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      Temple St. St. Eustachian with. Arrows on Sambir

      Temple St. St. Eustachian in the village. Arrow Sambir District, one of the monuments of local importance. It is not usually frequented by tourists, it is no marked tracks, little is written about him. However, this leads malovidomist visit the shrine and to investigate its uniqueness among everyday parish life and the accretions of time.

      December 9, 2008, 18:55 | Kaleidoscope | view photo |

      Wooden churches of Ukraine has no analogues in world heritage. But save the Ukrainian people?

      Subject preservation of sacred heritage of Ukraine today sharply on the agenda. After the religious culture of the people that formed over the centuries, gradually lost due to various reasons, including because of a misunderstanding of its value in modern society. This problem attracts exhibition entitled "Ukrainian wooden church - the pearl of world architecture. Limit the disappearance, "which opened on 27 November this year in the Lviv Art Gallery on the street. Stefanik, 3. It went correspondent Igor SKLENAR rice, which tells about the features of such an important event in the Ukrainian culture.

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