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South of Yaremche 27 km away the village of Tartars. The name of the village recalls the attack on the Tatar village. This village was called Prutets and Belzets. After a devastating attack on the Tatar village in 1673 received its present name. In the Soviet period the village was called Krementsy on behalf of Soviet lieutenant who was killed here in 1944. Only in 1992, returned to the old name of Tartars.

Rural development began after the construction of the railway, which took place here. Many people rested in villas and boarding houses in the village from the beginning. Twentieth century. Because Tatar recognized lowland spa resort, which treat tuberculosis and other lung diseases. The village was almost totally destroyed during the First World War. In 1927 a Tatar settlement near Mikulichina.

The village is built in traditional style gutsulskom St. Dmitri, which dates from the XVIII century. with the bell tower. Inside the church preserved paintings end of XIX century.

 Today one of the important Tatar resorts, where rest and treat people from different parts of Ukraine. Tatar often serves as a starting point for reaching the mountain hamsters, Lesniv and bruises.

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