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Головна » 2010 » Лютий » 4 » How dzhypari Svydovets ob'yizhdzhaly
How dzhypari Svydovets ob'yizhdzhaly

How dzhypari Svydovets ob'yizhdzhaly

Strained engine roar and tremble all his iron body vybyrayuchys for another rise. Well, finally a little will go to equal. The driver adds gas. Disadvantage: the road! Hruskotom under the wheels of the broken ice, and our UAZ-nosed forward dive in deep bayuru. Stiff and seems to bog down oil-sliding beads on the front glass, janitors barely rozhribayut mud. Auto tail almost floats Kalabanja, hytayuchys from side to side. "Potichok rozlyvsya" - tranquilly comments chauffeur. Way - icy berezhok, which still need to get out, snow-covered forest track and another five o'clock raid mountainous terrain. Behind - two dozen cars. It is those who ventured to take part in the festival to off-road Svydovtsi, probyrayutsya followed.

"Dzhypinh in the snow" was launched in March last weekend with the Transcarpathian village of Yassin.
Attractions truth it was when tamoshnie Attractions "Edelweiss", the rules for festival camp z'yizhdzhalysya cars of different brands and different tuning. Coincided almost pivsela, to inspect and touching "jeeps". Common robbery caused the bright yellow "Predator" from Coloma, once normal GAZ-66. It seemed that this "beast" is vyshkiryt teeth zaharchyt. Patiently waiting for the order of spring up from the veteran "camouflage" UAZ with a huge plus in front of the Lviv duhah Car club «Offroad». Next drimav solid black "Dodge", which is still known only paved road. Niva-Chevrolet, metallic, looked close to them - the old "Nyvamy", "Jeep Cherokee", "Suzuki Samurai, two Toyota Lendkruzer and the rest of the Oise - such a pretentious miss that vybralasya for outing ...

Serpentine in waltz tempo
Beginning from the center Yassin Kyivs'ka. Clay gradually changing asphalt, houses are rarely encountered. Hlybshayut track, along which flow streams. Machines begin to poach. Children's trail, - calms us driver. We are going UAZom one of the best local drivers. "Where Vasily Tulaydan fails, nobody will," - responded on his fellow villagers. We have the opportunity to make sure. After Toru "old" way to Dragobrat, in which for several years, cars will not run at all. Graders it cleaned for us, not trambuvaly tractor. Vasily promises "fun" of "wild" ride, which already is about to begin and ...
Slightly up - and starts twisting paths. One of the prolonged boom of a few steep turns crosses the snow belt. One thousand one hundred above sea level. The car "dancing", to stay on the road. We have to keep obiruch, but still - hytavytsya. Niva front of us sat down "to gut" just in bayuru. A few minutes auto borsayetsya in water, takes the back and eventually overcomes the obstacle. Another hundred meters and then the adventure: "Dodge" can not overcome the mountain. Caravan stops. But our driver presses the gas: "Hold on!" UAZ jumps on morizhok risked "zahudity" on the side, passes two cars and stops at the head of the column. We accompany the whistle and horns. When the proceeding, receives discharge snowballs on their heads. Zav'yazuyetsya funny firing twenty minutes. Throughout this period of kotromus "Oise" repaired "electricity" - "took off" coil.
... The sun is hiding, that day we shall see. Returns to the forest and the rest of the raid pass between tovsteznymy trunks centenary firs. On both sides of the road like it should, huge slabs of snow. Among some propyhatysya be like in wicket. The machine constantly cherkaye to blocks that one wing, then another. Deep snow gauge hlybshayut more. Even a rather high clearance helps our little "Off" - it "creeps" in some places prejudice hearth. Part lot of us completely zahruzaye. Some of them have to dig way spades. More powerful and equipped with other cars pull the rope. Another test for the entire company: the way the old tree fell. In the trunk are several axes, and fine drivers turn into no less skillful woodcutters. After some ten minutes on the sidelines of spruce is cut down, and the caravan goes on ...
Complete day Dragobrate - hot party in a restaurant and tourist complex "Oaza". Anything known Transcarpathian humorist John Berkeley. The community involved Viktor Pavlik - he just holds on the camp a short "ski" vacation. Singer of Solace guests willingly performs hits from his repertoire. "No promises, no pardoned ..." A valsuyut dzhypari bad.
Just ask Pat and
Either party failed, whether the route seemed complicated, but the next morning at the race zholosylasya only half of the participants. Other - ubolivaly and played in the sweepstakes. Competitions on the short track (five kilometers) roztyahnulysya more than six hours: separate start, one qualifying and race two tests. Machines buksuvaly in snow porridge, become lodged in the pits. Four times the rider drew "tehnichka. The results - from nine to eleven minutes. Favorites races could determine more at the start - was enough to see how those who first conquered feet across the river ...
The last pass the testing race. The first car starts Basil Tulaydana. The audience zatamovuye breath. Go! "Vasya, come on! Vasil zhmy! "- Shout, whistle, balls viewers until the car disappears in the forest wilds. Then take in the siege of the organizers, dopytuyuchys: what observers see on the road as there UAZ overcomes miles? "Eight minutes and thirty-eight seconds," - announces the judge. "Hey s!" - Vidihayut crowd. To start preparing Yuri Kravchuk. His car breaks down in place so that all becomes clear: the real fight began. Waiting seems to be very long. Finally sound: eight minutes, nineteen seconds. Here it is, the absolute primacy.
... But back to the prizes and winners. So, first place and the absolute primacy in the race - Yuri Kravchuk, second place - Vasily Tulaydan. Both - the professional drivers of Yassin. The third result of nine minutes and fifteen seconds finished frankivets Yuri Levitsky on "'s field-Chevrolet. All winners of the festival - and this magazine Carpathians. Tourism. Recreation "and" Carpathian automobile club, with the support of tour operator Karpaty. Tourism. Relax, the advertising agency "Lime" and the trademark "Frankivsk - handed cups, certificates, equipment" Campus "firm" Yevromark Ukraine and subscription to the magazine ...
Until next dzhypinhu desperately need to learn driving. We have time until October. And most importantly - we have enough inspiration.

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