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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

February 14.

I do not know anyone else, but I feel a little uncomfortable in this holiday. On the one hand - with a claim for holiday zahalnovyznanist and almost forced the celebration to be bound, on the other - intimacy and personality ... Well, since I knew menfolk obhodzhusya free - just ignore vydilenist give, but how to be friends with women and girls? Do we welcome them? Do not be taken as a hint and not a little survey? On the other hand, if not welcome, does not obrazyatsya?

And this feast - the feast of love! Do many of you can be sure that they love? Another love, love is ... And if in love, but without reciprocity? So I suspect that for many this holiday and greeting with him - like a sickle, frankly, on glass. So I will not go on here on a special festivity. But something of the history of holidays, was found in Internetryah here situates (himself spromozhus can read and then know how I behave on this day).

This is hardly a religious holiday, but Valentine was a monk, and is hardly popular, although it is very popular. This celebration of love - a special caste of people.

Love - most mysterious of all human feelings. It inspired poets and painters, musicians and sculptors to create immortal masterpieces. And, if put out to read everything written about him, man would not be enough of a life. No coincidence there are many fascinating legends, rites, rituals, based on this wonderful feeling. One such holiday is Valentine's Day. It has a deep religious foundation as connected with the touching story of two lovers.

In the third century a new era of Roman Emperor Claudius II issued an order which prohibited the marriage. He believed that marriage keeps men at home, and their purpose - to be good soldiers and bravely fight for Rome. A young Catholic priest Valentine secretly crowned against wish of lovers. Finding these "anti-state" marriages, the emperor ordered closed and the offender in prison to death.

Deprived of the sacred books to brighten their forced leisure, Valentine began writing notes daughter of the jailer. Apparently, the message and were good, and daughter. Young love one another. Before being executed February 14, the 270 youth sent to your sweetheart full of love and tenderness with a letter of registration "from Valentine, who became a symbol of fidelity and love. Later he enlisted in the church calendar there, and love chose their patron.

The legend of the Middle Ages, this day birds choose a mate and oak forests and bird-calls filled with voices. There is a version that in pagan times is February 14 vlashtovuvavsya unique youth festival. Girls of the day thrown in the bowl beautifully decorated leaves, and young men pulled them as lottery tickets, choosing a favorite. Later it turned into one of the traditional entertainment in Valentine day that young people expect and look in awe. The young man the night before a holiday went below the beloved, which at dawn had to shout it, calling his Valentine. She, therefore, worried by the window is to the one she wants. Only after yunka obzyvalasya to a young man he had the right to hand over their pre-prepared gift.

There is an assumption that the first greeting card appeared in connection with Valentine's Day. It is believed that Charles has sent its first Duke of Orléans. In the British Museum in London remains the oldest valentine signed him in 1415. At this time he was imprisoned in the Tower of London and secretly sent a love letter to his wife. Gradually, the tradition to greet each other in this day and has spread to married couples. And the gifts exchanged flowers. Custom hand on Valentine's Day bouquet to the value reached the peak of fashion during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901). The English borrowed it in the gallant Frenchmen in the early eighteenth century. Yes anemone hlasyv "Why do you has left me?" Carnation - "Your presence makes my heart swoon, chrysanthemums -" I'm waiting patiently for your love, narcissus - "I regard you with great respect," Iris - "My love for you is boundless, lily - "Our love is pure and true, orchid - you - a rare and priceless treasure, Tulip -" I want to declare their love to the world. "

Yet the floral emblem of the holiday is a red rose. There is a version that the beginning of this tradition gave Louis XVI, who gave the day Marie Antoinette huge bouquet of red roses. According to ancient legend, they appeared on Earth thanks to Aphrodite - the goddess of love and beauty, who, hastening to her lover - Adonis, a wounded boar, occurred in the bush of white roses and thorns poranyvshys, colored them in their divine blood red color.

At all times people try to define the feeling, that can transform everyday life in the gray bright page book novel. More than love can only love that inspires create masterpieces in art, to make major discoveries in science. So led the world that everyone must necessarily find my soulmate who will share her life. On this auspicious day, someone was already, and someone else waiting.

The tradition to mark the feast of St. Valentine was named after the Roman priest Valentine, who lived in pre-Christian times in ancient Rome - Valentine's Day.

In III century the Roman Emperor Claudius II declared the ban young people to marry. Emperor were logical reasoning: the soldiers have to think about winning the battles and not the family. Prohibition has always violate. Indignant Christians, including himself and Valentine, who continued to sanctify marriages without permission. Claudius II soldiers grabbed him, began to torture and executed. But this sad occasion, the feast of the Roman church replaced pagan god Great Valentine's Day. It took at least 400 years until everybody forgot about the implications of the holiday and focused only on his joyful part.

In contrast to this version there is one. Young Roman boys on the eve of the day gathered and cast into the basket tickets with the names of girls. The girl, whose name distavalosya boy for the whole year was elected its "Valentine", and it - its "Valentine". Within a year he was her faithful companion, but marriage is not obliged. Next year could choose again.

One of the many legends says that the Roman priest Valentine was imprisoned by Christians who were blown, and died a terrible death on February 14. Before being executed the transfer, he handed valentine blind daughter of his jailer. His sacrificial kindness and later reflected in Valentine day - Valentine's Day.

Modernity has made adjustments to its tradition of celebrating Valentine's Day. He is now associated with gifts, romantic dinners by candlelight, loud parties. Still, some ancestral traditions alive. For example, an essential feature of the festival - "Valentine", which appeared in the XV century. Its invention is attributed to Charles Duke of Orleans, who struggled with boredom in prison, was the message of love to his wife.

Besides "valentynok, in this day lovers everywhere give to each other and other souvenirs. Yes, in Germany these days dramatically increased sales of chocolate products. Moreover, in recent years the greatest demand enjoy chocolates made in the form of heart in the middle of which is the recognition of love, written by the hand of the customer.

Buy similar gift possible and in Saudi Arabia. Official celebration of love in this Islamic country is prohibited, but many stores will offer the buyer-the-counter sets of cards, all sorts of toy teddy, pupae, hearts.

In the U.S., these days only from Columbia delivered 900 000 packages of fresh flowers. On gifts to Valentine's Day in America in general love to spend hundreds of millions of dollars.

In India, everything opposite. On the eve of this holiday ideas Hindu militant supporters destroy symbols of St. Valentine. They smoke and they raise postcards and souvenirs, according to Hindus, their actions offend their culture.

In Japan, began to celebrate Valentine's Day in 1930. There was a tradition in itself, but with one major supply company for the production of chocolate. Chocolate is still the most common here in this present day.

Recently in Ukraine 14 February celebrating Valentine's Day, patron saint of lovers. However, there is no credible legend, why the holiday is associated with Valentine. Finally, even if it once had religious undertones, but now its totally lost, becoming a holiday commerce.

Commercialization of religious dates are not limited to day Saint. Valentine. On Christmas Eve 2002 in some countries the Catholic Church opposed the mouth of the bishops' non-religious "celebration of Christmas. What is the position of churches in Ukraine to spread among young people, and not only young, custom to celebrate "Valentine's Day? For your information we present three opinions on this holiday. On the issue of the Press Service of the Orthodox Church that the Orthodox are going to celebrate Valentine's Day, and as the Church refers to this holiday, the chairman of the Synodal UPC youth work Bishop of Zhytomyr and Volyn Novgorod-guru said: "The name of Valentine, which is the holy souls in the Orthodox Church is not related to Valentine's Day February 14 is something called "Happy Valentine". Church commemorates St. Valentine the other day. Love of Christ to humankind, and Christians love their God and Savior, which showed the highest example of holy martyrs had nothing to do with infatuation and fleeting love affairs interests. Do not be confused with the righteous sin. The bishop recalled that in Christianity these days is their holiday, one of which is relevant to young people. February 15 in celebration of Candlemas is celebrated World Day of Orthodox Youth. "To the Orthodox youth, we plan to hold a seminar leaders and representatives of departments to work with young people from all dioceses - said the Bishop. - Seminar: "The youth work on the parish and diocesan level." The purpose of the event - to share experience among youth and to plan joint activities plans. In conclusion, Bishop Gury said that it would be best if not holiday peremishuvalysya secular and Christian. St. Valentine died martyred about 270 year - says our second author, Fr. Michael Dymyd (Church). - He was a priest in Rome during the reign of Emperor Claudius II Gothic. When he was arrested, then prystavyly to health officer in whose foster daughter was blind. Arrested priest heal her, but later converted to Christianity father and the whole family. Learning of this, the Emperor ordered his head cut off. The Roman Church celebrates St. Valentine February 13th. Merging with St. Valentine's Day comes from the fact that all the natural factors and events have affected not the calendar date, and the holy pryurochuvalys, who feared the day the Church (for instance, to Saviour has good ripe apples, etc.). Thus, when celebrated St. Valentine falls belling birds. This has led to a large extent to the custom of that day later the young people looking for a mate - in particular, the girls chose a young lad, and he answered, obdarovuvav it, following the customs of knights. Valentine day in England and Scotland in ancient times, was accompanied by the following manner. Young people were gathered and put into bins corresponding to their number of kvytochkiv, indicating to them the names of young girls, then each took out one such kvytochok. The girl, whose name distavalos so a young person to become the next year his "Valentine", exactly the same as it is its "Valentine", which meant among young people for the whole year relationship with family such that, for a description of medieval novels existed between the knights and his "ladylove. This custom, which so touching Ophelia says in his famous song, likely to be of pagan origin. Another day Valentine day in Scotland and England gives young people a reason for the various jokes and fun. Stories about secret wedding lovers are legends, which are not confirmed by any sources of religious books, "- concluded his essay to the" Day of Love by Fr. Michael Dymyd, director of Canon Law. On the occasion of Valentine's Day "director of the Institute for Marriage and Family Life LTA, chairman of the Academic Society of Catholic RENEWAL Yuri Pidlisnyy appealed to the youth:" My dear young friends, Today's world is undergoing dramatic changes associated with globalization. They - and interesting, however, in many respects contradictory and confusing. One of them - the interpenetration of cultures, traditions and customs. Modern young person perceives as usual and self-evident that for the younger generation 10-20 years ago seemed strange and unknown, sometimes hostile. This is the usual spread in Ukraine in the Western world, Saint Valentine. The legend in the Middle Ages spread belief that on 14 February the birds begin to pair and if the day people start to their relationship - it is to happiness. And in another popular legend, today one of the valentine's day (known about the priest and bishop who lived in Rome in the second half of III.) Secretly (because even persecuted Christians) crowned lovers and thus helped to overcome the obstacles young hearts of the persecutors. It gives every holiday special opportunity to reflect on the essence of love, which, according to Jesus Christ, all based law and the prophets. This is an opportunity to delve into the essence of noble values such as loyalty, responsibility, human dignity and family. This is an opportunity to know ourselves - the man that God created man and woman appointed to the marriage and family life and endowed the ability to love. Unfortunately we are witnessing as love and human dignity pidminyuyetsya, passion and promotion of sex, detached from marriage, but the holiday turned into commerce and the pursuit of gain. The dignity of man and woman trample, reducing a person to manipulate the subject and the object of sensual pleasures, and loyalty and mutual respect ridicules. My dear young friends, each generation takes over from his parents and traditions of its people cherish their rich, often takes something from other nations, but also makes her own, trying to create something valuable, worthy of wonder and adoption of future generations. Taking a holiday lovers you have to understand your choice! What do you celebrate? Pure and true love or carnal lust, which are pushing those who are interested to live at any price. "

On the calendar, 13 February, which means that today, one whose heart overflowed at least once a fever of love - Valentine's Day honors.

Some believe it really, someone - no. Either way, we want it or not, this holiday has existed for many centuries. Want to know where it all began? Then listen.

There are several versions of Valentine's holiday. That's what I managed to find:

On Valentine, who gave his holy name, not much is known. They say that he lived in the third century AD, the Roman city of Terni. According to some data, it was a simple Christian priest, other legends seduce him to the rank of bishop. Combining all these facts can be sufficient confidence to assume that Valentine was relatively young, a good, kind and responsive. There are data that, along with the main occupation, Valentine was engaged science and medicine.

Lifetime of Valentine and coincided with time of Roman emperor Claudius II, is very respected military prowess famous Roman legions and repented not very Christian. To keep the military spirit of the emperor issued a decree banning the legionaries to marry, because he entered the CT at marriage spends too much time in the family busy and not the good ideas of empire and military prowess.

Not strashachys imperial wrath, a young Christian priest Valentine secretly continued to marry Valentine legionnaires. According to some reports, enamored of his intercession prostyralosya even further - he myryv posvarenyh, wrote love letters for ne'er dullish and soldiers, giving couples who vinchalysya flowers.

Keep it all in secret it is not possible, and since the Roman Empire was famous for its respect for the laws (we still largely live in the Roman law), every day zhuschalysya cloud over the head priest. At the end of the year 269 BC hit thunder - Valentin was taken into custody and soon signed a decree about his death penalty.

Haze envelops romantic legend and the last days of life Valentine. According to one legend, in the blind daughter of his jailer fell in love. Valentine, a priest, celibate, could not answer her feelings, but the night before his execution (13 February) sent her a touching letter. In another version, Valentine himself fell in love with a beautiful girl, so again, using their medical knowledge, in anticipation of her death cured of blindness.

How everything was really all we know and will never be known, but no doubt one - a young Christian priest actually died in the name of love. And this love was surprisingly released him a lot on one of his short life - love for God, love for beautiful girl, love for people in general, which he helped as a priest and a physician, and as just a wonderful person with great good spirit.

Not surprisingly, do not forget about Valentine and Valentine was elected deputy. As a Christian martyr who suffered for their faith, he was canonized Catholic Church. In Western Europe, Valentine's Day is celebrated on the XIII century in the U.S. in 1777.

Now we have become one more holiday, although Russia was your holiday lovers. He proved eighth of July and was associated with the legendary love story of Peter and Fevronia.

Create your first valentine is attributed to Charles, Duke of Orleans (1415), who lived at that time in prison in solitary confinement, he decided to fight boredom by writing messages of love his own wife. However, the most flourishing valentine reached the 18 century.

Now, "Valentine" means in the form of greeting cards with best wishes hearts, declarations of love, offers hand and heart or just a joke that is not signed, and who receives, he must guess from who they are.

Besides these people give to their favorite roses (because it is believed that they symbolize love), sweet-hearts and other items with images of hearts, birds, kissing, and of course, rightly recognized for the Valentine's Day - Little Angel winged Cupid.

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