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About Lent with Basil Skurativskyi book "The Ukrainian people's calendar":

Great post. He kept the number and duration depends on myasnytsi who starts Christmas. If Lent (the longest of all the posts, and so is the great) has a constant number of weeks - seven, then myasnytsi - "mobile", that is governed by the Church each year. By myasnytsi actually determine when Easter should coincide with the onset of the full moon. After following the Easter Lent.

Believing people observed Lent, trying not to take modest meals.

First Monday of Lent is called Memorial - have a funeral for the deceased. In Transcarpathia in this day women trying dobre dishes, and men gathered in pubs to strengthen the union, who work together with anyone. In the old days at Memorial Hutsul man Monday configured relationship with blacksmiths. Since this craft were mostly gypsies, they gave when pricked pig, free head. Those who ignored this tradition, pozbavlyavsya to apply to the blacksmith.

After the first week of Lent predicted weather for the summer. And even thought the weather on Monday, so will the harvest of yarovynu. By Tuesday zavbachuvaly start the process of sowing, according to Wednesday - digging for Thursday - hayfields for Friday - the harvest, for Saturday - taking of cannabis.

On fasting in the nation created a lot of proverbs.

Great post all pryzhme tail.

Fasting - not cities, you can overtake.

It's Lent - drag the tail of the bell.

It's Lent - pidihnuv dog tail.

In Lent do not go to visit.

The fourth week of Lent is called seredopistya, on Wednesday called seredohresnoyu and Sunday - hrystopoklonnoyu as believers in this day to as much as possible to beat the bows. "

In seredohrestya of wheat flour baked cookies lean ceremonial daggers in the form and named it "crosses." She was holding a biscuit to the time when riding in a field to sow yarovynu. Before you do, sat down on the Sower ate cookies, and one wafer placed on farmland and obsivaly on the good ladder and bountiful harvest.

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