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Головна » 2010 » Січень » 23 » Five remained under an avalanche
Five remained under an avalanche

Five remained under an avalanche

  March of this year in the district of mountain of Bliznecya holiday-makers-skiers which arrived here from Chernivciv perished under an avalanche. Here as well as why happened so.

...More tragic all in this history that this was not confluence of fatal circumstances which sometimes, as known, stronger than man, this was a chain which was begun with a frivolousness and ignoring the elementary rules of conduct in mountains... And the mountains of such do not love.

Therefore, after of many days rest, when to the train there were two hours on Chernivci, a group from eight tourists decided once again to take a drive slopes and breathe on the complete breasts of mountain stunning air. But rolling the acquainted routes did not inspire already - something was desirable special, unexplored and untouched snows. And ignoring all signs of warning and barrage net, ignoring warning of instructor which warned the ascent of avalanche of danger, a group moved there, wherever nobody went for a drive - on reverse side of mountain Stack. They were young people, middle ages - approximately 30 years, had a remarkable dear equipment and whole world lay before them. It lasted until mountain-skiers did not understand that strayed: wonderful paradise became stranger, unknown and dangerous.

   when all of events of this tragic rolling will be reproduced, it will turn out that a group discussed, by what route to move farther. There were two variants. First - downward. Second - to get out upstairs. As Oleg Kovtun talks, if they went nizom, nothing happened: went a bit longer - it would be to overcome approximately 20 kilometres - but safely and without problems would go out on Kosivsku glade, and from there - by a hand to give to civilization. But is youth and not enough to time, and literally in a volitional order made a decision to take advantage of more rapid, but more heavy way - to rise upstairs. They went, vgruzayuchi in high snows, holding pattens in hands, «cut» an avalanche and provoked its ascent. All took a place for one instant: the enormous pressed mass of snow fallen down from above, and literally rammed tourists in a slope. Them then found so - with heaved up at the level of shoulders hands...

To those which went extreme, it was driven twice. At first, the edge of avalanche, so-called tongue, fallen down on them, that covered them the not tenmeter layer of snow (if it happened, all would perish), secondly, one appeared among them, which had an experience of stay in extraordinary situations and knew how to operate. He had time, hearing noise, to throw out a hand up... This hand, prolonged due to a stick, rescued him life. And fortunately, its length was less than, than thickness of snow, which covered him. Opening did persons a hand itself, providing access of air, and began to be gradually dug up from snow. When it succeeded him finally, began to dig up a comrade which was the nearest from him. Two together they freed the third, and although a victim already was without consciousness, due to their competent and correct actions they gave a help him and rescued...

Other five zakarpatski and Prikarpatski rescuers dug out from under snow in a few days. If not rescued, what specified the place of tragedy, they would be found only in summer, when snow climbed...

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