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Easter - the biggest Christian holiday. This day is the day of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and has another name - the Passover.

The word "Easter" comes from the Old Testament feast that celebrated the Jews to commemorate the liberation from Egyptian captivity. Paschal lamb the Jews became the prototype of Christ, because Christ is called the Lamb of God Lamb of Easter, Passover.

Sample information about Easter from Wikipedia site with our small inserts:
Preparing for the holidays

By Easter the faithful prepared seven weeks of Lent - one of the harshest posts - is so much spent in the desert Jesus Christ to his crucifixion. It is believed that in these days of soul believer must "listen" to the Passion, the last days of Jesus Christ in human form. These seven weeks are called Week. Last week before Easter nazyvayetsya Easter Week.

Easter is a special znachennnya Thursday - the day when he along with his disciples at the Last Supper razdilyv festive meal. This day is called Maundy Thursday, and all the Orthodox as possible try to partake. Evening in the church read the 12 Gospels, which tells the story of Christ's Passion.

Easter Friday in the church take out shroud - a piece of cloth that was wrapped in the body of Christ, where he depicted in his grave. On this mournful day attributed nothing to eat.

In old times when Christians were not the Saturday liturgy of the Church, and remained there till night, eating bread and wine. In memory of Easter in a sabbath meal. During the service the priests change their everyday clothes on holiday.

On the night of the Resurrection of Christ, conducted Sunday worship (the Eucharist of Easter), Easter cakes and eggs have been blessed. Thus the Church blesses the faithful after a long post again to take "modest", that nepisni eat foods. Rich Easter table is a symbol of heavenly joy and a symbol of the Lord's Supper.

Celebrating Easter

Easter Liturgy lasts all night. Her nayurochystishyy moment comes at midnight, when a priest testified that Christ has risen, and everyone in awe answer: "Indeed He is risen!" After the service the procession passes three times around the church, then began the process of sanctification ritual Easter dishes: krashanok cakes, sausages, horseradish, bacon, etc.. Hostesses zbryrayut them in baskets decorated with embroidered towels, periwinkle and candles. After church services on scattered homes rozhovlyatysya i start.

Rozhovlyayutsya especially blessed egg. Besides breads and eggs (krashanok and eggs), should be among the blessed smazhenyna, garlic, tarragon, horseradish and salt.

Easter commemoration of the dead end - prayer and grief "on the hill. In grave bugorki bury eggs and shells from z'yidzhenyh eggs, meat bones of holy, holy salt, etc., and poured a glass of vodka: "Eat, drink and us sinners, we remember." Sometimes tsokayutsya eggs at grave cross nadbyvayut them and then give passers-by.
Date of celebration

The date of the celebration of Easter regulated the First Ecumenical Council of Nicaea in 325. So in various Churches celebrated Easter pomistnyh on different days. There were those who celebrated Easter with the Jews. So the Council of Nicaea decreed that Christians are not free to celebrate Easter, when Jews celebrate the Passover: "Bishop, sveshtenyk or ђakon, koјy will praznovao vaskrseњe Christ and pre proleћne ravnodnevytse zaјedno sa Јudeјyma, Neka will svrhnut (Apostolic Rules Canon 7).

Date of Easter should fall on the first Sunday after the first spring full moon that occurs after the vernal equinox. If so happens that this week sometime and the Jewish Passover, the celebration moved to the next Easter Sunday. To avoid errors in determining Easter Sunday, was decided also that the bishop of Alexandria shall report the date of Easter each year in advance.

Easter is not before April 4 (March 22 Old Style) and no later than May 8 (April 25 Old Style).

At the end of IV century annual messages bishops of Alexandria, was replaced Pashaliyeyu, which included more years. The first such pashaliya was declared in 388, the Patriarch Timothy of Alexandria. In 436 pashaliya was published already for 95 years in advance (from 436 to 531 years) one of his successors, Saints Cyril of Alexandria.

The difference in dates of celebration of Easter in the Christian Church

Orthodox and Greek Catholic Church followed Julian calendar. According to him, and made pashaliyi. The Roman Catholic Church in 1582 moved to a new calendar introduced by Pope Gregory XIII and is known as the "Gregorian" or "new style". In this regard, was introduced and a new pashaliyu. Gregorian spring begins to thirteen days earlier of Julian, as a result there is a difference in the dates of Easter celebration. Also happens that in the Catholic Church, Easter falls with the Jewish Passover, and sometimes even sooner than she, though it also contradicts the ruling Council of Nicea. Along with Catholics celebrate Easter in a new pashaliyeyu and Protestants. But all Orthodox churches celebrate Easter according to the decrees of the Council of Nicea - so very rarely happens that all Christians celebrate Easter together.

Easter dates for several years:
  In the Orthodox Catholics
Квітня 2000 30 April 23
Квітня 2001 15 April 15
Травня 2002 5 March 31
2003 27 April 20 April
Квітня 2004 11 April 11
Травня 2005 1 March 27
Квітня 2006 23 April 16
2007 April 8 April 8
Квітня 2008 27 March 23
Квітня 2009 19 April 12
2010 April 4 April 4

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