1. Təqdimat Ukrayna istirahət, şəhər Yaremche [23]
2. Prezantimi i pjesës tjetër në Ukrainë, qytet Yaremche [23]
3. Presentation of the rest in Ukraine, city Yaremche [23]
4. عرض الباقي في أوكرانيا، Yaremche المدينة [23]
5. Aanbieding van die res in die Oekraïne, die stad Yaremche [23]
6. Aurkezpena Ukrainan gainerako, hiria Yaremche [23]
7. Прэзентацыя Адпачынку ва Украіну, горад Яремче [23]
8. Представяне на почивка в Украйна, гр. Yaremche [23]
9. Trình bày của các phần còn lại tại Ukraina, thành phố Yaremche [23]
10. Cyflwyniad o'r gweddill yn yr Wcrain, Yaremche ddinas [23]
11. Ներկայացում մնացածը Ուկրաինայում, քաղաքը Yaremche [23]
12. Prezantasyon rès la nan Ikrèn, Yaremche lavil [23]
13. यूक्रेन में आराम की प्रस्तुति, शहर Yaremche [23]
14. Presentatie van de rest in de Oekraïne, de stad Yaremche [23]
15. Παρουσίαση της υπόλοιπης στην Ουκρανία, πόλη Yaremche [23]
16. პრეზენტაცია დანარჩენი უკრაინაში, ქალაქ Yaremche [23]
17. Presentación do resto da Ucraína, cidade Yaremche [23]
18. Præsentation af resten i Ukraine, by Yaremche [23]
19. Ettekanne ülejäänud Ukraina linn Yaremche [23]
20. מצגת של שאר באוקראינה, בעיר Yaremche [23]
21. פּרעזענטירונג פון די מנוחה אין אוקריינא, שטאָט יאַרעמטשע [23]
22. Penyajian sisanya di Ukraina, kota Yaremche [23]
23. Cur i láthair ar an chuid eile san Úcráin, chathair Yaremche [23]
24. Kynning á hvíla í Úkraínu, borg Yaremche [23]
25. Presentación del resto de Ucrania, ciudad Yaremche [23]
26. Presentazione del resto in Ucraina, città Yaremche [23]
27. Presentació de la resta d'Ucraïna, ciutat Yaremche [23]
28. 介绍在乌克兰各地,市Yaremche [23]
29. 其餘介紹在烏克蘭,城市Yaremche [23]
30. 프레 젠 테이션 우크라이나의 나머지 부분, 도시 Yaremche [23]
31. Presentation of Ukraine ceteris civitas Yaremche [23]
32. Iepazīstināšana ar pārējo Ukrainā, pilsētas Yaremche [23]
33. Pristatymas Ukrainoje poilsio, miestas Yaremche [23]
34. Презентација на одмор во Украина, градот Yaremche [23]
35. Penyajian sisanya di Ukraine, bandar Yaremche [23]
36. Preżentazzjoni tal-bqija fl-Ukrajna, belt Yaremche [23]
37. Präsentation der Rest in der Ukraine, Stadt Yaremche [23]
38. Presentasjon av resten i Ukraina, by Yaremche [23]
39. ارائه تفریح و سرگرمی در اوکراین ، شهرستان Yaremche [23]
40. Prezentacja reszta na Ukrainie, miasto Jaremcze [23]
41. Apresentação do resto da Ucrânia, cidade Yaremche [23]
42. Презентация Отдыха в Украину, город Яремче [12]
43. Prezentarea restul în Ucraina, oraş Yaremche [23]
44. Презентација остатак у Украјини, град Иаремцхе [23]
45. Prezentácia zo zvyšku na Ukrajine, mesto Yaremche [23]
46. Predstavitev počitka v Ukrajini, mesto Yaremche [23]
47. Uwasilishaji wa mapumziko ya Ukraine, mji Yaremche [23]
48. การนำเสนอส่วนที่เหลือในยูเครน, เมือง Yaremche [23]
49. Sunum Ukrayna dinlenme, şehir Yaremche [23]
50. Bemutatása a többi ukrajnai városban Yaremche [23]
51. Презентація Відпочинку в Україні, місто Яремче [10]
52. ڈیمو یوکرائن میں باقی کی، شہر Yaremche [23]
53. Pagtatanghal ng mga pahinga sa Ukraine, lungsod Yaremche [23]
54. Esittely loput Ukrainan kaupunki Yaremche [23]
55. Présentation du reste en Ukraine, ville Yaremche [23]
56. Prezentacija odmora u Ukrajini, gradu Yaremche [23]
57. Prezentace ze zbytku na Ukrajině, město Yaremche [23]
58. Presentation av resten i Ukraina, stad Yaremche [23]
59. プレゼンテーションウクライナの残りの部分、都市Yaremche [23]

"Карпатська тиша"

Відпочинок у Яремче

0977739122 - Любов

Вечер в Карпатах

::::::Каталог для туриста::::::

Головна » Статті » Presentation of the rest in Ukraine, city Yaremche » 3. Presentation of the rest in Ukraine, city Yaremche

Guest House "Evening in the Carpathians"

Guest House "Evening in the Carpathians"

Invited to spend an unforgettable vacation! ;-) The cottage is in Yaremche, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. 1 km from the central route. Asphalted approach to the object and parking at a distance of 20 m. The new two cottages for 4 -6 people.

Water supply constant. Spring water - cold, hot. Light, gas, satellite TV, Internet access, bathroom, kitchen, 2-e. bedrooms, yard, grill, terrace, parking, independent heating. The cottage on the ground floor: Large living room (decorated is wooden carving) in the room - TV (Satellite), table, chairs, couch, library, music. Center, Roots, decor, entrance to San node and stair part 1. the kitchen (down) 2. to the recreation room (up). The cottage was built with environmentally friendly materials (wood, stone, tile) wooden cottage in the middle.

Nearby arcade:

Source of mineral water.
Aviary is not a farm with deer and wild boars.
River "Zhonka.
River "Rod".
When ba-
Souvenir Market.

Extra charge:

Sauna with rest
Compilation: berries, mushrooms, medicinal plants
Sightseeing tours

* Languages: UA RU EN
* The local lift 1,5 km. (For beginners)
* The tourist complex Bukovel - 30 km.

Price per cottage, per night:
4 persons. - 50 $. / Night
6 pers. - $ 100. / Day
New Year 4 persons. - 500 $. / Night
6 pers. - 500 $. / Night

Accepted pre-orders rest.
Payment by bank transfer.
Accepted collateral.
Stay in the private sector Yaremche - vkarpatah@ukr.net
Excursion to Yaremche - vkarpatah@ukr.net
When ordering more than 5 days of rest, Discounts / cottage.
Free advice:
(The deer and wild boar, springs, and Bazarchyk Koliba)
Taxi, meeting people and towns.
As a gift from our cottage. ;-)

Phone orders for the cottage:
+38-097-90-38-00-3:: - Tanya (Ukrainian or Russian only)

Address Home:
Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Yaremche Street. Lepkoho 19 and.

Interest on the Resort Yaremcha:
Originally Yaremche was summer climatic resort, a place of winter recreation was recently since built in the natural extracts and appeared Bahrivets Bukovel resort. The city has a characteristic family resort - rest comfortably here with children, even in winter because you can make safe trips to the small waterfall, rocks Dovbush. In summer you can visit the beautiful beaches on the river Prut, rock white stone in the settlement near Mount Dora or Makovytsya in priselke Yamna.

In the tract Bahrivets (two miles from downtown, the tourist "Karpaty) are two yoke of slopes for beginners. A band length of 300 meters, a height of 70 meters and a capacity of 100 people per hour. The second excerpt length 200 meters, a height of 30 meters and a capacity of 50 persons per hour.

Bottom lines is a small cafe where you can visit the Carpathian cuisine dishes. There is also a rental skis, snowboard and sledge.

Trails Bahrivtsya can become a place of learning for children and adults training to more difficult trails or Bukovelya Yablunitsy. Since the small road, then snihonapylennya ratraka and training, we will not prosper, because their use is largely dependent on weather conditions. That tract Bahrivets quite scenic, hike to the lifts have become a kind of attraction even for those who do not want to ride, and seeks to walk for fun and gain new experiences by visiting the Carpathians.

Yaremche is only 30 kilometers from Bukovelya, communication between them adjusted. By Bukovelya be reached by taxi or shuttle transportation. Sometimes the delivery is possible to ski in agreement with the owners of farms or the hotel. Taxis are available at the phone number in the first part, or find parking on taxi drivers. Most tourists agree with a certain driver who regularly carries them to the lifts in the agreed time and customer support calls. From the bus almost every hour goes to Bukovel local transit or shuttle transportation.

We want to make specific comments regarding equipment hire - Yaremcha them a lot. Hire is easy because there is no fuss, as near the ski lifts, prices are much lower, people are working professionally, so use yaremchansky hire very attractive.

Accommodation and meals varied - from proposals in the private estates to luxury hotels to luxurious restaurants. Yaremche generally an expensive place - a popular resort area. However, the city has many private estates, including little-known, where service quality is quite acceptable, and prices are lower - for competitive advantage.

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