the Chernivtsi region.

Musician who plays the instrument very similar to modern guimbarde, historians rozhledily in frescos of ancient Rome. A first written mention of this tool is found in literary monument of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (XVI century). While describing his journey from Padua in Leisure (Vilnius), Francis Skoryna2 in its "Small travel knyzhytsi" recalls varhan3. Actually as jew's-harp guimbarde knew in Central and Eastern Ukraine, and Russia and Belarus. By the early twentieth century, it was "neprestyzhnym" musical instrument of Gypsies and commoners.

Western Europe is at the same time enjoys guimbarde. At the beginning of the XIX century it became a popular concert instrument. In France music «guimbarde» 4 sounded in velykosvitskyh salons. In Italy, the ensemble varhanistiv-«scacciapensieri» 5 performed with great stage music. In Germany «Maultrommel» 6 sounded for all the national festivals ...

In various configurations - in a different form, using different materials under different names - jew's-harp is present in most cultures of the peoples of the world. Country-USA ensembles, folk music of Japan, Korea, Bali, India and Pakistan, the Philippines, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan - all "guimbarde. How to look and sound national instrument types, can be found in "Museums homusa (guimbarde) of the World" 7, which is located in Yakutia ... To make sure that finally, after returning from Yakutia should visit the "Museum gutsulskogo, ethnography and musical instruments" Roman Kumlika that Verhovyna village in Ivano-Frankivsk. Moreover, the folk tradition drymbaty now preserved only in the Carpathians.

Female tool

The collection of Mr. Roman - five guimbarde. "Jew's harp from Romania, doromb from Hungary, maultrommel from Germany, Scotland and the trump of guimbarde gutsulskaya" - master teaches musical instruments. And in turn, plays kozhnomu8. The greatest similarity between the voices of Romanian and gutsulskoy others. Tools from Frankfurt, colored acrylic paint, deaf and buzzing sounds. A shiny chrome of Nottingham - a bit "synthetic".
"This is - my - musician gets worn suitcase with matchbox, and out-others. - Twenty years have it play. Mother as a woman! "Little drymbochka gives high pure sound. "Buy a guimbarde - most would be a boss, to guimbarde won round my nose," - Mr. Roman repeats songs that just played, already with him. "Previously, each had to kobita9 guimbarde able - he explains its meaning. - For in Huzuls guimbarde - it was a tool for women.

At the time of autumn and winter Vechernits that "even in Dovbusha" vlashtovuvalys in the Carpathian villages in hazdyn honest with considerable family experience going girls and young women to work together. They are up in wisdom spun, sewed, wove, terebyly beans and corn. All day working and when zapadaly dusk, sat at the table "- took to house the boys with their supper and bavylysya. "Adult boys - in the army, men - at zaribkah, and teenagers all together in one house learn - tells of the local RESTING hundred years ago, Mr. Roman. - Studied the young orderly behavior, music, singing and dantsyam10. The main musical instrument in vechornytsi guimbarde was in the hands of housewives. From the talent and dexterity drymbalky depended on whether vmitymut in gutsulskom sing and dance and play musical instruments frequenter Vechernits: Girls - drymba on, guys - the fife.

Determination drymby as a tool for women and caused the local musical tradition. It was believed that "publicly" sing belongs to men. Women's limited singing wedding latkannyamy funeral and mourning, and also "household" parties. Accompany men not prohibited, so Huculka and drymbaly incident at ...
How sapozhki in Poltava and Chernihiv, so guimbarde Carpathians guys gave the girls seriously when they zalytsyalysya ...

"Who knows, maybe in drymba women really experiences themselves: the time indifferent and lazy, until they take them in hand, and has a take - you hear these juicy overflow and delicate cry that you zaydetsya heart and weeping and singing simultaneously, and do not understand where the morning and the sun, because the only female body so luxuriously shiver from grace as the body of drymby paltsiv11.

Uvula with krytsi

World Vechernits usually destroyed. But since the late 60's on stage gutsulskuyu Union came first group drymbaliv male, female art "in guimbarde beak" won declined. Today it is clear that during the invasion of balalaikas bayan and thus saved not only the ability to play as the ability to make others. After ensemble led professional artist with artistic carving on metal Mikhail Nechay now - known molfar12 from highland village ash. In addition, Mr. Michael, whose drymby Gutsulschine have no equal, Carpathian artists who make these musical instruments, you can list on the fingers. This village blacksmiths and Burkut Krasnoyillya Verhovinskogo District Brustury and Kosmach Kosovo region and Pechenizhyn that Kolomiyschina. Youngest - already over sixty. Drymby they still master of ancient technology - "the living fire" and "the eye".

"I do Souvenirs" - strictly meets us Kosmatsky Vasyl Boychuk smith. But the wrinkles on the forehead rozhladzhuyutsya when hearing that you want a real musical instrument. "For the great work take a big hammer for a small - small, but for drymby - average, - smith prepares his implements. In the smithy is burning horn, in flames rozzharyuyetsya iron rod. Since it is going to Krosno - Building drymby ...

The first secret of making drymby - Krosno bend (frame) so, to the verge of "looking" outside, and in the context of a clear diamond. If the axis shift, "sound tratytsya" - calls the tool has not. The second secret - select size machine others. "A" head "- a lower tone" - notes master. And third, the main - and forge zaklepaty tongue, or myndyk. "For krosen indifferent to material which, importantly, to a stable, - roztlumachuye smith. - And the tongue drymby be with krytsi. The best sounds of cloth braids. It must be very precise fit: between myndykom and neck can only be held razor. Otherwise guimbarde will be as old grandmother - buzzing.

And that's not all. Tongue also must bend and finish hachechkom. "But to know under what angle to bend?" - Dopytuyemosya. Koval squeezes him: "The ability - innate. Look: if canvas thin, it takes longer, but as a rough - shorter. Tailoring of the sound, then he zahynayemo a finger. A musician is a pidstroyuye - gives the tip of the hook wax or plasticine, it changes the tone. Wizard is a tool and checks it "on the voice. Evident that he is pleased with the work. "Jew's harp should listen - finally napuchuye. - You say to yourself in the mind, and it is that the sound shift. Consider the views need ... "

Magic Music

Jew's harp, probably the only folk musical instrument, which consists of implementing a single unit. Sound source in a drymba myndyk, agitated finger artist. Fluctuations myndyka (they are - sound) produce, tightly pressed to Krosno nakryvshy their teeth and lips. Accordingly, the resonator are all elements of the apparatus artykulyatsiynoho drymbalya - mouth, larynx, lung cavity and cranium. They are activated through direct contact with body others.
... "Even in the Carpathians vrodyvsya such a man as Nechay to his guimbarde two octaves sounded - in the mouth whenever drymbalya Roman Kumlika recognition skill is worth a lot of colleagues. - People say that it is a strength of her helpers.

This force can try to find and even feel, if you know the specifics of the impact on the body of the instrument musician. Biological aspects of the game on drymba is that fluctuations myndyka create powerful vibrations. You dibraty this time, which creates a resonance with the fundamental rhythms of vibrations of the body (well-known science called alpha, beta and gamma rhythms inherent in the human brain) and as a result, cause altered state of consciousness or state of light trance ...

Music drymby brings ancient magic. Drymba pryborkuye fascinates people and animals. Drymba can treat body and soul. It awakens the energy of nature and gives the person a special power "- mol'fara touches myndyk and the world explodes sounds. "Do you think I am in it? So it drives me life! "- Slyly smiling Hutsul pohladzhuyuchy neck lovingly others.
1Hutsulka or Kolomyjka - folk dance.

2Frantsysk Skaryna - writer and educator (1490-1551), founder of typography in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (the first printing - in 1520, the city Vilna (Vilnius).
3Varhan, from old-"Varg" - mouth.
4Guimbarde (fr.) - 1) jew's-harp, 2) himbarda - folk dance XVII-XVIII centuries.
5Scacciapensieri (ital.) - entertainment.
6Maultrommel (from it. Maul - mouth and Trommel - drum), literally "oral drum - jew's-harp.
7Muzey opened in Yakutsk in the House of Folk Art of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Sakha. The exhibition includes over 40 species guimbarde different peoples. Since 1991 when the museum was established International Center homusnoyi (varhannoyi) music.
8Muzykant with 45 years experience, Honored Worker of Culture of Roman Kumlika plays 18-gutsulskih instruments. With his band "Cheremosh" constantly concerts in Europe, America, Australia, Russia. Gutsulskuyu teaches folk music and dance in the University of Maria Sklodowska-Curia in Lublin (Poland).
9Kobita (dial.) - woman.

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