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Slavske takes artists

Slavske takes artists

Ukrainian artists have long been willing to "mastering" the Carpathians, and, of course, especially - autumn filled rampage incredible palette of bright and sharp contrasts. Among the different parts of these mountains often chosen Gutsulschinu - as more exotic. At the time, and Novakivskogo and farmer, and artists of succeeding generations, as has been recently Paradjanov Yakutovych pick and Montenegro, Verhovine, Vorokhta Dzembronia, Delyatyn. Known in hudozhnytskomu environment were also Subcarpathian Hust, Mukachevo, Dragobrat. But in the mountains of Lviv, in the resort town Slavske, plein air painters was held for the first time.

With a certain courage and netradytsiynosti restaurant owners thinking "Maxim" and his guest "Private Property Aryef'yevyh" Oksana and Mr. Dmitry thirty artists from all over Ukraine gathered in the ski Yugoslav and spent two weeks fruitful plein. The idea arose not spontaneously. Taking over several years painting in Lviv National Academy Aryef'yevy established in the opinion that the case is extremely fruitful and mutually advantageous. Some of the artists left in the Yugoslav and now adorn the interiors of holiday camps, restaurants and accommodation. And for artists in the summer season they drew nelyzhnyy philanthropists and art lovers. Over time it became customary that the owners thus breathed new jets in the usual tribes living "ski" villages and filled with so-called "dead season" exciting and commercially viable meaning.

And in May, has a new meeting old friends, artists and Aryef'yevyh, was beginning work on a real artistic and tourism projects. With the support of township government headed by Mikhail Kinash, Lviv National Academy of Arts, the rector of which is Andrew Bokotey in Slavske invited thirty artists from Lviv and Lviv, Transcarpathia, Crimea, Kyiv. Even the artists arrived here from Kazakhstan and the United States. Now informative program shares its logo, and ultimately - good publicity about the possibility for everyone who loves to paint, come here to relax and work.

Cozy Slavske, usually associated with the first ski tourism, was strikingly applicable to the art studios, creative meditation, improvised exhibition hudozhnytskyh walks surrounding low hills. And in the evening here so fits in, looking newly canvas debate on artistic themes in community colleges and most owners.

... And the final exhibition in the restaurant "Maxim" was worthy of the capital. Lokalnist place and level for all conditions for creative artists actually turned in an impressive variety of styles, genres and approaches seen. Thus, the directory as one of the results of open-air promises to be interesting. "Competition" between natives of different schools of painting emphasizing image blessed corner of the Carpathians Slavskogo - thanks to nature, not only for holidaymakers, tourists and artists and ...

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