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During the Crimean War, in the middle of the XIX century, the English nurse Florence Nightingale with his assistants for the first time to assist the wounded on the battlefield. Thanks to the sisters of mercy were saved hundreds of lives. Since then, the highest award, which highlighted the nurses - members of military events, there is a medal, "Florence Nightingale", and on May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, celebrating the International Day of the nurse.
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April 12. On this day in 1961 hosted the first human spaceflight (Yuri Gagarin, Soviet Union).
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World Theatre Day is set in 1961, IX Congress of the International Theatre Institute (ITI). Activities of the organization, according to the ordinance, aimed at "strengthening peace and friendship among peoples, to expand the creative collaboration of all actors of the world."
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World Poetry Day was proclaimed by delegates of the 30 th Session of UNESCO General Conference in 1999.
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More than ten years ago, Western astrologers have proposed to celebrate the holiday is on March 20, when starting an astronomical and astrological year, the sun at this time enters into Aries.
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Pi Day - the unofficial holiday devoted to the number π. It is celebrated chotrinadtsyatogo March that adopted in particular in the USA format is recorded as 3.14, and represents the first three characters of π. Feast of the mathematics department implemented a large number of universities in different countries. Of course feast begins at 1:59 am the night, along with the date of the first six digits of π (3.14159).
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So it is. 1913, when women first joined the Russian empire to his foreign friends in an effort to celebrate International Women's Day, the eighth of March the European calendar in our old style corresponded to 23 February. That, however, still no one seemed suspicious ...
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The tradition of celebrating on February 9, "The International Day of the dentist" is gaining popularity worldwide. Celebrate Day of the dentist on February 9, the day of St. Apollonia has good reasons, first among them - it's surprisingly attractive image of Apollonia, come down to us through the ages.
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January 12, 1755 Russian Empress Elizaveta Petrovna signed the decree on the introduction of the Moscow University. In XIX - beg. XX centuries, students, teachers and university graduates annually celebrated Tatyana's Day (the day - a solemn act of the university, in the evening - a traditional dinner in the restaurant "Hermitage"). The celebration of the day Tatyaninogo described by many memoirists. The tradition of celebration turned to the students of the former Soviet Union, and from them - to the Ukrainian students.
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January 22. It was really sublime, festive, pompous. January 22, 1919 on the square in front of Sofia, an event occurred that we dream about generation of Ukrainian patriots:
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