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Головна » 2010 » Березень » 14 » Valley Narcissus love.
Valley Narcissus love.

Valley Narcissus love.

As the road lies

Because the wording is in Ivano-Frankivsk, we started from Kyiv. We believe that met in Stryi, on the route Kyiv-Chop. Between the capital and Lviv avtomandrivnyka hardly expect any surprises. Sure that in April, a large section of the road to Zhytomyr Rivne resembled wild road of the Second World War. But it just snow in Ukraine comes with large pieces of asphalt. Then the hole quickly purlin to next spring.
Thus, from the valley Stryya daffodils that (open secret right) is near from the Carpathian town of Hust, can be reached in two ways: either in Mukachevo or Mezhgore. We chose the first option. On the way through the driver's seat Mezhgore plitkuyut that there is a chance not only to break shock, but also lose dental fillings. We decided to drive 30 extra miles, but not risking the teeth.

Actually, Sasha, our driver said that it will, "as the road lies. If well, then Village "Moskvich", which usually persist Benjamin middle road, take right when overtaking a place between furamy long-distance truckers and road inspectors do not even care for your car no attention. There is also the opposite: a driver's happiness away, and the only hole on the way "takes away" your beloved ball-bearing machines.
This time everything was fine. The road almost European quality. Car - and 124-Mercedes, 1987 (for a car of this class of age - only maturity, especially if the driver - good Gazda). In the cabin has mp3 player with discs of "Ocean Elzy" to waltz by Strauss. Before the eyes of a panoramic view of snow peaks Beskydy. For windows - spring morning. Of course, the soul sings ...

On the road the second year running International Brigades Macedonian shlyahobudivelnoyi firm "Granit": Romanians, Hungarians, Macedonians, Bulgarians. Road and gradually make the conscience. Although the clock shows only forty-seven in the morning, people are already at work. Near the mark "Skole" travelers meet famous monument: the stone soldier and piece Huzuls that trembitayut that began Carpathians. After the bus stop "scab" is way worse. Perhaps the repairman has not reached here. Actually Transcarpathia begins with Latirskoho pass (from Stryya 80 kilometers). While reach - something about daffodils.
Myths of Ancient Greece
There are three legends about the origin of the proud name of a flower. According to one of them, the boy's name was Narkis, and was the son of the river god and nymphs Kefisa Lariopy. To learn more about the future fate of the son, the parents appealed to the oracle. The elder boy naprorokuvav light and long life, provided that he never sees his own face.
Narkis grew up and became a fellow of unusual beauty. Many women sought him, but the heart lung was cold as ice. I liked just entertainment. Yes, accident love him nothing dry nymph Echo, only her voice remained. Offended beauty appealed to the Greek goddess Nemesis justice, and she (also a woman) has promised to punish the hard-hearted young man.

Once Narkis returned from hunting, he decided to drink from the streams of water, saw his perfect face - and passionately loved him. He began to view themselves from different sides, not having the strength to move away from the stream. Stack of thirst and hunger are simply not noticed, poor fellow died. But the place appeared a flower. ° th called daffodils.
The second legend is much simpler. Narcissus was a young man is very handsome, well knew, because he loved to look in the mirror waters of lakes and rivers. Once he was so like himself, who decided to kiss the reflection in a mountain lake. Lost balance and fell into the water. Handsome man could not swim, so immediately and utopyvsya. That people remember the annoyance samozakohanosti, Greek gods turned Narcissus body in white and cold beautiful flower.

The third option somewhat similar to the previous two, but characterizes Narcissus is entirely different. He too beautiful to bear constantly looking at its reflection in water. But do not likes them, and face-twin sisters who died and leave the guy alone to mourn. Finally unfortunately fills the soul boy, and he rushes into the water. Then we already know. Only in this image myth narcissus symbolizes eternal love.


Pass stop. Market vendors are corrupting the Carpathian souvenirs: lizhnyky (240 USD), large wooden plates (from 100 USD), the various boxes (25 USD), wooden chess pieces, spoons, bracelets - a standard set of Kosovo's market, but prices Kyiv . There are even pivtorametrovi and too wooden cobra, which affects not only the look but the price - 850 USD. For the market is rotten toilet, and better not go there ...
A little more road on the left lies a small cafe "The Mary". Of course, just call and hostess. Mrs. Maria said that the cafe years attending the same long-distance truckers, and it is - a good recommendation. Pristoynoe coffee - half the hryvnia. Normal wayside institution.
Transcarpathia is very different from other regions of Ukraine. There is even a different time: in one area of living "in Kyiv, in another rivnyayutsya in Budapest, but there are some that are sometimes bacteria. Transcarpathian International surprises at every turn - never easy to guess what language will receive a response. Kitchen also features dishes pozbyrala many European nations.

A few miles from the pass is such a culinary trap: three barbecue tents, located a hundred meters from one another. Where would not go - first notice and get the first batch of smell, passing second, mention of breakfast (lunch, dinner), third - "control shot", has no power to resist, stop. Molodenka Mrs. Olga welcomes first "prey". Almost immediately after us with two different sides of the truck stop (Kalush, Mukachevo) and a car from Khmelnytsky. While basking skewers, rozdyvlyayemosya around: nesting box on trees, firewood strange color red fish slices, though the mountains are covered ohroyu.
Three small portions of good pork (ketchup and mustard to boot) with a beautiful white bread and coleslaw - 24 UAH. Pidkripylys. You can go further. To Mukacheva - another hour. Continue floral story.

Bread and flowers

Mankind has always allocated among the narcissus flower. They treated the wounds and truyily enemies. ° x gave a sign of love or a symbol of mourning (depending on national traditions), they decorated clothing, poets composed poems about them. But once said to Muhammad: "Who has two of bread, that one should sell, to buy a flower, narcissus, because food nourishes the body and narcissus - the soul." Generally, statements of famous (and not) the personalities of this flower can give a single volume.
In ancient Rome, wreaths nartsysovymy greeted winners. Chinese over the centuries, these flowers are grown in glass bowls with water and stones, and not think without them the New Year. In Western Europe, narcissus - a mandatory part of many holidays, although one German province flower believe vampires, and, for some reason, female.
Day narcissus in Montreux, Switzerland - a separate issue. It is traditionally conducted in early May. During one weekend a small town is decorated with flowers: shops, cafes, restaurants, homes, cars, people, horses, donkeys - that is, all that can cling to buttonhole, bouquet or wreath, obvishane narcissus and duhmyaniye respectively. Tourists come from all over Europe. Accompanied holiday mythological productions and performances for children and adult dancers. Crowning show "Battle of Flowers", which all in all thrown narcissus - a real flower orgy.


Symbol Town - Castle Palanok. It is impossible not to notice where you're pid'yihaly, as he stands over the entire region. Most of the tourists who first hear the authentic name of the castle, it is associated with unknown Palanca - whether monashkamy, or even some girls. In fact, Palanok - this oak palisade, which were enclosed by stone walls of the fortress. When it was founded, exactly unknown, but the first mention dates back to 1089 year. Then the door could not take Kuman Khan Kuteshko though promuchylysya here almost two months. In 1241, on the walls of these two derlysya nukery Baty - also in vain.
At the beginning of XIV century prince Fedor Koryatovicha the wooden castle built of stone. P'yatymetrovi wall, more than 150 guns, large stocks of dust cores and purveyance, 86-meter-long castle well - permanent garrison in the 5-6 thousand soldiers could withstand any siege.

Now just to get to the castle. Parking under the terrible walls - two hryvnia entrance - three hryvnia (for children less than twice), 45-minute tour - 10 Hr. Given the rich history and status of the castle, it would be crowded by tourists, but ... Maybe in April, the off-season? In one room on the wall saw the inscription "DMB-2004. So.
If you wish to stay in Mukachevo at night, like comfort and have the money - in the heart of the city are four-star hotel «Star» with the relevant prices (from 196 to 682 USD per room). A bit cheaper: "Alpha", "Dolphin". Even lower prices in the so-called private hotel rooms, Mrs. Mary (tel. (050) 668-79-67), and Ms. Claudia (tel. (050) 186-23-47). Double room - USD 130, without meals. By phone rates in women are pleasant.

Restaurants we went, and coffee popyly to dive with a simple name "Vynbar" on the street reunification, 7. Coffee normal, price - 80 cents. Kiyani can not believe, but in Transcarpathia is not uncommon. But the provocative question: after the reunion with those who called the street, none of the local failed to respond or refused. Just smile.
Streets in Mukachevo narrow, and drivers are patient and polite. Although, maybe not all. In the center - back through the gray-green Latoritsa the bridge right on top monastic - Women's St. Nicholas Orthodox monastery. Theodore Koryatovicha nice and there is survived by his memory. At this point if it would swallow the snake, but could not. Prince St. Nicholas asked for help and still escaped. Later Koryatovicha built a church building for the monks and gave them the deed to the land, vineyards and mills.
Today we live 72 monashky. Father Martinian, one of the three monastic priests, said that tourists come here regularly. Tours are conducted for free, but guests still something to donate to the temple.

From the monastery we move on Hust (70 kilometers). Main - not to miss the turn Irshava because have to go through the Coast and grapes, and there are not very expensive, plus extra 10 kilometers. For car windows, "flying" vineyards. Under the Viennese waltzes of Johann Strauss driver Sasha return to daffodils.

Narcissus angustifolia

Latin name narcissus angustifolius. Southeast European alpine species. Perennial herbaceous plant 20-40 cm tall. Petals yellowish-white, corrugated pryvinochok with a red edge. Multiplying seeds and bulbs.
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