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Autumn fishing - season special. Since several reasons. Firstly, this autumn, before the deposits of in dormant, most fish are actively feeding. That is going to hook. Opportunity to have a lot of catch most real in the late August - early September. Secondly, there is a chance at this time to test new gear, new or prykorm rybolovli of different way. Fish actively demonstrates that she likes, and that - not very. Thirdly, the young fish to grow autumn (a large growing even more), so in this season lovlyatsya mainly nichohenki copies itself.

Terms lovli nezminni: the waters of common use - to 5 hachkiv per fisherman i to 3 kg of fish. Petty fish should produce. Navudyv than normal fishing - also produces. One, but huge, rybynu which weighs more, you can leave themselves. At the toll pools (private lakes and reservoirs) rybalyat tamteshnih according to the rules. The most frequent right volodinnya trophies buy: pay per kilohram found breaking fish in addition to platni for fishing on vodoymi.
Snasti. Idealnyy options - small, light and compact equipment. Trymetrovyy two-handed spininh equipped bezinertsiynoyu coil. It can be used as two-handed i spininh to spoon, i zakydnyy spininh such as Donkey, i like fider. You can try and leave the fly. Those who go to the main or salmon, should resort to Nahlyst.

Fishing zi experience can advise on the mountain rikah - nahlystove vudylysche 4 -? 5 class spininh 1.9 -? 2.4 m kastinh 2 -? 10 hramiv. Well-proven bleshni firm «Mepps» number 00, 0, 1-class Black furiya ", with yellow or red stain. In Dnistri catfish, pike and perch is well on jig-head with tvisterom-ki, spininh 2.4 -? 3 m kastinh 10 -? 30 hramiv. Ische What purpose? Some udachi to vsiyeyi snasti. Ekipirovka and convenient.
Those wishing to fish in the Carpathian rikah one must consider blyzkist mountains and i neperedbachuvanist minlyvist weather. Days in the autumn may be more hot, but unochi prymorozky occur. I even in naybezhmarnishyy day for few minutes the sky may be cloudy, rain will begin. So be sure to waterproof. Changing warm clothing. Comfortable shoes tovstiy ryfleniy pidoshvi. Hodinnya kamenystymy banks do not compare with fishing on travi - slippers or sneakers in the mountains nedorechni.

It is easy to choose i naplichnyk convenient, because all equipment will have a long time to be themselves. In this - the main difference in rybolovli rikah Carpathians. On the flat river fishing for hours waiting for prey. And the mountain streams it should look very, constantly traveling along the water. First, even may be several "porozhnih" kilometers, but then - hole or fell a tree, where densely fish. I have from fishing rewarded for everything.

Lusochky No, No Tail!

When клює

Fishing has definite seasons. There is a time when the fish is hungry i actively eats - then it takes the hook. And there are weeks and months of almost complete silence when the fish drimaye on days i do not respond to any of those who, even naysmachnishi, baits.
First year in the fishing season - spring - soon. Continues from the end of February to April 1. Pryhrivaye sun, fish prosynayetsya i started to eat. At this time falls Zhor Shchupak and perch, which just vidnerestylysya.

The second period from April 1 to June 10 - spawning. In all reservoirs public fishing is prohibited. However, rybinspektsiya Prykarpattya in the quality of experiment allow fish almost throughout dilyantsi Dniester in Ivano-Frankivskiy region. In terms of one of: fishing should be armed only odniyeyu fishing rod with a hook.
Day fishing spivpadaye the beginning of the next fishing season, which lasts until early zymuvalnoho period. At this time lovlyatsya all kinds of fish. Nayschedrisha fishing - in August and September. Significantly, the fall in some mountain rivers dilyankah nerestytsya royal or char. Catch of this fish is prohibited.

From 1 December zymuvalnyy season begins, during which the fish become less active, do not hunt. Fishing is allowed on dilyankah year where there zymuvalnyh pits. During triskuchyh moroziv when water meters to several freeze through i their inhabitants "drimayut" due to lack of air, is a fish that multiply. Mynok nerestytsya is winter. It is - only one representative of the family Prykarpatti triskovyh. His offspring in spring will be in River first.

Fish place Prykarpattya

The vast majority of rivers in the Carpathian start vysokohir'yi. In vysoti more pivtory thousand meters with mountainous source vytikaye Dnister - first largest river basin Rika village. Nearly all the tributaries of the Dniester also formed on the northern slopes of the Carpathian mountains - Bystrytsi Solotvynska i Nadvirnyanska, Lukva, bullhead, Svicha, Sukil, Mizunka, Limnytsya, Chechva.

Prut - the second river basin Sat-Frankivschyny. Beginning Prut located on the slopes of the spine Chornohirskoho vysoti 1750 m above sea Exactly. Its biggest tributary - Black and white Cheremoshi, Toronto, Pistynka. Cheremoshi cover Hutsulski i Carpathian mountain rikamy is typically a very large inclination i quick movements - over pivtora meters per second! These River, who have високi skelyasti banks, stony bottom and milki rift vyznani hidrolohichnymy Reserve local value. It was here, on transfer from turbulent movements, nerestytsya trout, led reliktovyy species of fish - Danube salmon.
Third largest region Rica - Limnytsya. It stikaye zi shyliv Bushtul mountain, rises to 1150 m. By vysoti length - 122 kilometer - is the largest of the Carpathian tributaries of the Dniester. This is Rika domivkoyu securities of many kinds of fish, in particular - and Mareni Stream foreli. Swimming Limnytsi a water recreational area, which suffered almost no anthropogenic influence. She has one of the most clean rivers of Europe. On the territory Rozhnyativskoho, Kalush and Galician districts created by the landscape reserve "Limnytsya river.

All-Ukrainian fishing regulations prohibit fishing in verhiv'yah Carpathian rivers - the so-called vysokohirnyh dilyankah. In these places live nerestytsya i grow rare fish, which is subject ohoroni, and nowhere more than in Ukraine not zustrichayetsya - royal (Stream) trout, European trout (he also Danube salmon) harius. "This fish occasionally you can see i dilyantsi on the middle year of that open to rybolovli - said Chief rybinspektor Ivano-Frankivsk region Ruslan Kotsaba. - However, one must remember: these piymayesh kraseniv - vidpusty! "
In the Carpathian River live i nerestytsya another Red fish - sterlet. With it, the fishermen can also only be photographed. Fish must carefully remove the hook i release in riku said Ruslan Kotsaba. Subject to such rybolovli (her, between different, practice in all European countries), when the catches are not allowed to broth and return in the reservoir, fishing is permitted even in vysokohir'yi.
In all river Prykarpattya zustrichayutsya i dovoli rozpovsyudzheni known species of fish - chub, Schupak, crucian carp, l, bream, catfish, puppet, perch, plitka, zhereh, eel, carp, rybets, bystryanka. Tourists who intend to cast vudochku tuteshni River, should take into account that local residents in its own name the fish, according to its povadok and external appearance. Danube salmon - Golovach, trout - pistryavka, plane, chub - wedge; sterlet - chychuha; harius - PIR; zhereh - exquisite.

Richest fish Rica - Dnister. Prykarpattya runs over 200 kilometers of its bed, which has all the early signs of mountainous, and then poured peredhir'yam i converted to low-lying. Dnister finny vysokohirnyh i, i flat year.

Prydatni for rybolovli reservoirs, lakes and ponds Sat-Frankivschyny. Reservoir on the river Chechva, prytotsi Limnytsi - the so-called "secured" because the object stipulates strategic importance as a reserve of clean water. Because fishing is prohibited therein. But most in the field Burshtynska reservoir (1260 ha), near the power station, vidkryte for fishermen. Fish - for a small fee - it is allowed to vodovidvidnomu Channel. Water is constantly warm, i do not lack of fish: carp, bream, channel catfish, Silver carp, Amazon BUFFALO, verhivka, pike and perch. In most divorce ozeri tovstoloba.

In the region there are over 600 stavkiv. Part - rybhospni, "sports". They are led mainly carp, Other dribnota. Former kolhospni lake now - приватнi. Here fishermen propose fed koropiv, karasiv, roach and okuntsya. Daily rybolovli they cost from 3 to 10 USD, depending on the number of fish caught vodoymi and conditions. But in vysokohirnyh lakes, such as Nesamovyte, Maricheyka, no fish at all - too skrutni conditions for its life.

Rybinspektor - not Bogeyman

Rybinspektor rybaltsi - friend, comrade i almost brother, says chief derzhrybispektsiyi in Ivano-Frankivskiy By Kotsaba region. After that rybolovli important? According-to-vo-lin-ing! From the adjustment snasti. From the expectations of berezi with a fishing rod. From the smallest movement of floats. From the competition with artful fish. From the fragrant broth, finally. Fishing - a state of soul, say buvali fishermen. I excitedly show photos of the o-o-otakennymy rybynamy that they pofortunylo hunt.

Poaching differs from violations of fishing. Poachers use during rybolovli prohibited snasti and different devices - siti, screens, elektrovudochky, explosives devices, and chemical means. I poachers are those tourists who catch rare and "Red" fish. For example, trout during spawning. This is not possible - so destroyed it in populyatsiya pryrodi. If you really want to taste such fishing, should not ity to the river and in the restaurant. Hospodari almost all Carpathian restoranchykiv may request customers to provide trout - i fried, i stewed, i in frytyuri, i on hryli, i in klyari. This does not catch fish in mountain rikah and specially cultivated in forelnyh local farms - the table.

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