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Головна » 2010 » Лютий » 9 » Auto Racing began in the winter
Auto Racing began in the winter

Auto Racing began in the winter

Ukrainian avtosportsmeny this year started, without waiting for the heat outdoors. 15, 16 February Vizhnitskogo region Chernivtsi region was I Round Automobile Federation of Ukraine (FA) with spryntrali1 "Ukraine" - "Bukovina-2010.

The organizers - Chernovtsy regional car club "Bucovina" - prepared for the competition rather complicated and interesting route with the total length of 240 kilometers. Thus participants had to be overcome 60 kilometers of special high-speed sections. Wax race added and weather conditions, due to which the coating were also ice and snow, and gravel. So, before athletes had to decide the choice of tires - studded or neshypovanyh.

Participation in the "Bukovina-2008" took the 21 crew of drivers, including the best pilots of the country. Competitions were held in four classes. Desperate seemed struggle in the most prestigious "fourth" class - cars with engine capacity over 3500 cubic centimeters. Aspirants to leadership were racing driver Stephen Mazur of IvanoFrankivsk and kievlyanin Vladimir Petrenko on Mitsubishi Lancer Evo. Experienced capital athlete, winner of many races inferior Frankivsk on the first route, but later tactics Petrenko "quickly and carefully" justified on a slippery road. In the culminating moment avtivku Mazur deployed, the athlete lost time, and its competitor successfully reached the finish line first. The leader of the class A3 was Odesite Igor Storchak (Odessa showed the best results and in the team) in the class A2 - kievlyanin Paul Hontovyy and "odynychtsi" - Andrew heaven with Kam'yantsyaPodilskoho

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