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The unique geographical position of Transcarpathia determined it really inexhaustible recreational and tourist and cognitive potential. Summer tourists are offered Pi-shih Hiking, fishing in the fast-Carpathian rivers, different types of extreme tourism. Nevertheless, this region is better known as a great place for winter recreation, where gentle slopes alternating with steep recession. Persistent snow cover in nyzkohir'yah held in early December to late March, in the highlands - from October to mid-May.
In recent years, in Transcarpathia observed trend toward a revival of tourism. An important contribution to the development of the tourism center of the region makes a regional company - closed joint stock company "Zakarpatturist, in September, which marks 55 years. Despite the fact that regional tourism trade union system has experienced a series of reorganizations and changes of "Zakarpatturist, as the largest and oldest organization of tourist area, has maintained a leading position in servicing the guests area. According to company chairman Basil Krychfalushiya, tourist tours of the company during the first half of 2004 received over 40 thousand tourists and sightseers, which almost doubled over last year.

The leading turpidpryyemstva region includes 12 hospitals and tourism complex, 3 tourist bureau. The organization is able to accept up to 1500 people simultaneously. Guests serve 2 elite restaurants, 12 dining rooms, 22 cafes, bars and our restaurant, barbecue, over 20 units of vehicles. There are 16 guests rope-tow lifts and 12 rental tourist outfit. Christmas-New Year tours to tourist bases are more expensive, compared with average annual 40 percent (100-120 USD. Per person per night with three meals).
Bases, mostly significant (100-240 seats) and are intended mainly for middle-income tourists. The last five years "Zakarpatturist gradually converted ago, investing a significant portion of earnings: updated heating system and water supply, is the replacement of plumbing and so on. Also much improved tourist services, expanded the scope of additional services. Now much has changed style turhospodarstv, namely: developing hiking and walking, driving directions Transcarpathia, Weekend (2-3 days), growth has guided activities. Especially popular health club trips: "Transcarpathian walking", "Along the River Tisza," On the Transcarpathian Verhovine and Gutsulschine, climbing to the mountain Levels and Ozirnu, overcoming the highest peaks of Carpathians - the mountains Goverly (2061 m above RM).

Interestingly, in favor of unification "Zakarpatturist" took the introduction of visas with the neighboring countries of Ukraine. It tells Basil Krychfalushiy on foreign tour company earned little, and always has been a major source of its own material base, and now appears an additional incentive to improve. However, in Transcarpathia significantly increased number of tourists from Russia, with which restored once lost contact. Numerous guests of the land this year were tourists from Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia, Israel, USA, Germany and other countries.

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