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Right Wednesday.

April 15 (movable date)

Right Wednesday. Sacred right - the divine law that pravuye universe, plant growth, fertility of all life on Earth and in Heaven, rain and wind, changing seasons, day and night. It was from the "Divine Right" come true righteousness, justice, fairness, wise rulers (those who know the law the right). This day always falls on Wednesday (25 th day after Easter), so the people still preserved the name "law;" (it has never been associated with fasting, because our ancestors did not post). It is from this legal right, which praised the songs came old name Praviry - Orthodoxy. This holiday is entitled "Rahmanskyy Easter. There is a belief that is far beyond the sea living saints 'Rahman' (Brahmin), who advised that Ukraine has come Easter. To do this, the water basins in the shells of Easter let krashanok, probably because this day is called "pereplavnoyu Wednesday. It is believed that these flows to shell Rahman 25 days.

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