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Головна » 2010 » Січень » 23 » Slavske


Legend is about the «split» off head

In July, 1015 in Birch-bark Vladimir Velikiy died under Kyiv. Heirs there was much for him - a fight for the Kievan «table», which princes always conducted without the special moral principles, began. Yes, Svyatopolk (in history remained under a nickname Damned) began with that which sent the hired killers to the brothers of Boris and Gliba. Afterwards they were kanonizovani and became the first christian saints of Kievan Russia. After their death on the throne of Svyatopolk considered a drevlyanskogo prince Svyatoslava Vladimir the main competitor. Feeling a threat, that tried to escape to Hungary, but the army of insidious brother went after him on one of meadows of Carpathians (natural boundary of Svyatoslav’e). Afterclaps were represented by Nestor in the «Story of vremennikh years».

In a bloody (and after a chronicle - to very bloody) battle a chairman was «split» off a prince to Svyatoslavu, and exactly from this Old Russian verb one of raycentriv of the Lvov area takes the name - will Split off. Killers went after daughter of prince Parashku on the top of fellow creature... The mountain of Parashka has a height 1236 meters above a sea level and today is one of tourist objects of Lvov. Svyatopolk offered to the warriors of Svyatoslava, which remained living after a cruel fight, to pass to him on service. Without regard to a threat for life, those renounced, left military business and founded a settlement. Named - Slavske. Winnows the events of severe remoteness and from the names local year: Resistance, Warbler, Slavchik.

It is needed to add, that murders of brothers did not help the «damned» prince to become firmly established on a throne - in four years, in 1019, his army was broken up by the regiments of Yaroslava Wise. Svyatopolk was injured in a battle and died during escape somewhere on a border between Poland and Czekh.

And the first writing mention about Slavske is dated 1483. Extract from judicial a document testifies that gentry Ivanko Didich designed rights for the woman Mary on the half of propert which belonged to him in Well and Slavskomu Peremishlyanskogo to the district.


Who opened Trostyan

   mountain-skier history of Slavskogo is begun with the mountain of Pogar, where in 30th of the last century Poland built the first primitive self-control and springboard. Then for transporting, probably, not poor sportsmen were utillized horse force and ordinary dignity. Horse walked on a circle and twisted a large wheel which a rope was winded on. In 1960 year tailings of this building were found by the group of enthusiasts of mountain-skiing under the direction of Anatolia Arkchangelsk. Presently the name of this man is adopt a street which passes without regard to the base of «Dynamo» and is beginning of road to the mountain of Trostyan (1232 meters). In fact, in essence, Trostyan for wide mountain-skier public Anatoliy Arkhangel'skiy opened actually. He a lot of years worked in society of «Dynamo» and was an initiator and leader of building of almost all of local sporting infrastructure. The real history of mountain-skier Slavskogo began exactly for his arrival.

William Shkol'nikov, present deputy of director NSB «Dynamo», works in Slavskomu from 1975 year. That Arkchangelsk which usually picked up people zealous and decisive in the «command» invited him. Yet before William Shkol'nikov arrived here in quality of participant of the first Ukrainian competitions from the speed lowering. It happened in 1961 year. Then on Trostyani there yet was neither a krisel'noy road (2750 meters) nor six Czech self-controls (the first was built in 1968). After official part sportsmen on foot went to the top for a start. According to a mister William, all of houses in Slavskomu were then thatch-roofed - he does not remember slate and tiled roofs.

It already was then built base of «Dynamo» into 180 places, dormitory for sportsmen on Trostyani, biathlon stadium, and six slalom routes were certificated after world standards for the leadthrough of international competitions. At the beginning of 1970th the real influx of tourists began from all of the USSR. Accordingly began to reform and Slavske.

The real skiers do not dance

On official statistics, presently Slavske visit approximately 100 thousand tourists on a year, and after unofficial - tenfold anymore. Guests are settled with a comfort or with a luxury, feed deliciously, arrange them equestrian walks on sledges, warm saunas and pools for them, billiards and ping-pong offer, start in sky on paragliders, that are any services on any taste and pocket-book. Probably, exactly for such variety of choice in correlation «price-quality» settlement and uses popularity.

  also hesitate in a wide range. Dwelling in a private sector costs from 50 to 100 hryvnyas for days, a feed is 30-40 hryvnyas, rental of pattens and snoubordiv - to 50 hryvnyas. And the guests of new «lyuksirnikh» hotels often in general take no the notice on prices... Again, all depends on desires and possibilities. Stove a season is New Year. Prices on holidays also - spades.

Even on the extreme enough road to the lifts (By gas, Uazom, 4-8 hryvnyas from a passenger) everybody can find on your own or good portion of adrenalin on an instant, or terrible impressions for a long time. By the way, according to William Shkol'nikova, this year the famous «lack of roads on Trostyan» must improve for facilities of settlement advice and base of «Dynamo».

Unique, what Slavskomu does not have, so it to ATM. A cashier talks in local savings Bank, that by cards however much nobody uses, and all bring currency a cash on a hand. From дискотечно-танцювальних entertainments - only one club «Lemon». Zealous skiers talk: «If drove well, better in all is a hot dry sauna, delicious kitchen and good sleep. What there dances!». (But «citrusoviy» disko-bar not pustue also).

It is possible and good to drive. From Trostyana - almost in any side - Center, North, the West. Here everybody will find on your own a route and cheap and hot meal simply on a top. There are turns on lifts, that is why people often migrate about. So «hurry» crowd - both on the western side of mountain or on a north.

A mountain of Pogar (857 meters) is two self-controls for 800 and 700 meters, mountain Politekhnik (173 meters) - only for beginners, also two bugel'ni self-controls - 500 and 700 meters. In general, lately every unpoor resort hotel tries to build an own lift. And here snow «cannons» do not yet utillize in Slavskomu, that is why pleasure from rolling is often tied to the capricious weather.

To the list of advantages of Slavskogo it is possible boldly to add a successful geographical location. From Lvov - 120 kilometres, almost on a motorway Kyiv-Chep. If to ride from the capital, for a few kilometres from will Split off there is a turn on Slavske. Yet 20 kilometres - and you in place. In addition, through the local station all of appetences pass in sending of Uzhgoroda and farther to Slovakia and Hungary. Accordingly, and in reverse direction also. Stop here, true, of short duration - two minutes. Time almost is not on reflections.

  in firewoods

A tourist object, which does not depend on time of year, presence or absence of snow, is in Slavskomu on the streets of Sichevikh Sagittarius, house, interesting № 2. Museum of Carpathians of liberation fight of Ukraine of George Mikol'skogo. Sometimes in this establishment can visit for a day from ten of excursion groups. An owner names the «offspring» modestly - by collection, as in placing of exhibits does not adhere to the canons of museum business. For a visit a mister George does not take a money and asks, that and guides which bring tourists here plugged his museum in the program free of charge for sightseers.

«Collection» of Mikol'skogo is placed in two small houses. The two third of exhibits belong to the military subject: orders, helmets, sabres, rifles, shell shells (most - from an austrian mortar by a caliber 30,5 centimetres), automats et cetera the «Peaceful» display: books (on the honoured place are «Kobza-players» of rarity of edition 1862, 1907 and 1912), various tools, medallions, горнятка-ножі-виделки, bucket of the buttons and others like that. A lot of originals of underground editions of UPA and among them is samvidavniy obituary on death Romana Shukhevicha.

The theme of liberation fight is so near George Mikol'skomu, that he built in a court own kriivku. Excursion to it an owner usually begins an unexpected tirade. «Tovarisch colonel, in radiuse pyati metrov obnaruzhen bunker of bandy burzhuaznykh nacionalistov. Make an attempt ego to find», - a mister George asks from khitrinkoy, by submitting from itself fighter of speczagonu NKVD. (Indeed, to find uneasily, especially, if almost know nothing about UPA). Farther a mister George (now already in a role of underground worker) goes near laying with firewoods and talks quietly: «Stepan, Stepan - it I». The small area of laying appears doors, somewhere there is the key in a hiding-place. «Call».

In kriivci almost all is reproduced how worldly-wise in actual fact: well, stove-burzhuyka, radio receiver and portable radio transmitter, weapon, printing typewriter, gas-masks, cards and yet many necessary things. All of local exhibits are originals. Mulyazhnimi is only figures of Romana Shukhevicha, Vasiliy Kuka and radio operator - kriivka is planned a staff.

George Mikol'skiy talks that this excursion often makes the outstanding impression on foreign tourists, especially Germans and Frenches, and group of women-teachers from Donetsk once said goodbye to the owner of museum, saying choir: «Did not yet die and will not die!»...

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