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Rest in Yaremche leaves the most pleasant experience for all who chose this beautiful corner of the Carpathians.

The main thing that attracts tourists is the purest mountain air, peace and quiet mountain forests, and in winter time - a whirlwind ski pleasures.

The guests of this land will be a unique opportunity to feel the spirit of the people living here and retains its distinctive national culture.

winter recreation in Carpathians
At the top of the mountain Makovytsya

Walking to the mountain fox
winter recreation in Carpathians
Gutsulskie products at a souvenir bazaar, "Piglet"
History Yaremche
The first mention of Yaremche Iosifovskoy related to Census 1787. Then lived here only 5 families who were assigned to the village of Dora. According to the stories, more than 200 years ago settled here escaped from federal pressure - Yarema Godovanets. His name and associated city names. And earlier in the modern village located Yaremche Dora and Yamna. Their origin dates back to 14 meters - the beginning of 17 century.

Name Dora village probably comes from the Turkic "Dora", which means "door". Indeed, Dora, and now Yaren - a door in the Carpathians. With these villages connected with the history of anti feudal struggle Galician peasants, in which the 16 th century on, the movement of the Carpathian peasants. In the 30's - 40's of the 18 th century, led by Alex Dovbush Transcarpathians rose, according to legend - a man of large mind and great strength. Stone Dovbusha trail Dovbusha cave Dovbusha preserve the memory of those distant times already.

In the late 19 th - early 20 th centuries, the unique natural and climatic conditions of the land attracts many people in Austria and Poland. At the end 19 of the 20 th century Yaremche develops as a climatic health resort treatment for lung diseases. Local people while working in the forests and natural economy cycle.

Today Yaremche become the pearl of the Carpathians, the heart of the Carpathian region. Just Yaremche represents the gate to the fabulous world of ancient traditions and stories, world gutsulskogo people. Beautiful traditions, wealth, generosity and courtesy that people can not attract. And especially today when unfolded in the province's largest ski resort in Europe.

Here you will find cozy and comfortable accommodation in modern hotels Yaremche horizons and enrich their inner world of pleasure that we so often obdilyaye.

Sonority violinist, seriousness and restlessness trembity cymbals cause your soul stretch their wings with joy ...

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