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Головна » 2010 » Лютий » 16 » A piece of the Carpathians in Kyiv
A piece of the Carpathians in Kyiv

A piece of the Carpathians in Kyiv
If you have to be in the picturesque suburb of Kyiv near Zhitomir highway in the village Hurivschyna take time and look at the territory of the temple complex of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate, is dedicated to St. Demetrios the Great Thessalonica.
You'll be amazed at the beauty of a wooden house, Overgate Belfry, arbors of the wells, and Sunday school refectory, consolidated in the same style designed by the talented architect Oleg Sleptsov. Carpathian motif is everywhere, and Smerekova wood keeps even the smell of mountain land.

... The conversation with the temple priest Archpriest Bohdan Tymoshenko became clear that this is only the beginning of extensive transformation of the formerly neglected skirt. The goal is to equip a small picturesque lake, among them reducing the grotto, and source water from which protikatyme ethnographic territory of the complex, make as Cross.

On the idea of the complex told the chairman of the parish council house deputies of Ukraine Volodymyr Bondarenko. "I very like the Carpathians, ten years with his family rested there, traveling from Sniatyn to Sheshory to Synevyr Lake and Transcarpathian Perechyn - explains Mr. Bondarenko. - Back in those years I dreamed of playing at least parts of this beautiful land near Kyiv.

Dream a reality twenty years later and in the temple complex there was a real hutsul's house, moved from the mountains to Verkhovyna carefully restored and installed in Kyiv ...
And next is almost complete reproduction of the house from Poltava, which was built in 1888. In a short time - and will close neighbor of the Black Sea, Ukrainian steppes and Polesie, that is housing all the major regions of Ukraine.

But water is strumenityme of the Cross, more protikatyme hut near Poltava, vpadatyme the pond, and stream flow from it called Horol. Then perellyetsya in stony brook, which houses about gutsulskoy be referred River. This unity in holy water to symbolize the unity of Ukraine.

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