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Головна » 2009 » Листопад » 1 » History of home town - Yaremche, Yaremcha, Yaremchi.
History of home town - Yaremche, Yaremcha, Yaremchi.

History of home town - Yaremche, Yaremcha, Yaremchi.

Yaremche - one of important townships of today Carpathians, first remembered in historical sources in 1727 year. On this time Yaremche was a small farm, which counted ten of families. The first documentary mention about Yaremche is dated 1787, as prisilok of village of Dora.


The name of Yaremche is related to one of the first settlers of this territory, which carried the name Yarema. Different sources reminisce Yaremu Godovancya, peasant-fugitive which settled on this territory of Carpathians.


Development of settlement was not too frisky up to the construction of railway. A local population was engaged in the typical types of works - breeding of animals (cows, sheep, goats), economy. At that time people built wooden houses, made clothes from sheep wool and hemps, from the skin of sheep sewed clothes on the winter - sheepskin coats, sleeveless jackets, to the houses made bedspreads and sardaki.


From the XIX item Yaremche begins to develop as a resort, afterwards here more people arrive each time on rest and making healthy from different cities - Vienna, Warsaw, Lvov, Krakova and other cities. The shove of development of Yaremche was a gasket of railway of Stanislaviv - Yaremche - Vorokhta - Rakhiv in 1894 years. This track was utillized mainly for industrial requirements - export of the forest in the different districts of the Avstro-ugorskoy empire.


Beginning of the XX item symbolized quite a bit changes for a farm - in 1910 year of Yaremche it is regenerate on gminu (separate administrative unit of division). Soon a population counted about 1000 persons already. The first world war brought an anxiety in Yaremche - on territory the fights of austrian and Russian armies were conducted. Until now in mountains it is possible to see tailings of strengthening, built in this time. On territory of Carpathians a few times the main line of contact passed during war. The Ukrainian sichevi shooters militated on this territory.


In a post-war period a township began to proceed in the resources - to build resort hotels, private houses and farmsteads. In 1919 year Yaremche entered in the complement of the Polish republic. This locality came into the notice of the Polish businessmen as resting-place. In this time new villas and resort hotels were built with such names as «Paradise», «Marine eye», «Pier», «Rose», «Warsaw» et al. 2 hotels, 44 resort hotels, 3 sanatoriums, 56 villas and 53 gucul'ski houses, intended for holiday-makers, were counted in Yaremche. In 1928 year status of resort locality is given a township, and by a year after Yaremche became a resort.


The second world war signified for the cities of Carpathians, townships and villages new and difficult page of history. Carpathians, in particular and Yaremchanskiy region was territory of leadthrough of battle actions. on Septembers, 3, 1939 territory of Prikarpatska together with Zakhidnoukrainskimi earths enters in the complement of UKRAINE. Counting out of soviet history begins in Carpathians. In January, 1940 Yaremche became a district center. on June, 30 in 1941 a city was occupied by the German troops. In summer in 1943 the soviet partisans of Sumskogo connection of Sidora Kovpaka, which contested with the German troops operated in fence surrounding the village of Yaremche, and also with the local partisans of UPA. on it was July, 26, 1944 Yaremche exempt from the German troops and passed under control of communist power. A city bore sufficient severe losses: private houses, resort hotels, stone bridge-viaduct, were blasted.


After ІІ world war the new stage of history begins in a township - soviet menage. With 1960 renewal and restorations is begun. In 1963 years Yaremche becomes the city of district submission, in 1977 year gets status of city of regional submission. To Yaremche the taken is inhabited points Dora, Yamna, Mikulichin, Tatariv, Yablunicya, Vorokhta, Voronenko, Polyanicya. For period 1960-1980 was built quite a bit resort hotels, bases of rest, monuments are set to the soviet partisans-kovpakivcyam, major-general of soviet army to Semenu Rudnevu.


With beginning of independence of Ukraine from 1990 year the new stage of development - private enterprise and proceeding in the authentic native consuetudes of local population which was forbidden in the years of soviet power begins in Yaremche. Today Yaremche - one of the known cities of Ukraine, which is famous mountain-skier winter rest, spring summer and summer-autumn rest and resort.

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