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Головна » 2010 » Лютий » 9 » Improvisation on snowshoe
Improvisation on snowshoe

Improvisation on snowshoe

Who tried to walk in snow Carpathians agree with the opinion that to go on snowshoe much easier than just shoes. But these short wide skis do not pennies - prices start at 600 USD. There are many artisans who make them yourself. And every creature - in his masterpiece, at least, unique. We offer one of the many options for making snowshoe. This structure is not meant to ideal and, of course, to variation and improvement. But our option we could take at least a basis. Who is not lazy - let them try.

Transformation of the Soviet eaves

Home "chip" of our snowshoe that their frame we zmaystruyemo of tubes that can bend, making zadertyy toe, as in skiing (classic snowshoe - direct). Then they zaryvatymutsya in the snow.

Aluminum tubes suitable diameter and thickness (in the case described here under 20 and 2 mm) can be found, say, "flea" market - quite fitting for the old Soviet statue. (However, thin-walled steel tube for our know-how is also lawful - though a bit heavier, but strong). Acquired cornice had 2 feet 70 inches and it was enough for both frames. So, to work.
Cut the tube in half. Denote for each of the halves inside. Now the tubes should be bent. And - attention! They must be pre-heated over a gas stove in the place of bending - except metal burst. Should bend both tubes together to bend was identical. Therefore, pre countersign them closely peremotavshy adhesive tape or adhesive tape. Tube bending, press them from the outside, such as a wooden bar. Otherwise the tube will not bow in an arc, and perehnutsya one point, forming a sharp angle. In addition, the site can splyuschytysya tube bending, and this strain make them brittle ...

The smaller holes, the best snowshoe

Skeleton ready. Now make the resistance to p'yatok socks and your feet. This will need a thick aluminum sheets or wide angle, or a thin steel profile - snowshoe must withstand not only your weight, but all that you put in a backpack. Before you cut something, cut or drill, imagine you're in this walk. Prykynte where to install hardware, try on ten times, then rizhte.

So vzuvayemosya in derivatives shoes and try on the frame. Prykydayemo, where he has placed foot. Now present we cut steel sheet and strip strengthens the top to the frame - zahynayemo around pipes, drill holes in the ground and bending metal sheet zaklepuyemo. (The resistance to socks we used angle, so the opportunity was one of the faces to make teeth to snowshoe is kovzaly). Rivets lighter than bolts with nuts, and keep strong enough. Do not make a lot of holes, they weaken the structure ...

... And now - covering. For it is fitting thin aluminum sheets. It is light and strong, not irritable, like fabric. Zahynayemo frame around her delicate, little, wooden object.

Bridles for legs

To snowshoe kept on foot, we should make fixing. It must consist of four parts: one that captures the toe (1); keeps pace, not to ziskovzuvala back (2); attracts snowshoe (3); surrounds foot in the joint (4). To do this you need or leather, or plain (such as a backpack) narrow strap. The first part (1) - for socks - you can do with a strap with buckles or Velcro. This shleyu should skip through resistance to toe, having made it into the slot, and can be attached to the clincher. In this case, strap must enclose the double, lay it on top plaques and only zaklepayte. The second element (2) attached to the first of loops. This outer shorter strap length regulator should have - buckle, through which have longer internal to miss. Then you will easily vstromyty in mounting foot.

Now make mounting resistance to heel (3). Touches them similar to that for socks. These shleyah nashyvayemo loop to lock heel (2) was the correct height. These same pryshyyemo and "belt" (4) that operizuvatyme foot in the joints. The length of the belt buckle should also be regulated. In making this construction are possible variations. It is important to maintain the principle - the front foot is fixed on the fifth and in the joint.

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