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Holidays and significant dates in April

Holidays and significant dates in April

1 April Fool's Day

April 1 International Day for the birds

April 1 200 years since the birth of Nikolai Gogol (1809-1852)

April 2 International Day of Children's Book

April 4 Day of NATO (1949)

4 April the International Day of Education on mine awareness and assistance in mine action

April 4 Day of St. Isidore - patron saint of the Internet and computers

April 5th Day of Geologist (first Sunday in April)

April 7 of the Annunciation (the Orthodox)

7 April World Health Day

8 April the International Day of Roma

8 April the International Day of Taiji and Qigong

April 8 The Cathedral of the Archangel Gabriel (the Orthodox)

April 11 International Day for the release of prisoners of Nazi concentration camps

April 12th World Day of Aviation and Astronautics

April 12 Day of space industry of Ukraine

April 12 Entry into Jerusalem. Palm Sunday (the Orthodox)

April 12 Praise of the Blessed Virgin Mary (the Orthodox)

April 14 120 years since the birth of Charles Spencer Chaplin (1889-1977), American film director, actor, screenwriter, producer

April 15 law among the ancient Slavs (movable date)

April 18 International Day for Monuments and Sites

April 18 Day Historical and Cultural Monuments

April 18 Environment Day (third Saturday of April)

April 18 End of Lent (the Orthodox)

18-22.04 Days of reserves and national parks

April 19 Passover (the Orthodox)

April 22 International Earth Day

April 22 Great Lada Lelnik ancient Slavs

23 April World Book and Copyright Day Law

April 23 St. George's Day

April 23 Yarila (Oriya), the ancient Slavs

April 24 International Day of Solidarity Youth

April 26 Day of the Chernobyl tragedy

April 26 World Intellectual Property Day

26 April the International Day Secretary

26 April the International Day Commemorating Victims of Radiation Accidents and Disasters

April 28 World Day for Safety

April 28 Safety Day

April 28th World Day of Towns (last Sunday in April)

April 29 International Dance Day

International Bird Day

April 1

International Bird Day has been celebrated since 1906. It was then that April 1 was signed the International Convention for the Protection of Birds. By tradition, this time in anticipation of the return of feathered and hung up "bird houses".

World Health Day

April 7

This day, celebrated on the initiative of the World Health Organization, is a good opportunity to attract the attention of state and the public to the problems of formation of health. In all regions of Ukraine on the occasion under the theme "Move for Health" held drawing contests for sport theme, the competition on mass sports, athletic runs, orienteering competitions, competitions in extreme sports and many other recreational activities.

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