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Yablunicya - a mountain-skier resort is known. Within the limits of village there is one of main mountain passes of Ukrainian Carpathians - Yabluneckiy. A settlement is in the distance a 35 km from Yaremche.


The name of village, probably, originates from the name of the river of Yablinki. Local name from the fruit-tree of apple-tree the important mattered for people, in fact it symbolized welfare and harvest. The first writing mention about a village arrives at 1643, where a coaching inn was disposed on the way to Hungary.


The first church in a village was built in in 1765 year, in 1871 year in Yablunici already there was a postal government, and school in a village functions from 1875 year. The church of Uspennya of Presvyatoy Bogorodici is stored until now from 1895 year. Except for it quite a bit interesting objects are in Yablunici, and it is a cross on memory about abolition of corvee, brotherly grave of warriors of Ukraine of Carpathians, which perished in 1939 year. In Yablunici it is stored a border line to the pile, which marked territory of the Polish-Czech border to 1939 year.


Today Yablunicya - the center of mountain-skiing which develops is known. Directly in a village two function bugel'nikh self-controls on the mountains of Mikulinka, Businesses and Goat.

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