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Головна » 2010 » Січень » 23 » Three days snow madness
Three days snow madness

Three days snow madness

  Непевна nature of Carpathians can bring in unexpected korektivi even in a mass measure is well organized. The present festival of extreme types of sport of «Guculiya» appeared ekstremal'nishim, than all hoped, but and more merry. About what - one reporting of ekstremaliv.

The «Гуцулія-зима» is a festival of extreme winter types of sport, which passed on March, 3-5 on a sporting tourist complex «Zaroslyak». There were frirayd in the program of competitions, fristayl, snoubording, dzhibing... Festas collected approximately 70 participants, guests, fans from the Ivano-Francovsk area, nearby Chernivciv and distant Dnepropetrovsk. A command from a magazine «Carpathians» was not able to go round this action and did not miscalculate.

 А the date of leadthrough of action is here chosen organizers how hardly not turned around for competitions on a vital error. So it happened that exactly in those days higher forces planned to whip off on the region of Carpathians barely not half of all of winter supply of snow. Therefore hopes on a bright sporting holiday died with every o'clock of seethe an uncalming down snow-storm. At first snow heaped up and injured an oblashtovanu route for friraydu. However with considerable efforts these zmag conducted, but vainly was to expect some striking results from a race on deep friable snow and under stormy wind.

...Snow is guilty in everything. He zasipav everything into smithereens, from him there was not a rescue. He became the instigator of holiday. Not sporting, not planned, but enchanting impromptu and unforeseeable.

How many times is it needed, that snow hid under itself a passenger car? Who was on «Guculii» - that knows.

How it, when two days successively does a snow-storm seethe in the street? Who was there - that knows.

What feelings overfill a man, when and freely jumps from the height of the third floor and deepens with a chairman in snow-drifts. Who was - that knows.

  such to bath in snow (in the direct understanding of this word)? Who was with us - that knows.

What to be torn off from civilization (without a telephone, without an auto and without possibility to reach to civilization on foot)? Who was with us - that knows.

What is real the winter in Carpathians? Who was there - that knows.

Snow captivated all. And sportsmen, and fans, and simply tourists, - all found itself some snow entertainment. Every third from those which lived on a base «Zaroslyak», tested the effect of free flight from the third floor of building - without the least risk damaged. Because in the street snow. Not simply snow is a heap-kupezna of snow!

The group of вар’ятів-уболівальників ran out on a street in underclothes and arranged bathing in snow with jumps from the roof of automobile auto (what a proprietor then dug up all days long).

About games like a snowball and casting in that snow - speech does not even go.

And was and such, that golyaka once or twice went down on snoubordi from a mountain. For what verbal gratitude and honour was expressed him from organizers...

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