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Головна » 2010 » Лютий » 1 » Festival of taste brynza
Festival of taste brynza

Festival of taste brynza

According to legend, in the time of the Mongol invasion of local hutsuly refused to submit and pay tribute to the conquerors. By this all men skaraly head. The term "scepter Baska - cut off the head - gave its name to many hundreds of years one of the Transcarpathian villages. Only in 1946 it was renamed Kostylivka. It is believed that the modern name derives from the word "spike". Seemingly these large iron nails, which affirm the track with sleepers, once stored in Kostylivtsi in large quantities. Now the same name through a railway station runs the only train that connects with Rachel Transcarpathian Romanian Syhetom.
Now, with the ancient legend associated only name meadows, located 12 kilometers from the village. Somewhere out three o'clock foot dirt road - and you Berlebashka of meadow at a height of almost fifteen hundred meters. Generally village has in its use of five valleys. Livestock - predkovichne classes. When the owners first began to honor Poloninska camps, where livestock is held in the summer, probably nobody knows. Some say that this custom originated half a century ago, the other - much earlier. Action always takes place a week after the Saints Peter and Paul. Time the same as the place - Poloniny Berlebashka.

... About an hour we managed to get to the meadows powerful Ural. Arrived at a large clearing, surrounded by fir forests. Here, only cows pasturing the flock. But the sheep kept on the neighboring mountain valleys with very interesting names - Hropshora, Pidshvar ... Round - an hour walk. Sometimes the shepherd specially for tourists flock to Berlebashku persecuted. Here, on the ground, they doyat sheep demonstrate production of cheese and brynza.
Significantly Meadow sheep farm in Berlebashtsi became part of Swiss-Ukrainian Forest Development Project in Transcarpathia FORZA. The project aims to promote green tourism in the region. So this year kostylivskyy village head Smetaniuk Olga and her colleagues at the feast "Polonyna My Dear" for tourists and journalists showed the results of cooperation with the project.
Now in a mountain valley Berlebashka dobudovuyut tourist shelter for 36 people and a few objects. Constructed of wood, shingles harbor. Olga Smetaniuk hopes that owners will soon take the tourists, so local residents have jobs and income, and newcomers - fun. Through training workshops have been 12 owners of estates. Oselya preparing for certification.

... Traveling crack motley grass, holiday guests will find that enjoy. Stoholoso heard bells on necks of animals, whose care of a shepherd. Meanwhile in huge cauldrons and boiled bohrash banosh, nastoyuvavsya tokan, transferred brynzoyu1.
Concert staged for tourists members of National Drama Theater, the village Kostylivka and vocal ensemble Charodiynytsya, which manages the marriage of Vladimir and Vera Kovacs. In ensemble singing, and their two daughters - Lydia and Olesya. Swiss - marcher Transcarpathian tourist way - willingly danced Huculka, prymiryaly authentic clothing Poloninska band. And even though some tried vyduty sounds of trembita.
Until the evening Gula-veselylasya Berlebashka. Thereafter, these days meadows owners vlashtovuvatymut regularly.
1 Bohrash - navarysta soup with several kinds of meat. Banosh, tokan - dish with corn flour with cheese, bacon, lard.

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