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Головна » 2009 » Жовтень » 21 » Traditions of our edge.
Traditions of our edge.

Traditions of our edge.

 Output on mountain valley 

An unbelievable spectacle and event on Gucul'schini is an output on mountain valley. At the end of spring, after May, 7 peasants gave a cattle on a pasture. Sometimes all of society sent a cattle and shepherds. An output on a mountain valley was accompanied the sounds of trembit and horns. Sometimes the so-called mountain valley motion could last a few days. Vipasu the day before, more frequent all near a church, announced beginning of pasture and day of yield of animals. Hopes of animals determined the income of every proprietor of cattle.
Before an output on the mountain valley of owner (owners) prepared carefully. During a year the proprietors of animals in certain days adhered to the post or certain consuetudes. To the example, on sainted George which is considered the promoter of sheep (celebrate on May, 6), adhered to the post and did not work. On lady Day (on April, 7) sheep cut wool near a tail, then made a filament out of it. In the day of output on a mountain valley a lace was strung sheep from this wool, trusting that it will guard them from an anxiety.
In the day of output owner got up in the morning and at a candle talked prayer for the cattle, asked as feels and answered that well. Then, in accordance with tradition, fed, sanctified, counted the sheep or other cattle which gave on a mountain valley. Only after this ceremony drove out from
obiystya and attached to mountain valley motion.
poloninakh shepherds oblashtovuvali kurens, which obgorodzhuvali and there built cabins in which spent the night. In the meadle of kuren vatra burned during the whole season of pasture. Animals had the also taken place in zagorozhakh which made from fir-trees. A stay on the mountain valley of shepherds with sheep or other cattle has the habits which separate settlements adhere to until now also. On Yaremchanschini output on mountain valley until now celebrate in the village of Mikulichin.

One of the most interesting traditions there is wedding which on Gucul'schini until now saved the authenticity.
Wedding begins mainly in Saturday and lasts two days, however much preparatory ceremonies begin considerably before. In the morning on Thursday braid a chaplet from different flowers and herbares, which is named yet a fate, this process is managed by the married woman. A chaplet must be as possible longer and more colourful - as a wish of fate for youths. In Friday of friendship young go to choose
drevko is a necessary attribute of the gucul'skogo wedding which is decorated different ribbons. In Saturday early in the morning begin to put fiancee on are washed, afterwards comb back and dress in a gucul'skiy line-up. During all of ceremonies - wickerworks of chaplet, choice of sapling, putting fiancee on sing ceremonial songs or pronounce the special sentences which have an important value.
Nearer ante meridiem the young arrives to young which welcomes the fiance. Fiance must buy young back. Afterwards fiancees call at a house and ask benediction and forgiveness from parents on knees. After benediction fiancees drive out to the church on horse - tradition to ride on kitty exists only on Gucul'schini. The church ceremony of marriage passes in a church. Consequently youths on horse go back to the place of leadthrough of fun, where celebrations proceed. On Gucul'schini there are yet quite a bit interesting weddings ceremonies which pass during fun is sacral dance of youths, passing above kalatchs,
rozpletennya of scythe of young at the end of fun and sending young «on spanne».


Christmas belongs to
naytradiciynishikh and nayshanovnishikh holidays on Gucul'schini. Celebration of Christmas begins the day before in the evening on January (on December, 25 after old style), 6 from domestic holidays-supper. Hostesses in the morning light the «living fire» in a stove from twelve logs and prepare twelve sacral lean foods. On a table stelyat' a hay and cover obrusom, on ends lay the indents of garlic, that walked around wicked forces and grains of wheat, that children were multiplied. When the first star mounted a naystarshiy in family brings to the house the sheaf of wheat which is named didukhom is specially interlaced. Then prayer-sentence - invitation of all of the souls begins on svyat-vecheryu and request about benediction of family and economy. It was talked by a naystarshiy in families or persons. Then family began a sainted supper.
Most interesting was
kolyaduvannya. People were divided by groups are youths and to put, church galleries - after the sound of trembiti left on kolyadu. Dens which showed christmas theatrical performances going except for kolyadi. For kolyadu nuts were granted children, pampukhi, apples and other presents. Girls which kolyaduvali in the embroidered line-ups named «korolici», youths of «lugovikami». 

One of the gladdest holidays there was celebration of Easter - most christian holiday. In traditions and consuetudes of Gucul'schini casebound christian and heathen consuetudes.
In Palm Sunday, week to Easter, guzuls sanctified willow sprigs, which name «
b'echka», strike slightly each of the family, sentencing: «Not I beat, b'echka beats - from now on for a week Easter!». Guzuls hung the sanctified willow at home, as such which was healthful characteristics.
The day before Easter all prepare to the most christian holiday -
postyat' 40 days, visit the special divine services on the Large post and prepare easter attributes. Most interesting and the naydrevnishim attribute of Easter is pisanka -  yet pre-christian character of a Sun, life, immortality, revival, good, gladness and happiness. In christian tradition pisanka became character of faith at the resurrection of Jesus Khrista and gladness. Except for covering with drawing of pisanok, guzuls prigotovlyayut' easter foods which sanctify in a resurrection during morning Liturgy and consume all of family after return from a church. On Easter during all of day the church ringings echo mountains, informing about a large christian new and gladness.

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