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Local foods - it Costs to make an attempt in Yaremchi!

Gucul'ska kitchen to my surprise delicious and simple enough meal, however much the method of preparation has the secrets and features. Guzuls utillized such products as corn-flour and groats, potato, mushrooms and wares from sheep milk. The most widespread gucul'skimi foods is banosh, mushroom fish soup, brynza, rosivnicya. Farther - description of some gucul'skikh became.

A brynza (brinzya, brindza) is a sort of cheese, made from sheep milk. Men made a brynza, as vivcharami were always men. Above all things for preparation of brynza procidzhuvali sheep milk and leavened milk which vistoyalosya in the stomach of young lamb. Then vessels with milk put near a fire and pomishuyut' - grudki of cheese, which suspend in a warm place, appear thus. The made cheese is named by budzem. Afterwards budz grind with salt and butter - then and get a brynza.

Banush - the best banush is prepared on a fire and in a pot, however today hostesses prigotovlyayut' and at home. Above all things with water stir sour cream, made from sheep milk, inundate in a vessel and take to boiling. Then pour corn-flour or groats, pomishuyuchi a pond necessarily by a wooden spoon, while butter will not appear on-the-spot. The prepared food is given with the prepared greaves and brynza.

Vurda is a variety of sheep cheese, formed from a whey.

Mushroom fish soup - for preparation of fish soup take chicken clear soup in which boil dry white mushrooms. Afterwards add a home noodle, spices and greenery.

Guslyanka is a soul-milk product, made from cow or sheep milk. Milk is boiled, take off from a fire, cool, add the spoon of sour sour cream, well stir and cool.

Rosivnicya is decoction from cold boiled pork and choucroute which is condensed corn groats.

Knishi is rolls, stuffed the boiled potato or brynza

Shpenya is food from a kidney bean.

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