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Головна » 2010 » Лютий » 4 » Let us hold his feet in warm
Let us hold his feet in warm

Let us hold his feet in warm
Walking the mountains in spring promises not only rozpashile face, sometimes still snow and call fresh air, but such a nuisance, as chilly wet feet, which nullifies any joy from the journey. Suffice it to complain about shoes or trousers - they are airtight. To help in solving this problem came the invention that has many names: flashlights, leggings, gaiters, bahily. But it has one purpose - to protect the shoes from falling into the snow, stones, water etc.. A title now give counsel.
Decompose on the shelf
Bahily emerged and spread among the Northern peoples - the ancient hunters and explorers wear bags on their feet, which obv'yazuvalysya strips of cloth. Military industry went further, developing a set of personal chemical protection PZK (general protective suit). It was pants with protective material attached to them with rubber galoshes. It's still popular among tourists and fishermen ...
Based experience, travel industry began to produce in the world tourist bahily. Fabric called Cordura become more reliable - dense, endurance, with insulation. With such a view is colored felt boots. Suitable for use in long-term movement of the deep snow, they are warm, dry and comfortable. However, shallow snow, next, Firn tourist bahily little value, because the slip, as they have corrugated soles.
At the turn - leggings (rarely - leggings). Both words of French origin. Some tourists take time napivbahily. This is such a cuff-pidkolinky (vertical lock) imposed on homiltsi gum and bottom hooks are attached to shnurivok shoe sole and a strap. Bahil differ from those that are not wrapped shoes completely, but cover it from above. Lighter, features smaller size, does not prevent boot grip with the surface (this allows you to move around the territory with different cover). However prykrishi operation: lock-cutting does not always work properly (especially cold) metal hook which is mounted closer to the uppers socks shoes, often falling, rubber covering may be insufficiently strong. In addition, the cold rubber loses elasticity, and some buttons tend rozschipatysya ...
Manufacturers and prices
Bahily, surprisingly, produces only post-Soviet "turprom. All foreign climbers walk or expensive plastic boots, which are well prypasovuyutsya respective price gaiters, snowshoe or fashion. Bahily produced in Ukraine, for example, in Zhitomir ( «Travel Extreme», «red price" 120 USD), and Russia - the company «Bask», which is traditionally higher-quality products, however, three times more expensive.
As for uppers, there is a wide choice. In the capital's tourist shops of prices and colors lost eyes. It is sad that the best option to find quite difficult. With more expensive products should be called «Lafuma», «Tatonka», «Salewa» (an average of 200-300 USD). The optimal ratio of "price - quality" is the Polish copies «Milo» and «Campus» (75-100 USD). Products of domestic production - cheaper (eg, «Commandor» or «Travel Extreme»), but not always satisfactory quality.
Find for sale new tailor-made lanterns will be problematic. However, you can make your own - enough to buy a meter durable nylon «ripstop», three pairs shnurivok (two - the shin covering one - under the heel) and visit the studio where it all for peanuts "zliplyat" together.
Tips for buying
First look for the presence of drainage treatment - sklyanyste or matte coating inside tissue. Well, if the cloth trade, for example from «Dupont» - it vytryvalisha than surogati. Even better - cloth, already referred to tangle technology «ripstop» (hole in this fabric is "rozlizetsya). Density choose depending on the destination - easy to travel sypovysch and shrubs (400-600 units of D), for snow and ice (600-800 D), and for the next zherepu (1000 HD). Must be stuck for fitting shoes, which stykuvatymete uppers. Pay attention to the density of tissue adjacent to the boot, because the smallest shparyna cause trouble. Beware of products from namertvo stitched elastic at the top - tight that they could be equally spovzatymut. Successful alternative to rubber covering, adjustable clamp, but even better - just lacing or strong broad lines (such peretyskatyme smaller vessels). Well, if leggings cover the knees - covering more comfortable feel to the knee and chashechtsi spovzatyme. PLUS, if leggings or bahily stitched elastic in place ankle (gaiter to prevent it falling into the snow and warm). Nose hook lacing trymatymetsya better if attached to it underneath. Yield advantage of products with zipper front - button on the lath behind a predisposition rozschipatys. Canvas lightning must always close the protective strap. Pyatkova strainer should be made of woven wire or with slings, similar to tightening Scapulars. From "ballistics", like rubber, unreliable - easily stretched and irritable ...
Care and Maintenance
Do not recommend using uppers with kordury in ski fix - any sharp piping may cut tissue.
Try as less wash products in the washing machine - under the influence of twisting and powdered material crumbles and osypayetsya. Sushit product is washed in the cold. When you break heel covering its better just to replace steel wire. In any case, keep stock of "emergency" pair shnurivok that the road can quickly revive the uppers. Hide free end shnurivok and buckles under the protective strip lightning, or they obmerznut and removing the uppers, you'll have to knock off the ice. At the May wet and heavy snow to PZK better soon. But if the "path" will be the river, not for any bahily.

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