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Головна » 2010 » Лютий » 16 » Catamaran - for quiet and capricious flow
Catamaran - for quiet and capricious flow

Catamaran - for quiet and capricious flow

The current stage of development of water tourism provides many opportunities extremals in the election of vehicle alloy. Traditional Western diametrically opposed in essence kayaks (single kayak) and raft (a large inflatable boat for commercial rafting), appeared to us, would supplant construction watermen USSR. However, surprisingly, so did not happen. The best examples of domestic splavzasobiv that were invented back in 1970-80-years, asserted its position, even began to spread abroad. These include the favorite Ukrainian tourists canoe and, of course, sport catamaran.


... First version of the sports tourist catamaran appeared in the mid 70-ies. The idea believe Muscovite Sergei Papusha. Invented splavzasib - a structure consisting of two inflatable cylinders syharopodibnyh connected by metal or wooden frame. The idea proved so successful and, without exaggeration, a revolutionary, that despite the lack of mass production, despite the complexity of individual tailoring, already 10-15 years catamaran became the most popular means of alloy tubular rivers. It managed to conquer the most difficult river in Altai, the Sayan Mountains, the Pamirs, the Caucasus.

Of course, sometimes experienced catamaran design improvements. Traditional land for sports and more extreme examples of catamarans have replaced the so-called knee stops, which were initially hard and then have inflatable. Syharopodibna simplest form of container for catamaran increased tonnazhnosti transformed in the form of "camel" with thickening ( "hills") in the bow and stern. Pokraschuvalas quality materials, introduced the so-called monobalonni catamarans were modified valve openings through which air napompovuyetsya, the additional small accessories. But, anyway, and now in the latest samples of this popular tourist splavzasobu can recognize the main features of the invention Papusha.

Modern catamarans

So we already know that the modern descendants of the invention Papusha observed a large variety of both appearance and structure. The main difference lies in their different types of cylinders. By way of filling the air, they are divided into receptacles with internal capacity and monobalony. The number of independent elements inflated balloons are divided into single and bahatosektsiyni. In the form - in traditional or modified. By way of sitting - at tanks with traditional boarding and knee stops.

The name of the inner cylinder tanks "means that each bulb catamaran, in fact, consists of two, with one attached to another. External to this, usually made of strong fabric and performs a protective role. Internal - inflatable. Its function is the same as in car camera. It keeps the air pressure and thus provides an external balloon desired shape. In that case, when the container is hermetically sealed, without additional internal capacity, it is called monobalonom and catamaran - monobalonnym.

You can argue long about the advantages and disadvantages of first and second. Yes, balloons with internal tanks compared with monobalonamy is heavier, less easy to collect and maintain or trans ¬ porting. Instead, they provide higher reliability and protection against damage and to produce complex-shaped balloons ...

The availability of container catamaran two or more independent sections again makes splavzasib robust in case of possible damage. If one section and loses air, it will remain in another, allowing complete fusion to fail. Typically, monobalonni catamarans single section and two sections, and more - advantage catamarans with internal tanks.
The first consisted of catamarans syharopodibnoyi cylinders, ie the traditional form. The difference was only in the length and diameter inflatables. But passing routes on rivers with large expenditures vody1, powerful waves and "barrels" have forced developers to make adjustments in the structure. Yes, catamarans gradually became "thicken" bow and stern, and with the usual form syharopodibnoyi tanks entered the so-called form of "camel". At the same length thickened nose and stern of the catamaran in the balloon "camels" to contain a greater volume of air and to some extent protected from the waves rower ...
The essential feature of the catamarans are the volume of cylinders. It is usually measured in liters. Increasing volume increases tonnazhnosti catamarans, and consequently, to greater security when passing obstacles. On the other hand, the reduction of volume, usually to better maneuvering splavzasobom ...

Another important factor is reliability catamaran frame is strengthening all cylinders and provides design strength. The frame is actually satisfy two mutually exclusive conditions. On the one hand, it must be strong to withstand the waves of invasion, on the other - very easy to not bother catamaran design.

... The most common variant of the frame - aluminum or its alloys. Thus attention should be paid to the type of material. We can recommend the use of frames with material D16T.
The simplest frame consists of straight segments of pipe. However, some catamarans bent frame needs to better shape bulb, but also can hardly be reconstructed in terms of derivatives.
Now let's talk about how mounting frame components together. It has long established itself as a reliable link ra ¬ we long strips of rubber cut from car cameras. Of course, you need a little popitnity, Cutting these belts, but this method guarantees the binding strength and flexibility of design ...

Managing catamarans

Catamaran - command vehicle of the alloy. And the success of alloy in it depends not only on the skill of each member of the crew but also coherence of action. Has happened to that experienced tourists did not find a common language and as a result of their crew katamarannyy not dolav obstacles.

Described basic, basic commands to help catamaran can carry out basic exercises. When prompted, "forward" all oar synchronously Grebo forward along the boards. Accordingly, the team "back" hrebtsi Grebo well along the boards, but in the opposite direction. Catamaran move back.

It is important commands "left" and "right". At the same oar on one board do so-called arc hrebky that make return catamaran and hrebtsi on the opposite side, depending on where their location on the catamaran, making the so-called hrebky-hitch, or return hrebky. When prompted, "counting" the crew must return catamaran strictly on the basic direction of flow.
Command "Stop" stops the previous team ...

Buy catamaran

Market catamarans in Ukraine is not too heterogeneous. You can buy them mainly from manufacturers. Find us catamarans foreign (like Russia) is difficult.
So, you've infiltrated and decided to buy a catamaran. The first should answer the question: how to operate a catamaran and a number of people he should be appointed.
If your goal - easy hiking calm river, you will bring a lot of things, you walk along your friends, children, the biggest problem will be dotyahty all equipment to the river and from river. Then the best option, certainly - a catamaran with monobalonamy traditional form. Such structures can readily handle trips to the river is above the second level of complexity.
If the goal - extra, you're looking for rough water and plan to grow and improve tourism in the water, the suitable form of catamaran "camel" with internal tanks and inflatable knee plantings. It is better to have pre-landing were attached to balloons catamaran.

When buying, pay attention to the following: characteristics of cylinders (as already mentioned), material from which made the outer cylinder, gluing together the quality and the quality of the seams. Do not be redundant to collect catamaran, inflated balloons to test for possible defects in sewing or gluing together.

A few words about the material from which made bulb. Modern manufacturers mainly use PVC. An important feature is its thickness and density. At the point density of the product as a number associated with the name of the material. For example, polyvinyl chloride (ie PVC) in 1085. For the year Carpathians recommended density of 700 units. Finally, the material must be specialized, designed specifically for sewing boat, and not, for example, making banners or umbrellas.

Unfortunately, manufacturers of catamarans in Ukraine much. First you mark the Kiev firm Nerys »(www.neris.ua), on whose ¬ duktsiya the present time in Ukraine the best. In the arsenal of development are models of catamarans, "dviyok", "chetvirok" ( "shistok) monobalonnyh as simple structures and complex forms such as" camel ". Price catamarans "Neris" is low (from 4000 to 6500 thousand USD), but the quality of products it is responsible.
Another manufacturer of catamarans is Lviv Firm boat »(www.choven.com.ua). Lvovyane specialize in manufacturing monobalonnyh structures and declare that they have made catamarans with characteristics similar to the similar structures with internal tanks. We will not argue, and we note only that the "Boat" produces different sizes of catamarans - from tiny "dviyok" enormous - eight people. All of them are simpler than the "Nerys", but also cost them less - from 3200 USD.

Known among tourists sailing is Kiev firm Dacia »(www.ducky.com.ua), which produces high quality sailing catamarans. In line models "Dacia" is a small model for Katana weekend, and a large catamarans for multiple trips. Sometimes, this firm to buy construction without sails. Quality at the appropriate level, but from the price "Bites". From 2700 to 6100 USD cost only cylinders, which then must doukomplektovuvaty frame.

1Vydatok water - its quantity that flows through the cross section of the river within one second.

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