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Yaremche - GUZUL PEARL

Yaremche - GUZUL PEARL

NOTES ON travelers

Yaremcha - resort city on the banks of the river Prut, which contributes to the popularity of beautiful nature and excellent transport links.
Getting there

    * The Ivano-Frankivsk (60 km) to the public bus or minibus

Worth visiting:

    * Cascade Waterfall Yaremchansky Hook "
    * Wooden restaurant Huzulschyna
    * Chalet "Huzulschyna
    * Souvenir Market near the waterfall
    * Wood-restaurants shashlick "shanty" with wooden furniture and a fireplace in the middle
    * Turkompleks Bukovel and Yablunitsky pass for skiing
    * Waterfall "Surf" the 12-meter bridge
    * Stone Dovbusha trail Dovbusha
    * Wooden Churches of XVII-XVIII centuries.
    * Carpathian History Museum
    * Metropolitan Museum of A. Sheptytsky
    * Memorial Partisan Glory

Stop, you can:

    * Numerous on any taste private cottages, farms, entire farmstead complexes

Yaremche In the years of resort business built many resorts, private villas, which created a unique image of the resort area. The main wealth Yaremcha - a beautiful nature, fresh air scent and beautiful valley of the River Prut. In the very narrow stone to the rapids water created a 5-meter high waterfall cascading Yaremchansky Hook. Sam waterfall, wooden restaurant Huzulschyna same name and campsite included in all excursions Kalush. Near the city river makes a sharp turn for the eradication of which was built 28-meter stone railway bridge. Another impressive building is a railway across the transition. Prut, where the train passed a tunnel a few hundred yards, immediately gets to the bridge. Among the religious buildings Yaremche layered wooden church stands XVII. The city is also central office Carpathian National Nature Park.

Since the center Yaremcha gutsulskih crafts, where you can buy products craftsmen in leather, wood, goat hair, paintings, embroidered towels. The city has many different excursions. For skiing, you can use a convenient location and easy access Yaremche to the nearest resorts - Bukovel Vorokhta Yablunitsa. You can also enjoy hiking, horse riding, bicycle excursions, trip by cable car, try your hand at rafting.

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