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Головна » 2011 » Травень » 9 » I am proud of my brother
I am proud of my brother

I am proud of my brother

My brother - a student. He not only taught, but also actively engaged in tourism, plays guitar, he makes up songs. Together with friends he walks hikes. Tent, backpack, camera and guitar - is that without which there can live my brother. When he returned from the hike, it says so interesting that I too want to grow up quickly and go with him in the campaign.

Constantine (the so-called my brother) has been in the Carpathians and Crimea, went kayaking on the Southern Bug.

We have a lot of photos at home, stored in a huge album. I sometimes ask his brother to said something interesting. But he just smiles and says: "grow up - I will take with them: the nature of the eyes must see and feel the soul."

Then I take the album and looking at pictures alone. Here is a windmill, like a palace. But - a group of tourists that split the camp. A few more shots - it seems that I too, along with tourists Pliva kayaking. And what a wave!

My brother even went on the highest mountain of the Carpathian Goverle. There is not anyone can come up, because this is the highest point of Ukraine: 2061 meters above sea level!

- It was hard in the campaign - we do not pestuvala weather: rain. Yet we reached the top - says brother. And his eyes glowing joy: another summit conquered!

In Crimea, Constantine visited several times: in summer and autumn.

- Crimea - that pearl of Ukraine. And the mountains here some unusual. In the Carpathian region has its beauty: Yaremcha, apple, Rohatyn. And in the Crimea - a very different mountains, other plant life, different customs and songs, but here it is very interesting and beautiful ...

I'm very proud of his brother, his restless nature and would rather go with him in the campaign. Anywhere!

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