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Головна » 2010 » Січень » 23 » Trout: catching is forbidden to destroy
Trout: catching is forbidden to destroy

Trout: catching is forbidden to destroy

  obviously, most beautiful and tempting for fishings fish of Carpathians. True, it tempts different variously. One as a potential commodity, as a source of earnings. Such often destroy fish mercilessly, and not without grounds cause neglect and antipathy in other. Other get those kayf from the interesting, thin, intellectual fishing - sporting...

In the game known wide public in an association for determination of this fish fully sufficiently two words-stages. Carpathians are fish. A right answer arises up at once, and here it is not needed some special fishings knowledges. Trout. Beautiful and clever fish heavy life of which in Carpathians today has something paradoxical tint.

Brook (Salmo of trutta morpha fario) and lacustrine (Salmo of trutta morpha lacustris) a trout belong to family of salmon. Researchers consider these two kinds plastic forms which can pass one in other. But now in the rivers of Carpathians led: that endemic (tuvodna, authentic - local) brook and so urgent iridescent «American» (Oncorhynchus of mykiss). About lacustrine reliable information is not.

The American trout was left to Europe in the second half of the XIX century, it acclimatizes well, not very much demanding to the state of environment, grows quick and anymore than brook trout.

A brook (in Ukraine of it yet name pied or pstrugom) lives only in clean cold streams, rivers with rich in oxygen water and temperature not more than 18 degrees. Covered black and red spots, and in general in colouring of its skin present or not all of iridescent colors. Predator. Weight of pstruga does not exceed a half-kilogram usually, but in very favourable terms can attain five kilograms. Spawns in autumn.

Paradoxes of existence

  it is been a trout how hardly not aerial acrobatics of fishing art, and those, who managed though once to catch it, yet long this are proud of. But its fishing-out for us is forbidden fishing Rules, although in the Red book of Ukraine for the trout of place did not find. But was, and the honoured place in a menu almost every cabin of Carpathians. In actual fact restaurants and cafes, mainly, offer to the clients a product from Denmark or Poland, giving out him for local, but also does not ignore that brook fish of Carpathians. That, without regard to prohibition, a trout all the same is caught. And not simply somewhere-somehow sometimes, but everywhere. And, if the visiting fishings often behave to the trout, and anymore - to the process, somehow carefully or, even, poetic, local inhabitants go near business exceptionally from a pragmatic side - simply «muffle» fish a chlorine or electric current. Then it is handed over in those establishments of public food consumption or fully openly sell person passing by tourists.

...Not superfluous will be to remind that between fishings and poachers there is a substantial difference which sometimes grows into the so-called power contacts. Simpler speaking, sometimes fishings of poachers beat (physically) or frighten off (psychologically). It can itself present a situation, when, expending in the proper equipment hundreds of dollars and driving out far from a warm house, that to enjoy fishing aesthetics, you suddenly meet near a stream a man which mercilessly destroys the booty cherished in dreams by you in tens things. To restrain a temper presumably hardness. Interestingly, that and those sportsmen-fishings in relation to a trout now legalistically fall under the category of poachers. Even, if catch, that sfotografuvati and release...

Intellectual fishing

   presently method of catching of trout - it nakhlist, which in a mass kind came to us westerly in 90th of the last century. In actual fact is an old enough method of fishing, in fact his age is measured millenniums. Modern nakhlist differs from other types of fishing that vudilische works in this case, as a whip - from here and the name. From an equipment: special fishing-rod, inertia spool, nakhlistoviy cone-shaped cord, set of artificial flies-lures, heap of various fishings accessories, beginning from a cap and polarization glasses to the necessary rubber knee-boots-brodnikiv. An optimum relatively inexpensive set will treat fishing of dollars so in 500. Farther in quality and by a price - almost without limitations, at a desire and possibilities it is possible to attain the cost of middle «mersedesa».

Own hunt is begun with the choice of place, where a trout can be. Fishings look over at first, take into account everything: weather, hanging of branches of trees over water, whether the beauty-spot flies and which exactly, whether fish goes out on a surface. First reproach, verification - fish does not take, something it dislikes. Carefully gather additionally artificial beauty-spot...

...For a trout the temperature of body of man is too high, and if to take its hands, fish gets burns and serious shock. Therefore the real judges or do it in the special mittens, or preliminary cool hands in water, or try quite not to touch a booty. To catch even two a trout in one place is almost impossible. That to fish farther, it is needed to go vverkh to down the river or to the stream. 12-15 kilometres pass for a day...

A fruit is forbidden

There is a question: prohibition on one of the most popular in the world types of fishing is good or badly? In fact in the European countries of such is. But there are rules of licensing and severe control after their observance. Catching is practiced on principle «caught - release», what already a long ago surprises nobody. And product to the table, large trout of garden, rear capable forel'ni economies. (By the way, in Carpathians for today the former state nurseries of trout are closed or breathe barely, and private economies conduct «American». It rearing more easily technologically, than pstruga, but it yields to the brook in taste qualities).

A sceptic again will smile and will say: will allow - will appear suddenly, will strike and for the pair of years will catch all away to the last fish. But catch and presently. And to all appearances, to stop this process it is practically impossible. Historical experience prompts, that better to lead him and send - where it is needed.

  А it is yet impossible to forget about the so-called technogenic influence. And not only on a trout, but presently speech goes exactly about fish. For example. A trout spawns in autumn, a little bit of caviar put aside quite - from 200 to 600 ikrinok (verkhovodka - to 2 thousands, pike - to 260 thousands, carp - to 1,7 millions). In winter ikrinki «reach» under some stone, where fish does itself «tirlo». And intensive development of the forest destroys a trout, vividly speaking, as early as a maternity hospital. After passage of trelyuval'noy technique nerestilischami to expect there appearance of fingerlings is not already.

In those times, which are presently remembered both with nostalgia or with disgust (depending on a context), derzhlisgospi were under an obligation to make out of offcuts of wood the special overfalls (weirs) for spawning of trout. And also to support those state forel'ni economies. Interestingly, who did it interfere with?

...To forbid, certainly, considerably easier than to control implementation of prohibition. ...By the way, connoisseurs talk that a trout already learned to escape from poachers in difficult of access places, where people do not walk and does not chop the forest. Instinct of continuation of family pushes fish to spawn all higher and a little rather from trelyuval'nikiv and boys with electro-fishing-rods. But higher Goverli will not escape...

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