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Головна » 2010 » Березень » 16 » In the mountains - by tram
In the mountains - by tram

  In the mountains - by tram

Travel Narrow increasingly attract tourists. In the Carpathians walking back "aristocratic" recreation.

"Light gauge" to sawmill

History narrow railway (track more than two times narrower by default) in the Carpathians began even during the Austro-Hungarian Empire, when in 1873 an Austrian entrepreneur, Baron Leopold von Popper Podhari moved from Hungary to Galicia, the headquarters of his company. Popper company specializing in harvesting, processing and selling of timber. Baron made in the first Gorgany Tartak (pyloramu) in the village benefit.
It lasted for intensive development of the Carpathians. Management tsisarsko-rail Royal archduke Albrecht laid broad gauge railway from Stryya (Lviv region) and Stanislav (Ivano-Frankivsk). In 1875, this gauge steam left. Next project - the construction of the railway line to the benefits - management completed in 1883. The first train arrived from the Valley of Facilities 8 July (the day the Soviet authorities declared the establishment of the present day county seat). At the railway station (house survived) met the train itself Popper. At that time, he respected the owner several thousand morhiv1 forests along rivers candle.

From the general railroad in the mountains first paved "competi - Narrow, which attracted a forest horse. Such a gauge length of three miles, connected the 1890-meters in a sawmill in capitalizing on the Old Tartak Mizun. It took two bridges on the rivers and candle Mizunka. At the time popperivska sawmill "Evelyn" was the largest in Galicia.
Cases in the Baron went so well (a lot of wood, cheap labor), he built a luxurious villa in the Facilities and laid the park. Almost ten years collecting exotic trees. For your own comfort Mizun arranged near a factory of musical instruments ... After the death of Leopold Popper his heirs received the largest Austrian industrial and trading companies and 100 thousand morgue forests in Galicia and Hungary.

In addition to Leopold Popper, narrow railway and lisopromysel from 1886 to actively rozbudovuvaly Hredli barons - the Skole Beskydy and graphs Potocki - in Osmoloda. In the mountain village of Skole (Lviv oblast) Hredli first staged in the Carpathians, power and water supply system of ceramic pipes, which served only one person (water well preserved to this day). For twenty years, three narrow paved entrepreneurs. One of them had an average slope of 25 percent and was due to Demnyu Skolivschyny highest peak - Mount Parashka (1268 meters). And in 1892, as opposed to "light range" Popper, Hredli built the longest in Galicia "lokalku - 13.6 kilometers. Over the next half dozen years, the length of the railroad increased fivefold. She not only carried steam tree, but also workers in logging, as well as tourists.

Railways in mineral spas
World War II forced the owners of the Carpathian forests to return to Austria. Popperivska mini-empire in the benefits went to the company "Silviniya" from the UK. The company not only continued to build a sawmill and railway bottlenecks, but opened them to tourists from major European countries.
In 1920 in the valley Mizunka joined third narrow-gauge railway. This road, 24 miles long, carried to the station Sable (today - Myndunok), held in five major bridges and was advertised in newspapers as very picturesque. In 1939 Vygotsky branch has a length of 65 kilometers and "obrosla" відпочинковою infrastructure.

Everywhere in the Carpathian Mountains around lisopererobnyh companies kupchylysya Resorts - Motels and B, which suggested the patients recovery and mineral bath torfohryazyamy. In the development of resorts invested capital above Timbermen owners vuzkokoliyok. Carpathian Mizun town (near the Facilities) and Korchyn (about how) in the time between the two wars were popular places of recreation officials, businessmen, writers, artists and students from all over Galicia and Poland. Distavalys at resorts, of course, trains on narrow gauge.

The first license for tourist destinations among small railways in Europe got Carpathian Hredliv narrow-gauge railway - line-Skole Demnya-itch length 41 km. Travel sporyadyly three trains. The windows of the special cars could explore local landscapes, and at stops - go for a walk around the corner.

The only route "tram"

In the Second World War, the railroad regularly undermined the Carpathian and vidbudovuvaly different army, depending on the front line and offensive-vidstupalnyh operations. Narrow with the same enthusiasm used UPA partisans and NKVD troops trying upolyuvaty each other. Among those local residents continue to work in the forest.
To simply state order for the giant timber zahlybyly network of narrow roads in forests and mountains. In the sixties Vygotsky railroad was the greatest length - 180 miles, took 160 th bridges. A total length of all narrow gauge lines in the Carpathians - Beskidska (Skolivska branch), Vygotsky (Mizunska branch) and Broshnivskoyi (Osmolodska branch) - reached nearly 1000 kilometers. Then Moscow officially declared Narrow uneconomic and has directed the dismantling of the railway.
The process of destruction lasted until the late nineties. Last, it is a crushing blow narrow railway in the Carpathian Mountains have caused floods in 1998 th and 2000 th years. Verse destroyed more than half of existing lines. Case the nature of perfect people: tens of kilometers of rails disassembled and put into scrap. Managed to revive only Mizunsku thread - now it is the only fully restored.

This narrow-gauge railway from the village to benefit Senecheva (60 kilometers) from 2000 operated as a production - it regularly runs freight trains and working. Three years ago the company "Uniplit" organized program "Carpathian tram. In July 2004 the route was the first tourist mini-train. Traveling group of tourists from Germany, Poland, Austria and Britain. Guests have their own guide - it was an Austrian scientist, author of the book "Narrow gauge railways in Eastern Galicia," Wolfram Vendelin. Researcher over the last five years amounted to descriptions of all the narrow railway in Austria and Ukraine. German came two books that contain material collected. The third book devoted exclusively Venderlin Vygotsky vuzkokoliytsi. Do not be surprised. One of the branches of family trees submitted by Mr. Vendelina - zdohadaytesya, anyone? - First Carpathian Forest magnate Baron Leopold Popper.

Default tour

The locomotive and two wagons now running a narrow gauge railway from Gorgan Facilities deep twice a week. The train to carry on the work of lumbermen. And to gauge travel among tourists. We traveled in a narrow community of participants of the festival "Festival smith": Austrians, Dutch, English, Estonian and one Belorussian. Guide was the director of travel firm Uniplit "Lubomir Yatskiv.
... The bus crosses the path of the Ivano-Frankivsk to return for two hours. Enters in a typical urban Prikarpatskoe. Twenty years ago due to strong profit enterprises lisopererobnym considered promising industrial center. Now it is developing tourism.
First stop - near the monument to John Frank. A brief lecture on where exactly in the Carpathians should seek traces of Great Kamenyar. We make pictures and moving to the center of town. Towards the (probably still does not accidentally) are folk musicians. Inflammatory "Gutsulochka" almost from the first bars bringing foreign guests. Dance middle of the road. Cars stop, but not alarm.

That's typical locomotive breath - "Carpathian tram" filed. Aliens choose a closed car. Almost all Ukrainian prefer open platform - does not matter what nakrapaye rain. Diesel gives some very automobile "fa-fa". Mr. Yatskiv little embarrassing explaining that real footplate blast - under repair. Rushan. On the clock - 14:00. We have a slowly advancing mountain.

Put the river winds Mizunka, perestrybuye from shore to shore. Go to the next stop in the tract Shyrkovets train crosses four bridges (of them on the way - more than thirty). Right slopes of the mountains rise so close that you can examine detailed patterns of moss on the rocks horhanskyh. Trees zastromlyayut wet branches to open windows. On the left side along the railway line up housing. Fences, gardens, drovitni, haystack, rope with clothes, chickens, dogs, cows, the remains of rusty cars, frames vizochkiv children, old trucks - all guests lively photograph.

After the last bridge on the train departures open places. Our guide calls on society to find a cross on the highest hill. "This - Mountain Monastery. In the XVI century there was a real fortress, - says Mr. Lubomir. - Then came the Carpathians Tatars, villages burned, the mountaineers in yasyr stolen. Enemies besieged the monastery on the mountain, but the monks busurmanam not give up. Online inhabitants of the monastery to pray for three days and three nights. And the miracle happened: the dawn of the fourth day shook the mountain, and hid rozverzlasya people. Tatars afraid and fled. But local people in memory of a set is lost. Translator belfry fable English, tourists recorded.
"Stop - swamp Shyrkovets" - announces the guide. Quickly examines hydrological nature of national significance. First we see sundew - a flower, which eat small komashok. Bahuliyu smell in concert - in the warm summer days the smell of her marshes near faints all pets. Well, that is not summer!

And again in the train, 14:35. The next fifteen minutes Lubomir Yatskiv describes hiking this terrain different armies in the Second World War. With the windows - even deserted Mizun sanatorium. Probably summer resort comes alive ...
Next stop - well "Horyanka, 15:00. The sources of mineral water type "NAFTA" in New Mizun go two hundred meters. With pipes, which mounted the rock on the bank of the river, beating a strong jet of water. Mr. Yatskiv distributes plastic cups - for tasting. Water is clear taste of oil. "But if there is something stronger?" - Dopytuyutsya blacksmiths hard at the head of our expedition. In response, he slyly smiles and leads the group to the earliest houses in the side streets. There appears immediately table in it - and bottle palyenky kelishok. Master pryproshuye, tourists kushtuyut.
In Mizunskyh waterfalls have no one goes. The festival lasts smith - the platform has guys dancing Hopak. Arrive at the stop "oak corner, 16:30. The program - climbing the mountain tour on air bridges. Announces a half-hour parking. Train manevruye - should go to another thread and must go back. We are stronger than all thirteen of the thirty miles of the route. "Then begins the real exotic, - says Mr. Yatskiv. - Mountains hanging above the train track repeats the Serpentine River and is so close to the edge of the coast, it seems as if the train is about Pirna in the water ... "We want to go further. But time back, to catch in benefits before dusk.

Roadside Picnic, a regular "fa-fa" and the diesel locomotive begins counting way. Two hours glides - Society laughing. Respectability even a few hours ago the editor of British magazine "Hefestos" Terence Clarke Racing with running locomotives. His colleagues, along with our guide already behold partisan songs. Translator writes the words driver recipe "yalivtsivky hastily. Walking apparently failed.

Travel Options

Full itinerary with stops "Carpathian tram" usually runs for eight hours - from 10:00 to 18:00. Profitably through Shyrkovets, Old and New Mizun, oak corner Solotvyno, Myndunok and sable - Tracts in Magura.

In Solotvino tourists show first place salt deposits. At the bus stop Myndunok describe features of ancient lisorozrobok arranges review of old production facilities, lisnychivky. At the final break down lunch, went to Mount Magura (1362 feet). Returning, once again stay at Myndunku and go to the ornithological reserve of the tract Dzyurkach. And with the New Mizun rise up the mountain, near Bald Mountain (1134 meters).
Tour "Carpathian tram" and provides alternative route. Journey by rail can be combined with kilkadennymy pedestrian crossings to peaks Menchul (1450 meters), Yaiko-Ilemske (1679 meters) by liberation Vyshkivskoho to pass (930 meters). Tourists can also order a total excursion program Dolinsky district - bus travel Dovbush Rocks Preserve to Lake Synevyr in Hoshivskyy monastery in clear Gori in the museum "Boykovschina in the Valley.
Morgue 1 - 0, 57 ha. Unit area of the Polish-Lithuanian origin. Made from XIII century, mostly in Western Ukraine.

Useful information

Travel narrow arrange several organizations:
Department of Tourism LLC Uniplit - (03477) 61-334, (050) 373-24-75.
Tourist Information Center, Ivano-Frankivsk - (0342) 50-20-20.
Ivano-Frankivsk Regional State Center for Tourism and regional studies school youth - (0342) 58-34-14, 58-45-96.

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