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Souvenir Market

Souvenir Market

Relativity of title

Kosovo souvenir market operates twice a week: Thursdays and Saturdays with the exception of major religious holidays.

Market, indeed, is not in Kosovo but in the village Smodni, which borders the county along the river from Toronto. It is easy to find in the morning focused on the flow of customers that come here from surrounding villages and a collection of cars parked in another half a mile to the market. If you come from another city - do not be afraid to wander. CBS - a small town, with almost one main street.

Souvenirs are only one part of the great universal market. Immediately after the bridge over Toronto was not on the roadway begins trading various wares. Near the signs arch type Smodnyanskyy market "summer Gutsul shyrochezni sells leather belts and horse harness, obviously, its own production. A few meters - a mountain of twigs woven baskets. Such as those in which products are abroad on a picnic, and we - holiday Easter and used for various household needs.

But these first manifestations of applied art - not even a souvenir market. To get to it, must go through a long series of trading where selling vegetables, auto parts, new and used clothes and other goods.

Easter egg for Easter Eggs

And now, finally, you just poblukavshy - on the spot. First, attract the attention of piles lizhnykiv (domotkanni blanket or kots from sheep wool). Lizhnyky cost from 70 to 130 USD depending on size (one, one and a half, double), wool quality and performance. Wool pads can be purchased for USD 25-30, cloak on a chair - for 40-50 USD.
What is the demand for lizhnyky be seen from poridilyh at 10th hour of the morning rank sellers. The fact that the market begins to operate somewhere on 4th morning and his first clients is the middleman. They buy large quantities of product and go with them, as they say on Kosiv, "the world". In the land where almost no remaining operating industrial enterprises, so many people earn a living.

Other souvenir markets in the region, which "feed" product, usually from Kosovo Bazaar is therefore more expensive. One of the wooden souvenir traders said, as the market once visited Ruslan Easter egg. He umovlyav to buy wooden eggs for 15 USD. And she replied that she already bought too similar for 15, but: dollars.

When the morning wave hurtovykiv fall, and the time draws to noon, you can take something and buy a cheaper wholesale price. Sellers - the people are sociable, they love to bargain and, if persuasive arguments of the buyer, can greatly reduce the price.

What hutsuly wooden bat

Along with lizhnykamy temporary stalls selling various souvenir. This part of the bazaar can be broadly described as the territory shyrpotrebu. Indeed, cost is inexpensive souvenirs and mostly sold hundreds and thousands. For example, pipe can be purchased at the price of the hryvnia to five wooden eggs - from 50 cents.

In this part of the market and memorabilia from the Soviet era wooden eagles at a price 25-40 USD and other wooden "animals". Happen and surprises. For example, several vendors offer different size bits of wood. When asked who buys such uncharacteristic for Ukraine, sports instrument, which costs 10 USD. per unit, sells znyzuye shoulder: "Some people took to baseball, but some may have to fight.

On the edges of this part of the market sellers tulyatsya embroidered towels, vyshyvanok, woven shirts, towels, carpets, and sackcloth, and ancient gutsulskih failure: zapasok, keptariv, hats. The latter, incidentally, costs more than a hundred USD, but copper-colored sequins, has a fairly convincing appearance.

Older girl that sells keptaryamy and spare wheels, convinced of their authenticity and starodavnosti: "This keptaryu already 200 years. He is from my grand-grand mother stayed. And, look, do not anits moth eaten ". Shortly pohvalytsya girl that still sold one female keptar some turysttsi for $ 50.

Area Art

Slowly come to the most important part of the market. Here tulyatsya two rows of wooden booths, which sell mostly highly threaded and ceramics, as well as products from beads, called beads necklace, or sylyankamy.
Dealers say that the biggest demand carved boxes and dishes. In a truly artistic work price ranges from 400 to 1300 USD. Nayhodovishyy product is made from walnut, Grushko, and cherries, general nayohochishe cutters, used to work wood fruit species. Among forest species most valued sycamore.

Twice a week, sellers, many of them simultaneously and craftsmen patiently waiting hroshovytyh buyers. It usually Kiev, citizens and visitors from the diaspora. But this year, perhaps because they were not rain heavily.
Some artists focus on hurtovykiv shyrvzhytok and produce, but there are those who in these circumstances and try to create highly exclusive products.

Not holy pots liplyat:

Widely represented in Kosiv souvenir market and ceramics. It's pitchers, makitry, decorative plates, tiles, whistles, zbanchyky, tsukernychky, Bells, Eggs, tiles, pleskantsi, kumanets. All items not to mention, and this, according to the sellers get the tourists demand. Most pottery buy and Kiev citizens and foreigners: Americans, Poles, Frenchmen, Germans.

Prices Kosovo potters also very diverse. There are decorative plates for 6.10 USD. Are large and painted plates to 50-100 USD. Large vase may cost from 100 to 1000 USD.
To produce ceramic products taken special yellow clay, which is available only in some places near the Kosovo undergoes special treatment in the mechanical workshop. Ash, however, until imported from Donetsk.

Pottery made as members of a regional organization of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, with individual shops and out-worker, who have special oven for baking at home. This fishing is considered potters, profitable deal, but first you have to have love for this case: How, ultimately, to each.

Buyers come to the market are different. There are people who just love to dive head in a sea of folk crafts, have losses from real hutsuly, listen to their unique dialect. And even if nothing they do, they have an unforgettable experience and memories. Like those once vyhlyupnuv on paper Maxim Rila in the "Carpathian octave":

Curiously similar to the sailors,
Things like odkryvat new worlds
We went to the fair on CBS ...
And the wind of imagination perenosyv
We are on some invisible bridges ...
It seemed - even walk on them and now
Between the mountains shadows of forgotten ancestors!

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