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Museum Products

Museum Products

"I have peresvidchyvsya that even our children silski now know very little about household items, which are traditional for hutsuliv, - says Roman Kumlika. - So it's very useful for them to come to the museum i learn more about life predkiv. And for tourists, especially foreign, vidvidyny a museum - a real Carpathian exotic.

Exhibition Hall of the museum occupies the entire whole second floor neatly two-storey house. Exhibits - nayriznomanitnishi. This unusual instrument lisorubskyy - sapina that Horiany called "talyankoyu" because she brought from Italy, where hutsuly in times of Austro-Hungary worked in the Alps on lisopovali. Kopach i shilyer to znimaty bark of the tree. Terlytsya to pound flax. Reel, tsipy drinking, starosvitski locks, pots, bowls, tareli-only and not perelichysh.

"The first thing he did Gutsul when he built a house - tells Roman Kumlika - chiplyav on walls" parivku "- images of Mother of God and Jesus Christ - so that was shyleni each other heads. Then walls were decorated with painted plates. Since plates hutsuly never ate, using them only as decorations. I finally, Gutsul buy oil lamp, which zapalyuvalasya only for guests and Kolyada. On weekdays svityly or small "kripachkamy, or simply Candles at pidsvichnykah.

Separately, in the exposition - Clothing hutsuliv. Inspects special pidkovy or fours, which kripylysya both heels to postoliv to walk safely in the mountains. Hachi, postoly, vybyvani belts, rizbleni topirtsi - all of which exists in two options: the holiday i work. About topirtsiv, it turns out they were only neodruzheni guys and married Gazda had to go with "klyabukoyu" - specially curved ardent. A Bartko themselves as called topirtsi hutsuly had to be ground, i compliance with this requirement is closely slidkuvala полiцiя. During biyky lehin able to strike an opponent topirtsem just flat sideways. With shock poll or even dull the blade was a severe penalty.

Considering the collection of pipes, tsikavlyusya one of the them are delikatnoyu in appearance. It turns out, is really "ladies" fayka. Smoking is prohibited Huculka. However, girls are not smoked, but zamizhni Bagachka believed to be honorovym dorozi with a stick and smoke his pipe. If the saw with cradles bidnu women, then it would neodminno doriknuly: no more, they say, good shirt, and have themselves smoke.
But the biggest hordist Roman Kumlika - collected by him and his mountaineers podarovani folk instruments. Rozpovidayuchy of violin-dugout, flora, dulcimer, on tsydru, goat-Doudou, drymby Mr. Roman also plays on each of Instruments. By the way, Roman Kumlika plays twelve instrument, and his first play called skryptsi "at the table", ie the Trinity, when a small Romanovi was just 11 years.

How rozpoviv Mr. Kumlika, though hutsuly from nature obdarovani musicians, parents previously not very tishylysya the fact that their son captivated by performances. It was thought that the musician will not be good Sesh. Rich in тiм that wedding hutsuly walked not in Saturday and Sunday, and the middle of the week, not to hrishyty when during the banquet for want nayidkiv have rizaty calf or sheep. That came out that on Wednesday and Thursday Wedding music played on Friday - vidpochyvav. A hledity for housewives no longer had the time. Even experienced parents to young music on vesilli not learned to drink horivku. Or not at ziyshovsya hulyantsi with some divchynoyu "with low status, with divorced or er.

His instruments hutsulski musicians did themselves, who as vmiv. Violin vydovbuvaly as trough, one piece of wood, string them made with lamb intestines. It jealously music treat tsymbaliv. Each dulcimer nepovtorni had to be - on the other rizboyu, in ozdobleni limitation. In the collection of Roman Kumlika - tsymbaliv seven, the oldest of which more than dvisti years. The owner of the museum shows telynku - parubotskyy tool, which is played with one finger; guimbarde, system on which the women played only in the evenings at home; tsydru, during which spivaly classic songs hutsulski priests ...

Unfortunately, even in Soviet times in Verhovine lost Gutsulschiny unique folk instrument - lyre. And Roman Kumlika hopes that this exhibit and will be once more in his collection.

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