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April Fool's Day

April Fool's Day

April 1. Once even a little ashamed to call a date for the holiday and can more precisely known to date.

Origin holidays

According to some researchers, the tradition of April 1st joke comes from ancient festival Demetriou, which was held in early April, and the core of which lay the legend of the god of the underworld kidnapping of the daughter of the goddess Demeter Ayidom - Prozerpiny. The search for the daughter to nothing lead - in fact it screams were fake only echo.

Another hypothesis links the celebration of laughter from the vernal equinox on the Gregorian calendar.

Celebrating holidays abroad

Immediately after the spring equinox holiday observed on ancient Rome in honor of the deity of laughter (Risus). Holiday is combined with various humorous obmanyuvannyamy. Rome Apuley writer, author of "Metamorphoses," wrote about this: "Fun these that we organize every year in honor of laughter, always have any flames. We are united with all people that umylostyvlyaye fun, fun and jokes deity, called laughter.

Icelandic sagas also tell that wont cheat April 1 with a very long time and put themselves Aesir (gods). This custom is popular in of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and many other countries.

In ancient Indians in April, their first month of the year, celebrated the birthday of Goddess Sita. In this festival and stage performances were arranged in which the Indians jokingly cheated each other, thus trying to attract goddess.

The first written mention of the April 1 as a specific Day All Fools found in English literature and dates back to XVII century.

However, the claim that it existed in France from 1564 when there was introduced a new calendar, which moved New Year from 25 March to 1 January. However, past years before won a long habit of innovation. A lot of people out of ignorance or because of conservative views continued to exchange greetings and gifts on the last day before New Year - April 1. Others will rejoice over them and called the "April Fool" or "April Fool's fish" because they are easier to lovlyatsya hooked. French bakers still exhibit this day of huge chocolate fish and the kids are trying to attach to the back of a fellow paper fish.

In England and the British colonies have filled in the Gregorian calendar in 1572, and in Scotland - 1600. The result was the same as in France. Here a holiday called All Fools' Day, Day is all stupid. Soon the colonists exported the tradition to North America and Australia.

The most popular jokes of American students is thrown on the road tied purse or piece of paper that fits behind the words "Waiting for blow." Do not lag behind their children and adults. The mother can apply on the table, chocolate cakes, within which solid wool or cake, filled with rags. Another popular draw in cities where there are zoos. One employee casually throws another: "You call, Miss Fox or Mr. Leon (which means fox or lion), and you asked them peretelefonuvaty number ...". Next, given the phone's zoo, where foxes are kings or animals. Confidential employee calls and asks a minister to call Miss Fox. The zoo, thinking that the joke on him, trying to answer as wittily, much to the indignation of the caller. Such dialogue may take some time until both sides realize that today date.

April Fool's Day is celebrated around the world now, but nowhere is the original. In the U.S. it is called "holiday heart, not the state." Incidentally, Professor Stanley Taps Institute of Health in Okhersti (CA), states: "30 minutes of laughter a day allows patients who suffered myocardial infarction, to avoid repeated attack in the most dangerous period - the first six months after the attack - and then live a full life. Healthy people this same amount of laughter prolongs life for years, sometimes decades.

Germans have long been the custom of sending someone, usually a child, according to what you can not bring. This joke called in den Aprill schicken - "send someone in April" (spoof), and the one who cheat was named Aprilnarr (translation the same as in English). It is believed that this is a joke in the British and Germans appeared as one of the episodes follow the Scriptures, scenic images which exist in the Middle Ages. In particular, in the spring, before Easter, portrayed as they brought Jesus from Caiaphas to Pilate, from Pilate, and - to Herod. This gave rise to the German bywords: Jemanden vom Pilatus zum Herodes schicken - ie "to send someone for nothing."

In the Czechs and Slovaks also exists expression: Poslati koho z Aprilem. The same practice is also known in Poland and Lithuania under the name Primaprilis. There is reason to believe that this custom came to Europe from the Romans, together with the very name of the month - april "and that he was part of a secret pagan custom during the celebration.

April 1, Ukraine

As scientists suggest to us this holiday came from Germany, probably in the early XVIII century. He was called a day or more false-brehuhoyu Mary - one of people's nicknames Mary of Egypt - holiday VI., A day of commemoration for the old style which coincides with the April 1.

I'll tell you some stories about April Fools jokes of their own, say, manufacturing.


On April I'm calling own brother (whom I like and do not lie, do not lie well, almost, are perhaps of April 1) to a mobile phone and say that it must be little people poduryty. We thought so. I sent him an e-mail'om small list telephone numbers with the names of my friends and typical salutation, he just sent to me. Next brother sent from your phone SMS-ing my friends on my behalf, supposedly something in me changed the phone number and, lo, I am the new number and notify. I'm so alone sent SMS-ing friends brother's wife. It was done on April 1 and I, frankly, not cpodivavsya success. But the result surpassed all expectations, because behaved with eight or ten people all but, only one. Well, some people in the day rang, questioned, laughed, but some effects manifestated later rec-and-a-A'liya time. Tell about the most interesting.

Days 5-7 after 1 April to ring me to work on local phone my own wife (then it was my wife:)) and wondered why she finds it to change my number "of third-hand? I had to think about two minutes before I doper as it all happened. Among our victims went with my brother Cherkasky familiar - Kohl. Here he enlightened my wife on ICQ.

A record for the duration of this draw vidryhuyetsya still that brother's wife Kumi. When she received the appropriate SMS-ku (she used to know phone numbers and brothers, and my, so that her sin was not suspected of cheating!), It changed the entries in your phone's memory and then periodically sent by the message on my brother's wife named ' I. Last time it happened January 20 next year!


Not without cost, and draws the year 2006. Tell us about your own day in more or less chronological order.

Early morning I deceived own mother, assuring that potikla new freezer. Such information was not deprived of consciousness, and I finally had not earned from her squeak. :) I love my mother.

Coming to work (and this Saturday I had to work day, though I own, and not complain, because work on 1 April is an additional opportunity to draw), I first of all puts ads on the doors of the cabinet approximately as follows: "spoiled Castle . Entrance via store room. Some of them. Most, as it turned out, just do not read anything that is written on the door.

Next Draw born quite spontaneously and then my colleague just made him deceive. The phone rings. Mention that it was a landline phone! "Oleg, you could not replace me today?" - "Oh-e ... No - I say - I can not. I'm not at work." - "And what do not you?" - "I will, but not soon." Striking example of the harmful effects of mobile phones on young people. :) It soon pryper to work. Even something tried to assure something he allegedly did not believe me. :)

Then there was an attempt on his wife brother's wife, Star, cheat me. She sent SMS-ku "Hi, Oleg! Miroslav asked back." Aha! Just the same! I answered her: "Hi. I can not no money in the account .:-(".

Then I would poznuschatysya on one of those who have mocked over last year. Sergey's his name. I zapronuvaty him become a point guard that he forwarded me five pieces of SMS-s fraudulent content, and I should, allegedly, has transmitted his friends. Though actually I do not going forward. But it seems, just did not understand what I want from him. :) Well, we assume that not behaved.

We then with one of my familiar, call her Julia, decided to check how I worried about my brother (and he now Kharkiv). At my request, Julia Bell to take with my phone and says: "Hello. Oto was traveling in bus and found a phone, there is some kind of zany forgot. Within an hour and a half owner of the phone call to have guessed my number. And your number is contained in section Family ", and I thought that you can pass to the owner that it would be something I take. The bill is very little money. So you're looking for, or owner, or yourself, think of something better and call me." Well said, they are still a very long time. Not vlamuvavsya did my brother. Then, we have been waiting for his call, but without success. I stood up to complain about his brother, saying that he does not care about me, does not want to help return the phone.:)

My brother called the next day. Well there I was told as to why. He even told that coming to my house one friend, his name is George, as if I would go. He went really familiar, I was, however, was no. Another 2-April I learned that the brother's wife wife sent the same SMS-ku boss brother's wife, and he kupyvsya, called brother. Well, he then deceived another our mutual friend invited along to go to the bath (and they really Saturday is often the practice).

In the coming days are going to interview their friends as they celebrated on April 1, and describe here.

And that's what I learned for 9 April, when the brother returned from Kharkov.

Brother's wife wife, it appears, are sent fraudulent SMS-ing not only my brother's wife and boss, but with a whole series of friends and they all poperedzvonyuvaly brother. :) One night only called for when it was busy. Not only I believe. A brother she cheated too bad. She called him (before SMS-ing) and reported that zyizhdzhav boss took all the money that had remained at work and another phone call soon, but then the great hurry. So somewhere after that he was deceived chief SMS CCW really called brother, after which they were both decently ozadacheni.

I heard and continue the history of how we tried to deceive with Julia's brother. Lo after a conversation he was scratching his head and think: whether its playing, whether I really lost my phone. If he will call me, you get that behaved as if not to call, then I can ever part with the phone. He decided to go for tricks. Called Sergei (whom I wrote above, I called him and tried to play) and said that he has to call me. He says: yeah, I know, April 1, I SMS-ing him, I have to lose! So with nothing in Sergei's brother failed. Then he called our mutual friend, Jurassic, about which as stated above, and says: "George, there Oleg in some new music appeared, call him." George, that: "Oh, cool! And what is there to call, I just go to him." :) So with Yuroyu brother in vain, and he waved his hand to me and my phone. :) The truth he learned the next day. And George that he cheated, heard until April 9.


2007 April 1 fell on a Sunday and I have no water started to boil. Because, during the weekend and meet a few people ... So we decided to do with his brother not to meet anyone and went cycling. Well, not everything was so sad, so tell in order.

Before we were with my girlfriend at the club and the concert went already near midnight. I planted it in a taxi, as he headed off to the train station. We made it to their homes after midnight, that is, when it was April 1. Therefore, almost lying down in bed, on the phone I could not deceive her, which missed the train and now sit at the station in good company bomzhuvatyh people. Well not really but I insisted on their version and soon opened the truth.

In the morning I like my brother and we agreed, shook his bike to his brother. And the previous day I called our mutual friend, Andrew, and naprosyvsya in society on the trip. Already agreed to meet at the track. My brother even knew it. So when I wash my bike for 2-floor apartment to the brother's wife, said: "Go open the garage to Andrew, because he too lazy to pull your bike here. Well, but brother - fired sparrow, so that they behaved. Well we can not draw all trust. :) Oh, by the way, after that it was difficult to convince my brother, Andrew really intends to join.

While we drank tea, I, as we discussed before, called Andrew (woke him) and said where and when to gather. Well, for warm-up asked him to grab an empty three-liter bottle for me as if there are something tasty in the extreme pour point of our trip, and I have this kind of container there. Well, I was more merciful, for Andrew offered to 6-liter. But did it happen so bad for Andrew for the sake bottle still had to work and pick him first all the way to backpack on their shoulders. :)

We drank tea and went to his brother. While waiting for Andrew in certain place, were running in the hands of phones. My brother rang from town to Tanya Tsuman where we went, and said that soon we'll come to her with her kumom Sergei (who lives for know-where in Transcarpathia). Even Sergiy phoned and asked what to call Tanya and verify the floor. But Sergei modest man and incredibly serious, so he refused to do so.

I decided to play the two girls friends. Although already had almost 11-Hour, both refused to take up. One of them, Ksenia, I sent an SMS CCW please call (when awake) to me or our mutual friend Oksana, Ksenia for which I passed discs. The second of those girls who did not want to take the tube (GAL), a few minutes and called sleepy voice said: "Although Shaw?". I just her last day also gave me written discs. Two of them in one envelope, and that they state to be seen if they can not extract. So I say Ghali: "I will not mistake yesterday those discs gave up so that shafts the evening in" Square "(which is our favorite pub rock and rolnogo direction) and will change them in a DJ, because I left it in your .

Meanwhile, Andrew came to the same bottles behind and we are spinning forward. When did the next stop, I called Julia, with which we played last year, his brother (see above). She met me laugh, he says, "and what I can tell you first thing in April?". I assured her that just miss and wanted to talk. :) So here remained all purposes and satisfied. :)

Then I decided to cheat and znahabniv someone in the bum (actually, already with Galya it happened). I send the IRA (a colleague on site and at the same time Andrew, Slave) SMS-ku: "Do you anyway 3 min. Freeloading, call me, i will play:). A few minutes called. I was not long chin, say, wants to talk with you your boss. Andrew immediately picked up the banner and became convinced Il, it should be at work, because we have a working Sunday for pislyavelykodnyu Wednesday. "But, - he said - especially no work and we Oleg (I) and Miroslav (my brother) are going to drink beer." It is at once convincingly confirmed my brother, yet there dobrehavshy something. Ira almost believed, and only later already rozdyvylas calendar.

Well, we went on. My suggestion to pick the nearest gas station and ask to fill tanks full of guys did not support something. :) Prykotyly in Tsuman. Tanya meets us and says: "Where is my own cum with your family?" I'm here already pohresnytsi and bought the doll as a gift. She said then that it originated in doubt sincerity brother's wife and she tried to call Sergei (kumu) and ask. He refused to take the tube, as well as his wife. Another good result for us lucky draw brother's wife: Tanya after the "arrival gossip" prepared all the goodies almost like a wedding. :) The three of us and not everything that pozduzhaly vmoloty.

Lo up there in Tsuman (by almost 50 km. Road), Andrew realized that even though on my first bottle molds. And somewhere out there came from SMS-ka Ksenia from which it was clear that she did not dopetryala. And I called my brother and our common boss and say: "Do you have my brother is how I get to something it can not, give it up-no." "No, - he said - and what should be?". "Yes!" He told me he would take the report to you today. Well, how come, ask, let me call. " For a minute chief calls his brother: "Well, when you report to you?". Brother: "And today I can not, in Kovel I ..." And while we stayed in Tanya, finally called her to her godmother and learn about the history of the draw.

Well, actually, everything. I found out the next day, the evening really Ghali in "Square" demanded in surprise DJ their disks.

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