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Головна » 2010 » Січень » 23 » Snou-bord


  still is the newest Ukrainian dictionary of foreign words of word «snoubord». Meantime rolling on a board on snow - snoubording - in Ukraine acquires mass character. Remains finally to break in two a stereotype: that it employment is especially extreme and it is in strength the reckless seekers of adrenalin «injections» only «undermined». Millions zaymayut'sya in the world of snoubordingom, and every worthy mountain resort has the special parkas - with routes, springboards and that is why similar. There it is entertainment for wide public and favourite spectacle. However, on the mountain-skier lowerings of our country it is already possible to see ordinary active holiday-makers which not aim to twist a somi with a board, jump from stunning springboards et cetera, but simply ride and enjoy. Although this employment captivates youths mainly, to whom not far for twenty, and however appear and tridcyati- and even quadragenarian admirers of snoubordingu. And at the end of 1990th Ukrainians which gave advantage one board before two pattens, was - to transfer on fingers.

New school is interestingly

«When in 1998 year I brought from Germany snoubord and departed to Carpathians, near self-control on me leered... In fact to rise a crance on one board - it quite not that on pattens...», - an instructor talks from snoubordingu, representative of the Ukrainian network of shops of sporting equipment of «Ekstrim» Andrey Demin. At that time on Western Ukraine the local pioneers of this type of rolling appeared on snow. Kyiv, certainly, passed in time. But, both napochatku, and presently, directions snoubording develops in which, for a western region and center something different. There were and are sporting schools in the capital. There teach sporting snoubordingovikh disciplines - slalom and slalom to the giant. And speech goes here about professional sport. (Although, certainly, Kievites-amateurs are enough). Slalom disciplines foresee the especially speed rolling on geared-up routes, that on well-trodden slopes. And in those regions which are nearer to the mountains, amateurs go for a drive. Accordingly here popular frirayderstvo (rolling out of route, on the unrammed snow), fristayl (snoubording with jumps, tricks). Technicians differ rolling, excellent and equipment (in a slalom is an especially hard, difficult in a management board, plastic boots).

   amateurs caught up the so-called new directions of snoubordingu quickly. Fantasy of supporters of new school, alike, does not have limits. Into motion rails, boxings, going down, went out which dzhibingom is named from. The effect of free flight on a board is arrived at in jumps from large springboards (big air). Another kind from the digit of fristaylu, that with the elements of acrobatics - half pipe (in a translation from English means a «half pipe»). True, last Ukrainian ekstremali did not master so far. But on the whole fristayl and frirayd takes them all anymore.

Paradise is for friraydu

Snoubordist, clearly, dependency upon snow. There is not he - there is the forced pause. True, people find a method to do without the help of mother-nature sometimes. There is such ersatz, as artificial snow. Clear business, he is accessible not all. Therefore young people which in summer do not want at least to lose a form practice on water. Springboard - say, bridge above a pond - cover a plastic. Jump - and shubovs' in water. Yes, at least, will not twist up itself elms. But the real snow-bound slope, obviously, will replace nothing. To whom nearer (center, East Ukraine), escape from a snowless summer on Caucasus. And «zakhidnyaki» even in May ride on a board in Carpathians. Nayblagodatnishe place for this purpose is a base of «Dragobrat» with the mountain of fellow creature of Blizniceyu. Fit Goverla, Priest Ivan, where snow also sticks to to April, whether and May. And in general Carpathians are paradise for snoubordingu, and especially for frirayderstva. Beztrasovikh of lowerings here how many pleasingly.


If to talk about ekstremaliv and professionals. And if about a «mere mortal»? Three-four years ago on the routes of Carpathians it is possible it was to notice a few ekzotiv on snoubordi. In a year them are ten, hundreds... Now, alike, even there can be a problem with a mestome for rolling. People tell each other, which it kayf, to rest in mountains with a board, and «infect» fascination. For ideas, skiers and snoubordisti must were have the separate lowerings. In fact the technique of rolling for them is fully different. Obviously, the proprietors of bases and resorts already in the near time will react on rapid distribution of snoubordingu in the masses. On that this rest becomes domestic even.

«I go for a drive on snoubordi four years, put the dev’yatilitnego son on a board, and here a wife so far will not dare in any way - prefers a ski», - the large supporter of active winter rest tells in Carpathians doctor Andrey Popovich. To this man - thirty three. He talks that does not intend zaymatisya snoubordingom at level ekstrimu. Out of that tells about this reading with fascination and drive. «When I first truly departed on a board, there was feeling, that wings grew for me. And simultaneously is I and slope of mountain - as though one unit». For a mister Andrey this moment was, obviously, not only in a flash beatitudes but also by the step of the certain overcoming. The point is that a man at one time much went for a drive on pattens and outlived two serious traumas of feet - «first through the lack of ability, second through a frivolousness». After the second trauma and operation colleagues-physicians advised engaged in a chess. And however mister Popovich dare to become on a board - young nephews agitated. «On snoubordi for you two feet in a heap. Probability, that you will break them, very small. Besides, when ride at a board, it is possible pidstrakhuvatisya a hand, and earth somehow nearer, and not so terrible». A man talks that now they with family only and expect a weekend, whether and any possibility to cut out time, money, to break from a city - and in mountains, on the snow-bound lowering. According to his the opinion, to learn to go for a drive on snoubordi not difficultly.

Advices are for beginners

  Popovich remembers yet, as began. Tried independently, single-handed. Took a board on a rental and all days long promorduvavsya to little purpose. Science indeed went on a benefit, when with a beginner an instructor began to read. Therefore the first advice from a mister Andrey: not to begin independently. Let alongside will be if not instructor, at least man which already is well able to ride on snoubordi.

Second, what our interlocutor insists on, not to save on an equipment. If to buy him seems risky (it not cheap, but guarantees, that you will be able to ride, is however - sometimes fear appears insuperable), it follows to take everything on a rental. Such possibility is now. And speech goes not only about a board and boots but also about a helmet, combination, gloves. By a word, taking follows all. And if buy already, not take, that more cheap. (Connection between quality and price is sure). Magazine is specialized does not aim to fish out from a client a money. In fact, if you purchased an equipment here, probably will apply in a shop yet. The more so, that consultants, but not simply salespeople, work here.

And main advice is from Andrey Popovicha: dare, make an attempt. Afterwards snoubording can appear your main hobbies.

Hooligan employment

From atyatiy frirayder and ekstremal Alexander Ivaschenko was among the first Ukrainians which mastered snoubord. But, correspondent of magazine «Carpathians» to the talk had «green» imagination about this type of sport. Therefore tried to find out in Alexandra, that it such...

- And a long ago did you become on a board?

- I ride four last years on it. And twenty - carry with mountain pattens.

- But now does give advantage snoubordu before pattens?

   And it is not. If there was possibility (enough time on departures), I would go for a drive and on that, and on that. As on me, all of these disputes, that better are pattens or snoubord - does not make sense. Pattens give greater speed on the broken route, on heterogeneous relief. And snoubord is king of virgin soil. In the end, on a board it is also possible to go for a drive on different. There are such which jump (springboards, tricks), and I like to ride, I like to hold a contact with a surface. And at jumps other approach of the systems is needed. I am not very much attracted by tricks - have a sufficient experience of traumas. And however, if to compare to the pattens - snoubording more merry.

- That, is it other character?

- Other mentality, certain historically... When did pattens appear what they were thought of for? On a ski a man became hundred years that is why, to survive in cold terms, to move on snow. A skier can ride and with the sack of tuber after the back... Snoubord was thought of recently. Purpose - to get kayf.

- Talk however, that on a board to learn to go for a drive it is simpler, than on pattens.

- Think, one easier on pattens, other - on a board. Depends, as far as successfully a man deceived itself, that on that or other more easily. Clear business, character of difficulties at studies is different. The same obviously - on snoubordi, say, hardness to hold an equilibrium, on pattens - considerably easier. Well, et cetera. From other side the general acts of gravitation, inertia, friction are general for snoubordu and mountain pattens. But board it or pattens - however much a way from a novice to master will be heavy.

- And independently to learn to go for a drive is it possible on a board?

- Nu-u-u... I studied practically. But it is very desirable in general, that someone was alongside, prompted, showed. And main rule: it is better to do, to try, than reason. Even if to fall and repeatedly.

- Toby easily to talk - after twenty years on pattens... And if is not a man in general trained?

- Yes, for me was basic to do the first turn... But also skiers sometimes try and ...sell the board. Certainly, general sporting preparation is important. However and sportsmen study on different. Will say fighters with a board ...fight. And here gymnasts - plastic and study very quickly. In snoubordi a body must be bent, unscrewed.

- And «steep»? The same the entertainment (board and all is needed) is not cheap. Just for them.

- The «steep» on snoubordi look mainly not steeply... So so. Such «peppers» of khamovitoy conduct happen. Well, they there will become on a mountain in dear «snaryazi», well, will stand... But to what here snoubording?

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