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Головна » 2011 » Травень » 9 » Olexa Dovbush
Olexa Dovbush

Olexa Dovbush
Category: The Legend

In the village Pechenizhin in 1700, the son of a poor peasant son Vasily Dovbusha Olexa. The minutes of court confessions Opryshko learn that Basil Dovbush Opryshko his youth, and old age found a squalid hut. Ever since childhood, experienced hunger and poverty. Not just young Olexa had witnessed horrific abuse by his father. In 1736 Olexa, telling his master went to Opryshko. Already in 1738-1740, the glory of the Detachments O. Dovbush Zakutsky spread through the villages. With a small force of 20-30 men, he attacked the estate. Gentry pleaded with the Polish government to send troops to defeat the squad Oleksy Dovbush. Principal place of residence Opryshko mountains were Goverla and Montenegro.

Gentry, afraid to fight Opryshko led Oleksy Dovbusha not joined in the general peasant uprising, begs the Crown Hetman J. Potocki protect her from "insolent slave." In August, 1742 by J. Potocki issues wagon, which reports that he arrived with a 2-ma thousand soldiers of the regular troops to fight Opryshko. Gentry went to the Carpathians. Four years hunted Dovbusha but glorious opryshok was not caught. For their failure gentry fiercely avenged peasants. Not having the strength and opportunity to catch Olexa Dovbusha gentry resorted to bribery and treason. Only with Kosmach Stepan Dzvinchuk and Mochernyak with Mikulinki to kill Olexa, to get the price of betrayal from the gentry promised Zloty. Mikulinskaya traitor O. Dovbush punished, and Dzvinchuk on the night of 23 to 24 August 1745 despicably murdered a courageous leader of the Carpathian Opryshko O. Dovbush. The body of folk hero brought to Kosmach and upon conviction hacked to pieces and hung up on stilts.

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