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Головна » 2010 » Лютий » 16 » Race, like holiday
Race, like holiday

Race, like holiday

In Ivano-Frankivsk rain. Not on the season and mood - at the beginning of winter may not be anything worse than the gray damp air and the fire under their feet. Especially if you imagine several days as cutting soft white outlines of the hills on his faithful skiing. However, for the dreams had to make a trip to neighboring villages to the Transcarpathian region Yassin and then to most tourist Dragobrat where 7-9 December for children organized the festival "Festival of the first snow.

A drive on snow

Dragobrat - one of the few places in the Carpathian Mountains, where snow even in summer is not all down (in Midsummer holiday where you can play in the snowballs!) - What has been said about the winter? The way to our goal, we watched the yellow-brown slopes in Yaremche and even in the village of Yassin, remote from the tourist center of seven miles. Sat in yasinyanskyy GAZ-66 among the autumn and winter has come, from the first step provalyvshys knee in the snow. The fact that the ski resort is two times above sea level than the town, and is also surrounded by natural thermoses - surrounding mountains create a microclimate Dragobrate.


Dragobrate in those days it was noisy. In addition to 53 competitors (children under 16, students of sports school junior Olympic pool), the slopes of Stig katalosya many skiers who came to open the winter ski season. However, one would not interfere on the slopes has been found for all - with proper planning and special marking the route to competition.
Competitions were held in two disciplines: slalom and parallel giant slalom. In both cases, athletes have overcome the road marked with special markers, in the shortest time. A difference between species is that the gigantic slalomi athletes are on one track, while in parallel the two parties are competing simultaneously on adjacent identical routes ...

... Why do children participate in competitions Dragobrate appropriate and interesting, in a few words explained Tomas Frindt, senior coach Yasinyanskoyi SDUSHOR of winter sports:
- Although the competition was being conducted for the first time, the quality of organization and preparation are very high. In fact, this first district among children under 16 years. Furthermore, based on the competition can be drawn, who has a chance to get into the reserve team and the team of Transcarpathian region of Ukraine.

Winners determined in three age groups, as well as boys and girls competed separately, was awarded 12 medals with diplomas and memorable prizes.

... Close competition decorated torch parade - after sunset with twenty people with torches quit one by one from the top of the mountain, zobrazyvshy truly fabulous show. After closing all skiers gathered at a cafe "Oaza" where the festival continued under gutsulskie melodies and sounds trembita.

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