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Головна » 2011 » Травень » 9 » Good night's rest on the little-known resorts of Ukrainian Carpathians
Good night's rest on the little-known resorts of Ukrainian Carpathians

Good night's rest on the little-known resorts of Ukrainian Carpathians

Carpathian Mountains are the oldest mountain range in Europe. This distinctive region attracts tourists from all over the world at any time of year. The most popular resorts are Bukovel Svalyava, Slavske, Dragobrat, Podobovets Yaremche. In the Carpathians, you can relax on the fine is not as popular, but no less exciting resorts that are open to everyone all year round:

Berezhany Berezhany

Berezhany - a quiet resort town of Ukraine, whose population exceeds 18,000 people. Travelers the opportunity to witness the famous architectural monuments:

- Armenian Church (built in 1764 in the Baroque-Rococo style ekleticheskom well preserved to our times);

- Bernardine monastery (whose construction began in 1630-ies, a monastery surrounded by stone walls);

- Holy Trinity Church (located in the heart of the city, thanks to recent restructuring has a modern appearance);

- City Hall (two-storey building, ascended in the early 19 th century).

Verkhovyna Verkhovyna

Verkhovyna - a small village in the Carpathians. Local landscape rather exotic. Set of mountains and ridges make Verkhovyna very attractive resort for active recreation. The proposed ski tours are complex and the duration. Tourists interested in history and legends, like to visit Dovbushevye rocks associated with the legendary Alexis Dovbush.






Volovec Volovec - round resort that is open to tourists all year round. In winter, the snowy slopes beckon tourists and summer - green hills and cool forests. The lift is located in the village, suitable for beginners. More experienced skiers travel to the neighboring village Podobets where there is a lot of long and steep slopes.






alt Zhdenievo

Settlement Zhdenievo attractive to tourists and winter and summer. During the winter ski tours attract tourists in the summer - walking. During the summer, tourists are invited to visit recreational areas Zhdenievo. Through the village runs clear mountain river, where guests can swim at your leisure.





Isa - a village in Ukraine, Iza

Isa - a village in Ukraine, which is one of the richest. This resort is rightly considered the center of souvenirs and handicrafts made of twigs. Trade in products is in the open. Each house can be seen on sale tables and chairs, lampshades and lamps, jewelry boxes and vases. Houses in the village attracted the attention of sumptuous luxury and unique style.





Kosov Kosov

Kosov - one of the most interesting places of the Carpathian Mountains. He is often called the capital hutsul art. Tourists always have something to admire. River Rybnitsa is clean and clear waters, so the visitors love to swim in it. Urban Mountain - one of the most interesting sights. There still exist remnants of defensive castles.





Mizhhiria Mizhhiria resort is beautiful in all seasons. Most of the village is covered by mountains, of which beat the 48 mineral springs. "Essentuki" and similar water gives health and strength to all travelers, and in combination with therapeutic air Carpathians vacation at this resort is able to double the strength and prolong youth. Romantics and lovers of natural beauty will appeal Shypot waterfall, famous throughout the world. Mizhhiria - a popular resort and is also among the fans of winter sports.






Oryavchik Oryavchik

Oryavchik - a village, situated in the heart of the Ukrainian Carpathians. There are two tourist complex: "links" and "Oryavchik. In "Oryavchik" travelers are invited platform, a length of 200 meters. In "Zvenive - bugelsky lift over a length of 1000 meters. Not far from Oryavchik is another tourist complex Tysovets, which employs 1,000-meter platform and a pair of 800-meter.





At the spa resort has two Polyana sanatorium: "field" and "Solar Transcarpathia. In addition to them here operate many lodges and hotels. Field is characterized by a well-developed infrastructure. Here is a post office, cafe, internet cafes, restaurants and bars, shops, newsagents, pharmacy, market. Tourists are offered a lot of excursions outside the resort. In the evenings, in sanatoriums and resorts films or entertainment held in the evening. Vacation at this resort is a recreational, as both nursing home offer effective treatment of the digestive system without the use of medicines. The mainstay of treatment is the use of mineral water.

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