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Головна » 2010 » Лютий » 16 » Dzhypinh on Svydovtsi
Dzhypinh on Svydovtsi

Dzhypinh on Svydovtsi

Many of the sun on the hood and the warm wind in the windshield. In the first days of October in the tract was listed with AVTOTUR AWD SUV Karpaty 4x4. Race and Svidovetskogo raid array at an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level were rich in extreme situations and adrenalin feeling.

AVTOTUR started from the Carpathian village of Yassin. More than two dozen who are willing to compete in speed on off-road mountain took part in qualifying rounds Yassin-listed with. Mountain climbing involved passing the road, 7.2 miles long, with many natural obstacles. The machine had to overcome the river, steep turns, deep potholes and so on. Triskalasya rubber wheels, bottom skrehotaly on rocks ...

Members race divided into two groups, with an engine capacity vehicles - up to 2.5 liters and more. In the first group were thirteen in the second - five cars. On the road out how powerful the prestigious foreign cars - Landrover, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Opel, and "workhorse" - "Niva" and UAZy. Plus one ATV.

Leaders race determined electronic fotopary and professional referee crew from the city (permanent judges of Ukraine rally championships). First place in the absolute primacy of mountain climbing took Ivano-frankivets Yuri Levitsky on UAZi (engine volume 2.8). The second result also UAZi (2.3), showed Vasily Tulayda of Yassin. Third place was won rahivchanyn John Caravan for Mitsubishi Pajero (2,4). Prizes for the winners of the competition were the original products of folk artists and the annual subscription to the magazine "Carpathians. Tourism. Relax.

The next day the participants went AVTOTUR caravan in raid Svidovetskogo spine - in spite of the tract listed with Old Mountain (1360 meters) and Teryntan (1388 meters) to Rahova. The route was spectacular and quite difficult.

Karpaty 4x4 "- first car festival Dragobrate. Its members (from Poland and Ukraine) in categorically in favor of repetition AVTOTUR. So organizers - of "Carpathian Mountains 3000, Prikarpatskogo car club Car club and Rakhiv" Ultimatum "- had no choice but to announce that the festival will continue. At the same place and at the same time - next year.

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