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Yaremche - one of the largest

Yaremche - one of the largest villages located in the area Mizhhorystomu Frankivsk.
There is a mountain village Gimba 1497 meters high. Gore is as gentle and steeper slopes and uneven, making ski vacation in Yaremche annually attracts huge numbers of tourists. It has all the attributes of the resort: lifts, ski rentals, and instructors for beginners skiers. So if you love hiking in the winter, Yaremche - is the best option regardless of your sport training.

Rest in Yaremche - is not only skiing but also delight zakarpatskoy nature. Near the village you can enjoy this natural wonder - waterfalls Shypot. In any season, the waterfall will give you unforgettable impressions and memories from the Yaremche.

Winter Holiday in Yaremche world opens to tourists activities, sports and use of the beautiful nature. Summer holidays also bring you a completely different - a blossoming, pyshayuchu side of life Music. Although, at any time of year Yaremche (Ukraine) - the rest, which not only give you cheerfulness and positive, but a part of comfort and peace of mind.

Yaremche: rest, prices, housing
Yaremche will surprise you with a good choice of hotels, boarding houses and private houses. No wonder that many prefer a private holiday in Yaremche, because what could be better home environment and warm reception Carpathian owners. It is in such a variation can rest pronyknutysya identity and culture of the local flavor. Most tourists still prefer to take tours (rest Yaremche), thus solving the issue in one fell swoop with housing, meals, equipment and excursions. If you wish to make a climb to the top of local mountains (Stop, Gimba, Magura Jew) with professional instructors-guide.

Yaremche: recreation, skiing
If you choose a winter vacation in Yaremche prices for accommodation and meals you can choose those that meet your expectations and not much impact on the budget. We offer a large selection of comfortable hotels European level, and democratic offer private housing.

If you prefer to vacation in the mountains, Yaremche will make on your most pleasant experience. Even if you are not fans of winter sports, it will not stop you to enjoy the scenery that charm even the most sophisticated tourist.

If you wish to combine treatment and rest, in Yaremche you discover the healing mineral springs. This carbonated natural mineral water coined charitable impact on the digestive, cardiovascular system, and scientifically proven that a local water source helps in the treatment of anemia and gynecological disorders.

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